An act of foggy war?

Popped over to Churchmouse today and picked up on his piece about the SAR/COV-2 regulations. Have we all been taken for fools? Has the SARS/COV-2 outbreak been an engineered act of germ and cyber warfare by the Chinese? I’m starting to think so.

Alright, the original viral release was probably due to carelessness, it’s what’s followed afterwards that looks increasingly like an opportunistic cyber war against the west. No, the virus wasn’t a hoax, the problem has been with the world’s response and the forces pressuring politicians and egging on the powers that be to become ever more draconian towards a comparatively minor threat.

Yes, the disease has put a scythe through care homes, but those were people who hadn’t died in the previous two relatively low death count years. So the effects were like a really nasty flu season. And I get the feeling, but no real proof, that a nasty bout of something unusual was around a month earlier in the west than previously thought back in late October / Early November 2019. Or an early variant thereof. One snippet of information that I heard at the beginning of the outbreak was that SARS/COV-2 variant A was known to be widespread amongst the Western Expat community in China, with variant C being more widespread in the local Chinese and variant B in the ethnically Indian population. I’m still inclined to think that SARS/COV-2 was part of research to find a cure for the original RaTG13 Bat-hosted virus. However, what has followed smacks of pure political opportunism on the part of the Chinese Communist Party. Devious buggers.

For the UK, the most recent report from Public Health England is telling. Although the SARS/COV-2 spike shows up quite clearly as an early 2020 anomaly, in the overall stats 2019-2020 is dwarfed by previous years. 2017 is a case in point. Did we lock down in 2017? Excuse me, I must have blinked because I missed it.

Yet the forces of lockdown have pressured certain key politicians twatter feeds, posing as real people. Thus giving said politicians the idea that vox populi vox dei. Which is not so. The voices of ordinary people going WTF! are being ignored and even demonised. After all, it’s their lives that are being ruined here. Unfortunately the Chinese propaganda ‘bots have drowned them out and the politicians are choosing to believe Twatter. Which is a major error in judgement. Because Twatter is the home of ‘bots and activists. All the real people left ages ago.

This is a plausible explanation as to why our ‘leaders’ are behaving as they are. Newsflash kiddies. Repeat after me; “Twitter is not real life.”

I am drawn to one signal conclusion; that Twitter is being used as a weapon of cyber war against the west.

Mrs S and I are choosing not to be worried. We have other things to occupy our time.

4 thoughts on “An act of foggy war?”

  1. “Because Twatter is the home of ‘bots and activists. All the real people left ages ago”

    Not quite: There are a handful of genuine people still trying to get the real story across – Hector Drummond & Alistair Haimes for starters. And a number of scientists, such as Carl Henegan & Karol Sikora, are taking to the platform, because all their normal outlets won’t accept anything against the “official” narrative.


  2. I am having a bit of a problem with this. I don’t actually think that anyone is trying to bump me off personally.
    Meanwhile, I am staying away from absolutely everyone because if I don’t associate then I won’t get it. Okay.
    As it happens I don’t have much to say to anyone and never did have, so this is not a problem for me.
    I am a Loner, Celt to boot. But then Celts usually are. What can one possibly have to say?


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