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Save the Health Service!

Another day, another text trying to inveigle me into baring my arm for a third time. I think it’s the fifth I’ve ignored in the last two weeks. You think they’d get the hint wouldn’t you? Keep sending out texts that get ignored, maybe the recipient isn’t interested? Next time I’m blocking them. this is getting silly.

I’m getting a more than a little impatient over all this COVID nonsense. As I have said many times, we never locked down or wore masks everywhere for colds and flu, so WTF are we doing over a bug that has morphed into something analogous to a bad head cold? Especially as the “OHMYGAWD!” variant seems to infect both vaccinated and not equally, regardless of being ‘boosted’ or not.

In addition, we keep on hearing that we, the general public have to “Save our health service” In the UK this is the ‘wonderful’ National Health Service fetishised by so many despite it’s many flaws. So, having a bit of time on my hands on site between waiting for estate agents, technicians and builders to turn up on site, I did a bit of Interweb searching and found the following;

In the UK, the ‘wonderful’ NHS which people are constantly exhorted to ‘save’ is shrinking. It has been in decline as far as bed capacity is concerned since at least the year 2000. In the year 2000 there were approximately 240,000 beds, almost a quarter of a million beds serving a population of just under 59 million people. That’s about one bed for every 246 people.

By 2020, the NHS had a capacity of approximately 167,000 beds serving a population of around 68 million. That is one bed for every 407 people. If you want to check the percentages, knock yourself out.

Now pardon my arithmetic, but that sounds rather like an institution in decline. Go back to the mid 1970’s and the total bed count was 400,000 for a population of just over 56 million. One bed for 140 people. How do I know? this site has done all the heavy lifting. All right, ‘care in the community’ hadn’t happened yet and the UK still had large mental hospitals, but still, that’s a hell of a step change.

By the mid 1980’s the bed count had shrunk to 151,000, but grew again to 299,000 (!) by 1986/7, with the majority of spaces being in acute and emergency care. Read the full story here.

However, I would call one thing into question; The articles quoted population figures. See quoted paragraph below:

As bed numbers have fallen, England’s population has grown, from around 47.3 million in 1987 to approximately 56.6 million in 2020. As a result, the number of beds per capita has fallen faster than the absolute reduction in number of beds. Over this period, the number of older people in England – who are more likely to spend time in hospital – has also increased.”

43.7 million in 1987? World bank and ONS figures give the UK’s population as just under 57 million for that year. In 2020 the overall population figure is over 10 million higher at a shade under 67 million, putting even greater stress on the fewer beds available.

I’d tend to concur about the increasingly elderly in secondary health facilities like nursing homes. But memory is waving a hand here and is reminding me that this was a problem even as far back as the early 1980’s. Space in the public waiting rooms for God has always been at a premium.

I can recall some breakfast TV talking head using the ‘Oldies are hogging all the resources’ kind of rhetoric before 1990, coining terms like ‘bed blocking’, as if older people like getting ill and taking up bed space. If my family is any guide, they generally hate being in hospital, because there is always the suspicion that they might not come out breathing. This was a widely held belief at least back to the 1970’s.

One of the other factors currently putting even more pressure on hospital beds has been less reliance on primary health care sources like GP’s practices, with more shifting directly onto hospital A & E departments. Especially with undocumented newcomers who are not even registered with a GP. They bypass the buffer of GP’s and end up inflating the A & E queues. There is also a breed of Doctors receptionists who have not helped this situation by deflecting would be patients and forcing them to seek help in the only other place available. Other countries get around this, Canada and the USA being examples, by having ‘walk in’ clinics where anyone can go in off the street and get relatively affordable health interventions, no matter who they are.

Anecdote: I was in for major chest surgery in a UK midlands hospital in the mid 90’s (Cancer with a small c) and in the High Dependency Thoracic Unit I spent 3 days in there were 12 beds. Four of which were occupied by ethnic north Europeans, one of whom was myself. Six of the remaining 8 beds were occupied by elderly non-Europeans from the Indian subcontinent. Which at the time surprised me somewhat. Over 15 years before, during my time working on the wards, non-European patients were a rarity. Non-Europeans were commonplace among the staff, but not the patients.

And you can’t even blame it on any particular political party. The largest growth of NHS beds since the mid 1970’s occurred under the premiership of (gasp) that awful public health hating Margaret Thatcher, topping out at the end of her tenure as Prime Monster of the UK at 299,000 beds and thereafter declining throughout the Major, Blair and Brown administrations. Said decline continuing under Cameron, May and Johnson. This is the story the raw data tells.

Before that, during the late 1970’s, NHS capacity dropped 50,000 beds under the Callaghan Labour government, before Thatcher came to power. I mean, this is the Labour party that allegedly just Luuurrves socialised health care, right? Yet the biggest decline in NHS beds happened on whose watch?

Personally, having actually worked in the UK’s National Health Service, I think that there’s been a lot of political cheese paring over the years, trying to ‘cut costs’ and ‘improve’ the management of said organisation, but only ending up with a huge bureaucratic monstrosity chewing it’s way through everyone’s wage packet.

Of course this could have been mitigated by implementing a French style system where there is a basic service with additional top up, either by insurance or cash. Yet the propaganda soundbite machine has always been opposed to a ‘two tier NHS’, and so here the UK is, with a bureaucratic behemoth that is failing it’s original purpose.

As one who keeps his ear to the ground, I hear constant leaks from the health service front lines about management interference in clinical decisions. Just little trickles and dabs of information, but when viewed as a whole like an impressionist painting, these snippets paint a comprehensive picture which does not imbue one with a sense of confidence. Far from the utopian vision that brought about one size fits all care’s naissance.

For a little light relief, see the trailer for the satire ‘The National Health, or Nurse Norton’s affair’ below.

Yes I have seen Lindsay Anderson’s ‘Britannia Hospital’ – didn’t like it much, although some of the characters were awfully familiar.

What is that whirring sound? Oh, it’s only the political father of the NHS. Aneurin Bevan, spinning in his grave. As a semi serious aside, if we could harness all his rotational energy, maybe we could solve the unfolding energy crisis?

Talking of crises, I have to get back to packing my life away ready for the move. Next time some other bugger can have the pleasure.

Update: Just as a matter of interest; Canada has undergone a similar decline in hospital bed capacity since the 1970’s. In 1976 there were 6.92 beds per 1000 population. Now it’s 2.52. No wonder the politicians and their ‘experts’ are panicking.


There is a new (What? Again?) financial scandal underway in that capitalist paradise, the People’s Republic of China. Apparently someone has been issuing duplicate Yuan. Specifically the Chinese minting companies. See news item below.

Corruption is so endemic that the Mint’s management have been printing one set of banknotes for the public, then another with identical serial numbers for kickbacks to CCP officials. Estimated impact; several Trillion dollars. Finds of cash by the authorities aren’t being counted, but weighed.

Just as a thought experiment, how much is a ton of Chinese 100 Yuan banknotes? That’s in tonnes, multiples of 1000 Kilo’s. Given the Chinese habit of not trusting banks and using cash as a direct commodity, literally stuffing it under their mattresses and floorboards, what is this doing to the ordinary Chinese persons financial security?

The authorities have two main choices. Seeing as it’s their officials who have been taking large kickbacks of genuine duplicate currency, they can arrest those found with large hoards of bribes under existing anti-corruption laws and destroy the duplicates. Alternatively they can brush it all under the carpet for a while, but as this scandal is going mainstream right now, the value of personal savings in China will be turned into a haunted wasteland.

The thing is; the Chinese mint, under it’s ‘belt and road’ initiative, prints currency for countries as far afield as Brazil. Now this isn’t in the report above, but any currency that has their currency printed by China may, and I say this advisedly, may be subject to the same duplicate banknote problem, where Chinese officials, paying with ostensibly kosher duplicate cash, buy up property and all manner of commodities in the local currency, thus undermining the cash value of same and create large inflationary bubbles anywhere these corrupt Chinese officials and their families are financially active. The property market all around the Pacific rim for one, and all the major trading centres around the world. Anywhere that does large cash transactions. They all have to ask themselves “Did I just get taken?”

Yeah, yeah, okay, you might say, Bill, all this may be true, but what’s it got to do with us on the other side of the world? My response to that is, so was SARS/COV-2 back in 2019.

Sometimes I feel like a fisherman far out at sea, who, hearing a submarine rumble and feeling the gentle lift of his boat, recognises the sound of a big undersea earthquake and the beginnings of a tidal wave racing off toward land. He does know what will happen when the wave arrives, if it ever does, but he will warn, he can radio the shore so they may prepare, but that is all he can do.

That is, if anyone is listening.

All for nothing

Today we wait with bated breath to see if ‘North’ will actually be able to get on the plane to come and see us. I have fresh veg, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (A 60/40 mix of Olive oil and balsamic makes a tasty dip for Ciabatta, add a pinch of chilli and garlic with a squidge of lemon juice and Worcester sauce for an excellent Italianate salad dressing) to purchase for her visit, and another case (or two) of wine.

‘South’ reports that she is feeling much better, despite testing positive for SARS/COV-2 and being forced by diktat to self isolate over the entire festive season. We’ll find a way to get her over this Summer and give her a swinging hammock, a book and some personal space to fully find herself again.

Yesterdays media revelations about Government data modelling that Governments only ask for bad news from the data modellers rankles. No wonder, the panic button has been pressed so hard and so often over the last two years that the public is terrified of it’s own shadows. And it’s all been for nothing.

Yes, nothing. The restrictions and vaccinations have saved no-one. I’ve said from April 2020 onwards that the scenarios / predictions we were all being presented with by government and media over COVID made no sense. But up until yesterday’s news I didn’t understand the actual process.

Oh yes I suspected, but suspicion is not proof. And proof is needed. Evidence is needed. But now we have the evidence in the words of the chairman of the data modellers that they are only asked to model for worst case scenarios. No wonder we’re in a mess.

There is a solidifying body of opinion, but not yet fact, that the restrictions and disruptions have cost tens of thousands of worthwhile lives. All on the back of over-pessimistic worst case scenarios. And all for nothing. All those untreated people who could have been saved. All those who lost everything and were forced onto the breadline and worse. For nothing.

This is not ‘disinformation’ it is the simple truth and anyone complicit in suppressing that truth or censoring conflicting real world evidence is guilty of crimes against humanity. We’re looking at the tech giants here and the big media outfits, with very few exceptions. They’re all guilty as hell of the deaths and economic damage based on nothing but the justification of worst case scenarios produced by uncaring academics for self justifying bureaucrats.

And it’s all been for nothing. The pandemic has gone. The virus has mutated into a relatively benign form. Panic over. Let’s just dump these nonsensical restrictions and try to rebuild society. Said task of rebuilding should be left to the people on the ground, not their governments, who will only get in the way and cock things up.

Like they have been doing for the last two years.

By George I’ve got it!

I’ve done the whole reductio ad absurdam thing and arrived at the only possible conclusion; all these nonsensical restrictions, the bad science, the control freakery.

There’s only one thing it can be;


Look, it makes perfect sense. They’re the most unpleasant race in the galaxy, mean, officious and bureaucratic, it has to be them behind all these irrational restrictions, overblown tests and nonsensical political shenanigans. There’s nothing else that makes sense.

All our political leaders, SAGE, NPHET and the like must be absolutely crowded with the slimy green sods. I think the whole Dial is infected, as is the UK cabinet. They’re all under the thrall of Vogons. I mean you only have to look at Boris Johnsons lack of a hairdo. Who else in the galaxy would be that untidy on purpose?

Am I right? Have we been invaded and our institutions undermined? Comments below please..

Update: In the dear old Speccie, Fraser Nelson may have just busted the whole thing wide open. Longrider discusses in more detail and provides the link. This twitter exchange between Professor Medley and Fraser shows why policy happens as it does and why the worst case scenario is always the model most touted. (If the Spectator link doesn’t work, try this one for the Daily Sceptic)

If you can’t be bothered to pick your way through the twitter thread, have a listen to Mahyar Tousi’s examination in the video below.

The worst case scenario’s on anything appear to be the only ones the ‘policy directors’ ask for. Ergo that’s what SAGE modellers deliver and what gets into the mainstream. I completely agree with (corrected, my bad) Fraser Reg@ratboy101203. It is ‘fucking scandalous’.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t a Vogon in there somewhere though.

Causality is a harsh mistress

Difficult news day. Down in the fabled prison camp of Oz, ‘South’ has just been diagnosed with a SARS/COV-2 infection. She will miss Christmas as she now has to stay indoors for two weeks poor lamb. However, she’s young, fit and otherwise healthy, so she’ll be a bit rough over the weekend and be drumming her heels for the whole of Yule.

For our part we will try to keep her entertained via various video sharing platforms, and all her aunts and uncles will be likewise checking in from their quarantines. We have agreed to all work together to ensure she doesn’t feel isolated and alone. She’s got a good social circle too, so they will be pitching in to help where they can, but Christmas dinner for her will be a sad little sparkler in a glass of orange juice with the culinary horror of a TV dinner. We’ll make it up to her when she finally gets out. You can take that to the bank.

This side of the world it’s a bit touch and go whether ‘North’ will make it across the Irish sea next week. We’re paying for all her extra tests to satisfy the authorities that she is ‘clean’, but honestly I’m kept up nights worrying about the closing window of opportunity. At any time the regulators can slam the door on her leaving and there’s nothing we can do short of smuggling her out to Blackpool and hijacking or bribing a fishing boat or helicopter under the radar to bring her across.

I think I’ve made this point before, but this is abuse by Government diktat. The disease isn’t that bad, the “OHMYGAWD!” variant being more akin to a common cold at this stage if the data coming out of Sarf Efrika is to be taken at face value.

I am only heartened by watching the Tories getting drubbed in their supposedly ‘safe’ seat of Shropshire North, with the potential for another kicking at the ballot box at David Amess’s old seat of Southend West. Pity that not enough protest votes are going to Reform or Reclaim, but that’s for the conscience of the individual voter. They seem to think that keeping on voting for the same mainstream parties will make a change for the better. They will find that this decision will not help, because the legacy political classes are all heavily biased in favour of return to the tentacular grasp of the EU and yet more restrictions.

Unfortunately this will lead to causality writ large. Vote for a rejoiner party, even in protest, and this is what you will get. More pointless regulation of the minutiae of your lives. More masks, more lockdowns, and don’t you dare miss your scheduled jab citizen or it’s off to the COVID gulag with you. No, not them, you. Just because it is someone else’s turn this week does not mean that it won’t be yours next. No matter how far you bend the knee. It will never be enough. This is what giving your life over to doctors looks like. Cause, meet effect. Happy now?

Because those voting for ‘safety’ will only find out that causality is a very harsh mistress. Very harsh indeed.

Ready, set……oh.

Right, so about a quarter of the parliamentary tory party rebelled over Bojo the clown’s ‘plan B’, which as crap as any plan B can ever be. Plan B is always a poor second choice, and so it is for the dear old UK. Despite their opposition, the restrictions still got voted through.

Not of course that it’s any better over here. ‘North’ is (Was?) due to join us next week, and has gone for her ‘booster’ jab to ensure she can join us unmolested. New travel ‘guidance’ says she has to get a negative antigen or PCR test before getting on the plane. We’re offering to pay for her test, just to make sure she can travel. Just so we can have some quality time together. We’ll do the same for ‘South’ when she can get out of the great prison state of Oz.

For my part, I have elected to ignore the repeated messages saying I am ‘eligible’ for a ‘booster’. Given that the current round of the “OHMYGAWD!” variant is as harmless as a kitten on Valium, at least according to the Sarf Efricans who discovered it. So I won’t be bothering. I’ve had two jabs, and if those didn’t work then what’s the point of another? Thus far and no further. Stuff the mandates.

Yes, yes, I know one death with the “OHMYGAWD!” variant of COVID has been reported in the UK, but ‘with’ isn’t ‘of’. Which means that the deceased was found to have traces of virus (Live or dead) in their sinuses after a post mortem PCR swab test, no matter their actual cause of death. Said test does not mean that they were symptomatic or even infected, merely that they had traces of it in their sinuses when swabbed. That, even with my limited medical training, does not constitute a ‘case’.

Frankly I’m pissed off with the whole business, and a second Christmas ruined by these weak arse politicians and their control freak advisers is not being looked on kindly. Bastards. The f*cking bastards. Right this minute I f*cking hate the whole of the British and Irish Parliaments who voted for renewed restrictions. I hate the EU commission, the Scottish and Welsh assemblies, and I wish them all the harm in the world. I hope they all die of a particularly nasty and painful form of cancer. Next week for preference. Hell, I’ll even buy tickets to watch each of them writhe and die in agony.

Now that may sound like I’m over reacting, but I say, if you’re going to over-react you might as well go the whole hog. However, no matter what happens we’ll survive. I just want to see ‘North’ in person and give her a serious hug to tell her that the family guard dog (Me) is still a good ‘un and all will be well. I want to feed her, share a few daft Dad-jokes, warm her in front of a good Irish fire and in the New Year send her back to the great metrollops relaxed and refreshed. If you are a parent who is worth your salt you will feel this way. Anything that gets in the way instantly raises the red mist of vengeance.

Thinking about this, I can’t think of any other occasion where I’ve hated another group of people so much. And I do mean hate. Not some minor dislike, but borderline incandescent rage at being repeatedly cheated and gaslit over a bug which has done far less harm than the restrictions meant to contain it. I want their (The politicians, their ‘science’ advisers, enforcers and their snitches) lungs to catch fire so I can refuse to piss down their throats.

Maybe in Hell Satan will let me do that.

Just an observation

Sitting in a very nice coffee bar in Limerick the other day, waiting for Mrs S to get prodded and poked by a specialist medic, I looked up at a screen to see a Sky news report of Bojo the clown promising a hundred million quid of taxpayer dosh to ‘Break the drugs gangs’. Also ten-year drug strategy including rehabilitation for 300,000 drug users who are responsible for half of all acquisitive crimes. Proposals also include taking away the passports or driving licences of ‘middle-class’ drug users. Right, so that’s almost the entire UK Parliament needing chauffeurs and country houses then.

Yeah right. Like that’s going to work. Not. Never has in the past, why should it now. That’s three hundred million spondoolicks the UK taxpayer isn’t going to see again to no good purpose.

Also, who is to say that the powers given to the UK police to ‘break the drugs gangs’ will not be used upon those who object to the continuation of the COVID-19 vaccine medical trial? Using the false charge of ‘hate speech’. Or are further abused to confine us peons in order to placate the false gods of man made climate change?

While enjoying my coffee and wondering why the politicians are hunkering in their bunkers over the relatively harmless “OHMYGAWD!” variant, I was struck by the following thought; we need more freedom of speech, because without it, how do we divine someone’s true intent and know when to protect ourselves if they are hostile? Or react with humour if they are a good person who simply wants to share a laugh?

Because if this pandemic has proven one thing, it’s how abso-freaking-lutely useless modern governments are at actually protecting the people who vote them in. No matter how many restrictions they put on the rest of us, while laughing up their sleeves at us peasants.

On the subject of restrictions, we’d been shopping in LocalTown during last week, quietly taking the mick out of all the people who insist on wearing masks outdoors. We’d just entered the lift in a multi-storey car park when a lady pushing a shopping trolley loaded with Christmas goodies followed us in. We had not expected her to do so, so had already doffed the silly surgical masks the shops insist upon as a condition of entry. “Oh thank God.” She smiled, pulling her own mask down to take a welcome breath. “People who don’t believe in masks. Useless bloody things. I keep telling people, but no-one believes me.”

We agreed, shared pleasantries and she got off on the next floor, noting how relieved she had appeared to have encountered people who shared her contempt of mask culture. Which was a refreshing experience in these days of the random scold. Because this mass psychosis over a rapidly attenuating virus has brought all the holier-than-thou crowd out of the woodwork hasn’t it? Don’t these petty tyrants just love telling random strangers off or giving them the evil eye for non-conformity?

Which makes it such a nice experience when you meet someone else who hasn’t drunk the kool-aid.

Happy weekend everyone.

System admin

Okay. Contacts signed. Movers booked. And then there’s Christmas and a brand new business venture, including web sites, business accounts, registrations and suchlike. All the fun of systems admin. Then Mrs S got to badgering me about menu’s for Christmas fortnight when ‘North’ is hopefully going to arrive.

All the fuss and bother is driving yours truly ever so slightly bwanas, so I got a bit grumpy and told her to sort out the menu’s and leave the cook (Me) alone to get on with all his other jobs. Like doing all the other stuff she wants me to do. If I stuck a broom up my arse I could probably clean the floor as I go.

Whether ‘North’ will get here or not will be in the hands of the most blitheringly incompetent bunch of brain dead bozo’s (A.K.A. the collective Governments of the UK, Europe and much of the English speaking world, Yes this especially means you Australia), busy panicking about a bad head cold first identified in Sarf Efrika.

The doctors who identified this new bug are all openly wondering what the fuss is about, as all the data says this ‘variant’ is about as harmful as a six week old kitten.

The brain dead bozo’s, who don’t like to be blamed for anything, even if it is demonstrably their fault, are running around like headless chickens shutting down travel or imposing draconian measures like putting people who might have been close to someone else who had a sniffle in what are, to all intents and purposes, prison camps.

Australian brother and sister in law have gone home to their pleasant little place in Queensland, but as he is now forbidden to go back to work across the territorial border, his company will have to find someone with his very rare (and expensive) skill set already close to their offices, and find them inside a week. Which frankly isn’t going to happen without some serious laws being broken. Brother in law is a key person in the import / export supply chain, and without him or people like him, important things will not happen.

Also in Oz, ‘South’ was hoping to get out for Christmas, which at the moment seems unlikely. Personally I think she’s a bit desperate like so many others, poor lamb. All we can do from our end is send gifts and keep her talking with the promise of better times and a break in the Irish countryside with all her aunts, uncles and sister, all of whom she is missing terribly. It is our turn to host the gathering of the clan and we hope to be ready for it mid 2022.

As for prison camps. Oh boy, that’s going to (and probably has already) make for some serious discontent, and I’m sitting here waiting to see when the first bombs go off. Because unless these restrictions are walked back, that is what is eventually going to happen.

I can see it coming in like an Atlantic rainstorm towards a western beach. Some hothead, sick of being demonised and spat on by politicians, media and other boneheads, will start chucking home made explosives about, mark my words. And I predict said hothead will be that security operatives nightmare, the intelligent ‘clean skin’ with no affiliations or history who has not made an out of line comment on the Interweb but has the nous to use all those clever ‘how to’ video’s on various platforms and effectively cover their tracks.

The only way out of course is for the panicking politicians (as well as everybody else) to calm the f*ck down and take a chill pill. The virus will finish running it’s course regardless of them repeating the same old mistakes in the same old way. So let people have their festive season and civil liberties back or be prepared for trouble.

But then that’s just me stating the bleedin’ obvious. I cite as my example the repeated clamping down on civil rights of Catholics as the main trigger for firstly the 1916 Irish uprising and war of independence, also in the 1960’s the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland resulting in decades of murders and counter-murders, including the assassination of politicians.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, I’m simply going to plunge on regardless with plans for Christmas in the hopes that sanity will prevail and we can ditch all the worthless masks, travel restrictions and lockdowns to just enjoy what should be a happy time of year. If ‘North’s’ visit happens it will be nice. If not, I’m going to remain very, very angry. Like so many others.

In the meantime. While I’m busy moving multiple domains, creating new e-commerce websites, getting ready to move house and negotiating bustling crowds of Christmas shoppers, here’s a few great oldies from the Moody Blues.

All very apposite, if you care to think about it. Enjoy.


They say that purchasing (or selling) a property in the UK and Ireland is one of the most stressful events in your life. This is a saying that takes on new reality every day. From personal experience the stress comes from people asking me unanswerable questions after I’ve told them the bloody answers already then making out like it’s my fault. Even when I carefully point out where and when I passed on the relevant information to the right person four freaking weeks ago!

Then there’s a possibility of new Christmas restrictions that will do nothing to curb a virus, any bloody virus, because the majority of infections occur in bloody hospitals FFS! Then the powers that be bang on about ‘lack of ICU capacity’ when they had the emergency isolation hospitals all set up last year, and then promptly dismantled them all. Which makes no sense. If the problem is lack of facilities, you don’t chuck your emergency reserves in the bin too early, just in case the anticipated ‘miracle’ vaccine doesn’t work properly, which it isn’t doing. You do the sensible thing and keep the extra capacity in reserve. Just in case.

But that’s just me being Mr Sensible. Politicians should get their ducks in a row, not wait until the last minute and maintain strategic reserves until their successors are in place, then carefully put them back in the box they came in. Along with all the other toys the electorate has lent them.

Unfortunately, being sensible does not seem to be in the box or anywhere near the box at present. Because if something doesn’t work, then unless you know exactly what went wrong in the first place, repeating the same thing probably won’t work this time around either.

This threat to my families life and liberty is not being looked upon kindly. At present I’m determined to give my postal vote to Reform UK as the occasion arises. Local vote will go the the small, (but perfectly formed) Irish Freedom party. As for the UK Tories, Limp Dems, Labour and Greens they’re all cheeks of the same arse. Focus group driven fools with all the leadership of an Amoeba.

I feel much the same way about our vendors solicitors. Our purchase has already suffered so much project slippage that we should have been in and replacing the carpets by now, but at present, unless I’m constantly bugging people to the detriment of my blood pressure, nothing happens.

Mind you, I recall one anecdote told to us by ‘North’ when she was doing her articles in a small solicitors practice. As she was getting on with some basic conveyancing work, the senior partner bursts into her office, hides underneath her desk and tells her to tell the next person through the door that he was out all this week. Apparently the weak kneed nellie hadn’t been doing his job properly and was afraid of a client who had lost a large sum of money because of his laxity, and was incoming, presumably with the intent of providing some paying work for the Dental Surgeon next door. ‘North’ told the lie with senior partner curled up under her feet and the client left, presumably to spread his ill temper elsewhere.

Having read a couple of Grandad’s posts about his experience with lawyers, I shouldn’t really be surprised and I’m not. Just getting increasingly angry and looking to take my anger out on someone in a highly creative manner. Something that will hit them where it really hurts, right in the pocket.

This is precious..

Apparently, arch-lefty Russell Brand has been branded a ‘Right wing conspiracy theorist’ by certain sections of the media.

All I can say is; welcome to the dark side young Skywalker….

This is sooo precious….

A celebration of failure

In the rat infested streets of Glasgow, politicians and activists, in an hubristic attempt to make themselves look relevant, instead of just a flaming nuisance, will gather shortly to ‘save the planet’. We are not directly told from whom, all we’re told is that we peons have to change our ways, not the politicians and activists of course, because they are far too important and need their five star hotels and business class travel to zip across the world being insufferable bossy boots.

Fortunately for us, but maybe not, because according to some sources the talks have already ‘failed’. Because the Chinese and Russians aren’t on board. One can almost hear the giggling from Moscow and Beijing.

To save you the brain damage of actually watching any of the COP26 speeches and presentations I’ve summarised a typical conference speech below;

Non binary gentlepersons, we are here today on trample on the natural rights of everyone but us… blather… blah blah blah (repeat as below)

Build back better, (pause to do some pointless virtue signalling) ten years to save the planet and other such bollocks. We must act now and follow the science, blah, pointless blather, obfuscate, tell blatant lies and deny that the science is still hotly debated where debate still is allowed to happen, despite the much vaunted climate models being inaccurate to the point of worthlessness. Bullshit, more blather, we’re all wonderful and the peasants have to be locked down forever more. Blah blah, blah. Utter cobblers. More lies and “look! over there! an Aardvark!” and anyone who disagrees should be sent to the gulag, their property stolen and we’re doing this not to line our pockets but to save the Earth. Honestly guv’nor. I’m cutting me own froat and the cheque is in the post and of course I’ll respect you in the morning…. Thank you and where’s my over inflated speaking fee?

To quote Dale Arden from Flash Gordon;

“Flash! I love you, but we’ve only got fourteen hours to save the Earth!”

Afterthought. Wouldn’t it be a pity, a humungous crying shame if there was a huge outbreak of Leptospirosis (an endemic rat borne disease) amongst the COP 26 delegates? Couldn’t happen to a bunch of nicer people.

Alternatively, you could listen to Dr Ross McKittrick for a more reasoned perspective.

Just a thought….

Based upon the original quote from turn of the 20th century preacher W L Watkinson. For some reason I always thought it was philosopher Bertrand Russell. Just goes to show eh?

“Far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

But I Say; what the hell, why not do both? Nothing like a good swear when you’ve just burned your fingers on the stupidity of others. I hear a lot of swearing from Mrs S’s office of late. Mostly about people who don’t read their email and can’t follow simple directions, even if said instructions are properly indexed and bullet pointed.

Note: I see someone took a knife to David Amess MP. He’s been heavily involved with Middle Eastern negotiations, so might his assailant have such a connection? If they did, then expect radio silence on the ethnicity. If the guy was an indigenous Brit, then expect loud media trumpeting from the usual suspects about ‘incels’ or ‘white supremacists’.

Fortunately Mr Amess is not dead and will hopefully survive his ordeal. Unfortunately this may mean an uptick in security theatre regarding access to elected representatives and therefore a higher reliance on misleading polls and focus groups by MP’s in case they get slashed.

Did it not occur to his assailant that it is easier to change a person’s mind with words rather than an edged instrument? I’ve always thought that it was easier to win people around to one’s point of view while they are breathing, but that’s just me. I’m old fashioned like that. Even if the temptation is very strong.

Update: Mr Amess has died of his wounds. Still no talk of ‘White supremacists’ or ‘incels’, which in a strange negative way tells us a lot about his murderer. Also about the media, but isn’t it strange how an absence, extrapolated from previous behaviour, can be a modestly reliable guide to who did what? That the knife wielder was an idiot is a given, but what type of idiot will be revealed by the news coverage or lack thereof.

Update 2: Reliable sources tell me Mr Amess’s assailant was a Somali. Documented or not.

News on the home front is that the local council have done their thing, so we can proceed with the next phase of purchasing our new home. Sometimes buying property feels like swimming uphill through cold porridge, but at least we are making progress, albeit far too slowly for my liking.


Still in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode and can’t be bothered any more to comment much on the COVID idiocy that Boris the henpecked clown and cohorts are inflicting on the UK. It’s just a shame there’s no opposition worthy of the name. Labour are so wokely unelectable it’s untrue, and the flaccid Limp Dems and Greens just as bad. Across the political spectrum they’re all heavily invested in the “Carbon Dioxide is evil” meme. Dozy lot.

While we’re waiting for the go from the lawyers, I took some time out to think about heating and lighting, two things I am very much in favour of, having grown up in a series of cold and draughty building sites my parents chose as homes. Ever woken up with ice cubes in your beard? I bloody well have and I’m not in favour of it. Building regs be damned.

It has always created a sense of slack jawed amazement in yours truly about electrickery and the cognitive dissonance surrounding energy policies from all mainstream political factions. The end result of decades of muddled ‘green’ thinking has led to an energy crisis in the offing. Across continental and island Europe (Including Ireland and the UK) we are going to run short of electrickery because we’ll be relying upon big silly propeller driven generators to provide all our energy needs, all the while shutting down working power stations, which will be a bit of an own goal when the wind stops blowing, as it has been known to do during the coldest months of the year. The Russians haven’t stopped laughing at us since 2010.

Frankly, with huge, energy gobbling data centres being planned across the Emerald Isle, this situation promises to create interesting* power shortages, because no-one seems to have done some fairly simple sums or bothered to ask some basic but pertinent questions about power supply.

Here’s a couple of interesting topics to look up; fracking and Small Modular Reactors.

Fracking could provide a quick and dirty interim solution because an area called the Northwest Ireland Carboniferous Basin has been identified as shale rich, this comprises parts of Fermanagh, Cavan, Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal and Roscommon. There are also deposits in the West Limerick and North Kerry areas.

However, the Eejits who think we’ll all burn alive if anyone so much as lights a cigarette have the people in power by the lugholes. Ergo, fracking is currently banned in Ireland.

Small Modular Reactors are based on a simple and very safe nuclear technology, proven in nuclear powered ships for over forty years, which would supply serious baseload electricity supply. Rolls Royce do a good series. Yes, series. Not just one type but several. Not to mention the major players in the global market like NuScale Power (US), Westinghouse Electric (US), General Electric-Hitachi Nuclear Energy (US), Terrestial Energy (Canada), and Moltex Energy (Canada). The projected footprint for such sites is no more than twenty five acres. About half the size of a small family farm. Yet such a reactors output can be as much as the plated capacity of a hundred and fifty 2MW wind turbines, each of which needs 40 to 70 acres of land each. Nor do SMR’s hold any risk for wildlife, unlike wind farms, which are known to kill bats (Many of which are endangered species) and birds (Specifically Hawks and Eagles) alike.

Now consider this; each wind turbine averages an output of between 20-25% of plated capacity output at peak efficiency. So that means for example that a V120 2.2 Megawatt turbine actually outputs around 400 Kilowatts. From over twice the acreage as required for a single SMR that can put out a steady 300 lovely cosy Megawatts. For the hard of arithmetic among you, that’s 750 times more, I repeat, seven hundred and fifty (Thanks Mick) so you will need 750 wind turbines covering 56,250 acres to equal the output of one Small Modular reactor. Erratically. Intermittently. That’s more than 227 Square kilometres. Enough to wipe out several of Ireland’s larger National Parks.

An SMR can generate a steady 300MW for ten years without reload. With a considerably lower environmental footprint one might add, both in terms of materials and local ecological impacts. Zero emissions, steady output of clean baseload supply. Maybe even enough to power all those electrical fantasy batterymobiles the politicians tell us we all have to purchase by 2030, or is that 2040? What we’re going to buy these things with I have no idea as they’re several times the price of cheap and dependable ICE technology.

Then there is the option of Thorium molten salt reactors, in reality actually Uranium 233, a shorter-lived and less dangerous form of Uranium than Uranium-235. Which has been a workable but neglected technology since the 1960’s. Such power generators have two main advantages. First; they cannot be used to create weapons grade fissile material. Second; any shutdown or system failure carries little or no risk of contamination outside of the reactor vessels. They also produce much less toxic waste, and can, I am informed, burn the fuel from older and more toxic leftovers from older generation nuclear power stations such as the old Magnox power plants.

As for fracking, the claimed environmental hazards of this method, contamination of water table etc aren’t real. A properly sleeved bore means that gas cannot leak into the water table and thus any potable aquifer. The only real ‘evidence’ against fracking was highly localised phenomena where gas naturally leaking from the strata in certain areas of Wyoming, Texas and I believe Louisiana had contaminated the local water supply long before any actual fracking took place. As for the claimed risk of ‘Earthquakes’, the worst attributed to fracking so far have been around 2.1-2.3, which are all but invisible except to seismometers.

As for other means of staying warm in the chill of Winter, regrettably, Fusion power will always be twenty years in the future while the current models of reactor are being used. Even the giant ITER under construction in Southern France will never output the promised power. Why? Because it’s a Tokamak, and like so many other methods of nuclear fusion, the physical design of Tokamaks mean they can only ever produce a ‘bang in a bottle’. I would be delighted to be proven wrong, but I won’t be.

Of course when the idiots in power finally get the memo a good many of the population this side of the Irish sea will have gone back to burning dried peat for heating. Because no-one wants to be wet and cold all the time. Maybe all those currently employed as COVID inspectors will find new ways of making people’s lives miserable by being retasked as smoke spotters. Who knows?

When the power outages hit this January and February coming, just think; when you wake up with ice on your lips and that fancy air source heat pump gives out less heat than a wet fart. Then look at your electrickery bill and wonder who will let you take out a third mortgage to pay it. Consider thus; you could have had warmth and light in abundance. Could have had fracked gas. Could have had small nuclear. Might not be scrabbling down the back of the sofa for coins for the leccy meter.

Here’s an energy spokesperson on the matter.

Oh well, I’m off to buy some shares in the companies that produce thermal underwear. If the prognostications are any guide, it’s going to be a cold Winter. Don’t forget to wrap up warm now. I bloody well will do.

*Interesting as in having to warm one’s hands over a candle during the depths of winter. If of course, candles are still ‘allowed’.

Going Galt?

Matters proceed and the straws have shown which way the wind is blowing. Hard times are coming, with emptying supermarket shelves and urban shortages. There’s a financial crunch in the offing too, if my instincts do not deceive me. A big one. Time to cash out, which we’ve already done. Just awaiting contracts on the house.

For the moment the post election Canadian stock markets have settled into an uneasy stability. Which will be to our advantage. For Canadians it means the idiot Trudeau boy will still be governing by feat, but the markets seem to like that, but markets I find are fairly short sighted and don’t see the economic train wreck coming down the tracks.

Across Europe the shortage of truck drivers is starting to bite too as a lot of chickens come home to roost for the big logistics companies. Drivers are no longer content to put up with long times away from home for miserable remuneration. Not to mention the current Carbon Dioxide shortage hitting food processors and threat of power outages because of too much reliance on ‘renewables’.

Ten years ago, the UK Government, amongst others in a fit of Green fucknuttery, decided to go down the ‘decarbonisation’ route, based on the premise that man made emissions are altering the climate. A premise only supported by dodgy mathematical modelling. Rather like the COVID predictions. And how wrong have they been, eh?

Europe could have had steady decentralised power generated by small modular reactors and fracked gas, but no. The idiots then in power made decisions to placate a green minority lobby, thinking it would win them more votes. Now Bojo the Henpecked is doubling down because his missus is nagging him into it. For which everyone else will suffer.

For a balanced perspective, spend some time listening to this podcast.

Looking on the bright side, I think a ‘great reset’ is already underway, and it’s not the one envisaged by that idiot collectivist Schwab and his followers at the WEF. Now this is just me, but I think this is going to be a ‘reset’ like after the great medieval plagues, when wages went up and society changed with the expansion of the land owning Yeoman class and decline of serfdom. A sea change in the relationship between the ruling and ruled. Because the Internet has given the ruled a real voice, and the rulers don’t own all the tools of propaganda any more. Yes there will be some short term argy bargy in the meantime, but in the end, the ruling classes will have to wind their necks in. Similarly, their great green dream will come to a crashing halt. Ironically because the policies contained therein are ‘unsustainable’. Like wind turbines when the wind isn’t blowing, or solar panels at night.

The NHS, and all similar government ‘Health’ services may also collapse because they’re simply swallowing too taxpayer dollar. Even a blind man can see the tax train running away down the tracks toward a wrecked bridge. Unless the brakes are applied very soon, we’re all going over the edge. So I’m putting my cash into bricks and land to keep it’s value.

Some like gold, art, or other hedges against inflation, but I look at it this way; you can’t eat gold or art, but you can raise food on a relatively small plot. I was fortunate to be raised thus, learning to grow stuff for the larder almost before I could walk. Later learning the skills of talking my nourishment from field to plate and not getting too fussy about the bloodier aspects.

This leaves me wondering whether the time has come to wind up this blog and step back into the shadows to look to my own needs. There are things that must be done, money put to work apart from on the stock market. Off the beaten track. Self sufficient and outside of the taxman’s greedy grasp. Maybe it is time to go Galt.

Could be fun.

Don’t know about anybody else, but…

I find myself unable to comment on the increasing ridiculousness of the news. Frankly me deario’s, every headline sends me into a daze of Deja vu every time I look at it. It’s all fear, fear, fear, stuff we’re all supposed to get wildly excised about and I’m fed up with it. Not least because most of the headlines are overblown and / or totally about face to the verifiable facts.

I’m too busy making plans for our new place anyway. Costing out the Espalier layout for fruit trees and bushes, orienting hive fronts to the south-southeast (I’m told the bees like it this way.) Planning for easy set up, care and harvesting of hives. Researching pest control. Then there’s small repairs to the new house (Providing the sale doesn’t all go AWOL on us) and redecorating.

Then there are machine tools to buy. A chop saw and angle grinder with a range of blades from ceramic to grinder. Full set of drills. An ATV for towing a grass cutter, which I will be teaching Mrs S to drive, just so she doesn’t complain that it’s only a ‘boys toy’. Hives and Chicken runs to build. It’s going to be a busy Winter followed by an even busier Spring.

So yes, the fact that the current US President is obviously senile and only being managed by a support team doesn’t bother me. Nor does all the ‘Green’ bullshit being promoted by weak and ignorant politicians whose only talent, if that is what it is, is getting elected.

Fortunately there are ways and means around all the fuckwittery those urban parasites try to foist upon us. We have fallback option layered upon fallback option. As far as we’re concerned, workarounds rule.

As for worthless ‘vaccine passports’, don’t these morons in power understand that we hit herd immunity back last December? All one has to do is a little basic research. And when I say basic research, I mean not relying on mainstream media sources. The real numbers are all out there. From official sources too, and we can see how states like Florida are doing, and what is happening with Sweden. You know, the places that ditched mask mandates and lockdowns, and in Sweden’s case, barely flirted with any kind of lockdown at all.

Yet is their overall mortality any different from those places which did lock down and enforce mask wearing? Indeed it seems that countries with the harshest lockdowns and restrictions have suffered just as badly if not more so than those that did not. Apart from those so far off the beaten track that the infection hardly touched, like New Zealand. Although when they open up, then watch the fireworks. The best lockdowns can do is kick the can down the road. Then New Zealand will catch it. They might have the jabs, but the best they can do is mitigate the worst effects. The mRNA vaccines do not, like more traditional vaccines, stop you either catching a dose or do much else than mitigate the worst symptoms. The evidence is in, and natural immunity, whether inherited or acquired is better by far. But I’m preaching to the choir here.

So pardon me if I have no more f*cks to give.

As for the NHS in the UK, any organisation which can afford to hire ‘Diversity Officers’ at 75K a pop (Nice work if you can get it) clearly isn’t short of the odd bob or two. Nor is it financially ‘overstretched’. Although maybe it is, having as many bureaucrats as front line medical staff. Possibly more than half because many purely bureaucratic managerial roles are staffed by ‘Medically Qualified’ personnel Official figures here.

But all the evidence in the world won’t convince the permanently propagandised. Anecdote; in a car park lift some woman ten years my junior (And as such in a far lower risk category) remonstrated with me when I took off my mask to catch my breath. I replied that the pandemic was over, to which she retorted “But there were a hundred cases in Ireland yesterday” I pointed out that a hundred out of six million wasn’t very many at all and despite being double jabbed and having had the bug itself, I was more at risk from her. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to sink in and she snorted that she didn’t want to catch it, thank you so very much. I just rolled my eyes and waited for the doors to open before I got contaminated with her dose of the stupids. Serves me right for going shopping on a Saturday.