Institutional child abuse

Have been watching and reading about the strange stuff going on across medicine, politics and education recently. Specifically regarding pre-pubescent children. And forgive me for being a gruff old fuddy duddy, but WTF! is going on?

In medicine, parents are being encouraged to have their children injected with an experimental, emergency use only ‘treatment’ that only works for a few months before another injection is needed, then increases the risk of heart problems -amongst other side effects (Some ‘vaccine’ huh?). Ostensibly to ‘protect’ older people. Which it doesn’t. I keep on hearing about ‘vaccinated’ people catching SARS-COV2 at higher rates than the unvaccinated but previously exposed.

But what bothers me more is seeing parents dragging masked offspring around in public. The children obviously hate it, you can tell by the body language.

I cannot help feeling that a great madness has fallen across the world. The great COVID fear pandemic, where fear of a given disease is a hundred times more harmful than the original infection. Currently, a SARS/COV-2 infection is on a par with the common cold and just as widespread. So why are people abusing their children by forcing them to wear useless surgical masks? Forcing children to wear masks has been asserted to actively harm a child’s social and emotional development.

Then there’s the whole ‘trans’ thing being actively promoted in Western Schools. To pre-pubescent children. Sexualising children? Encouraging them to become permanent mules by pushing malleable minds down the irreversible road of a ‘sex change’. That has to be a perverts charter.

The people who describe themselves as ‘MAPS’ (Minor-attracted Persons) pushing this agenda are predatory paedophiles and their enablers. Predatory paedophiles used to be put on circulated lists, forbidden to even walk past a school gate. Now their acolytes are inside the education system, and any opposition to their agenda is a ‘hate crime’, as is any issue with ‘grooming’ (A.K.A paedophile rape) gangs. Because to call out racist paedophiles is somehow in itself ‘racist’. How insane is that?

With the above two examples we can clearly see that child abuse is endemic throughout the West. And we are prevented from protesting about it by laws stifling honest dissent and calling it wicked, when the true wickedness and evil comes from those passing these laws. Because they are afraid of being called names by a malicious and vociferous minority. The fear of being accused of a ‘thought crime’ actively protecting real evil.

Because preying on children is vile and evil. Even in prison this is well known, and convicted child molesters (Known as ‘Nonces’ – prison slang for ‘Nonsense Merchants’) need isolating from the rest of the prison population because they are rightly despised for the monsters they are, perpetuating their monstrosity by turning their victims into copies of themselves. Regrettably the nonces and their enablers now appear to run the system, doing great harms while feeding their dangerous lusts.

As for the media following the ‘fashionable’ view (Only in their eyes) that what they are the cheerleaders for is ‘good’; what can I say? Sick and evil. Tarring all those associating with the rainbow flag with the same brush.

This demonstrates that child abuse has become, like COVID, endemic and institutional throughout the West. And there are some who even call it moral. And these are the people we let have power over us. I’m tempted to speculate that the generational damage from COVID and pushing outlier deviancy may not be recoverable. At least in the short to medium term. We’re headed into a depression in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, back on another topic, elder sibling emailed me to ask if the blog was still up. I replied that there might be a shadow ban in effect if he couldn’t, but just in case it was only a typo, emailed him a direct link. Not that I care about anyone’s approval, least of all some West coast tech-wienie. The “Warning- toxic thought dump” Biohazard label on the header graphic might be a bit of a clue.

In offline life, the bees are fine (At least they know what sex they are – the Queen tells them so). I planted some more herbs and spinach seed today. My onions have finally germinated and pushed little sprouts out of the soil, as have the chilli peppers. Might have to build a greenhouse cover for the raised beds where I have planted the tomatoes and peppers. We will see.

Next major outdoor project is the chicken coop.

Update: This blog does not, according to elder sibling, appear on the Google listings, which I consider a badge of honour. As some say in bad latin; Semper in stercore sum, solum profundum variat

The shape of things to come

Mrs S and I were talking over lunch the other day. She’s finally giving up the day job this year and being totally freelance, doing her own thing, doing creative production of real goods. Her comment on the transition; “I don’t know whether to cry or scream with joy.”

I know how she feels. When I made the transition from employee to freelancer I was very ambivalent about the whole process. The transition was tricky but not traumatic as I stepped out of my comfort zone into the great wide blue yonder of self-employment. I recall that getting away from the 9-5 felt really good after the first few months. Not being a wage slave was hard work but not so much of a chore as being ‘managed’, which I always hated. Show me a job and let me get on with it has long been my philosophy. Stand over me with a stopwatch and I’ll be so busy looking over my shoulder that I won’t do a good job.

On the home front, my raised beds are all showing signs of germination, and the ‘fast salad’ stuff I put in last week is going gangbusters, as are the spring onions, leeks, white cabbage and beetroot. My tomatoes and peppers are beginning to poke tiny leaves out of the soil, as are the cucumbers. The bees have settled in nicely and have already filled their brood boxes and one ‘super’ before starting work on the upper super (as in cropping) frames.

It’s been a bit of a delayed spring and summer this year, despite all the wavy hand predictions of heat death and climate doom. I put it down to increased particulates in the atmosphere from several large volcanic eruptions around the planet, and Ireland has always been a bit like Wales and western Scotland, a buffer for the British Isles from all the Atlantic weather. So getting my seeds in a month later than planned hasn’t worked out badly. At least as far as germination is concerned.

At this rate I should have salads for the summer by the end of July and a full crop of honey by early August. It may even be a good idea to buy a couple of new hives to act as bee traps If I miss a swarm. Then I have to invest in some honey processing gear. No matter, better to invest the money now than see it disappear in the coming waves of inflation.

Marketing game plan is to give out sample jars of raw organic honey to our neighbours for taste testing and to sell at the farmers market, when it finally gets going again. Another bright spot is that one of the local stores has expressed an interest. So I have a tacit agreement that at least one local outlet will try my product.

Mrs S will be handling the wax products side of things, but we’ve also been talking about supplying bee venom and propolis (Bee glue) for cosmetics and pharmaceutical use on a small scale.

We’re doing this because we don’t want to rely on pensions alone (Even though we have been very careful to plan for our frail dotage). The value of a pension can be reduced to worthlessness by politicians cocking everything up (as usual). And I have no intention of starving.

Why? I look at it this way. We live in an age where the old biblical quotation “Put not thy faith in Princes” is ever more appropriate. The politicians have given themselves godlike powers to intervene in people’s private lives but seem determined to reinforce another old saying about idols having feet of clay. Or should that quotation read “Yeah, but those eejits all have feet of clay.” and brains of lard to boot. In their desperate search for votes the political class pander to vociferous urban minorities and in doing so neglect the care of the majority. That’s even without the malign anti-human influence of organisations like the WEF.

If, and I’m not holding out much hope here, the powers that be don’t parlay us all into a global war, we will have built a bolt hole for the rest of our clan, with enough food to eat and a little left over to barter. If the worst case scenario doesn’t happen and the can gets kicked a little further along the road we’ll be quids in.

If the politicians keep on following the road of sanctioning everything vaguely Russian, then we’ll all be screwed. See one American commentators well argued points below.

Hunker down and grow your own folks, because Green policies are giving us all the shaft.

The idle thoughts

…of an idle mind. For some reason the following thought has been following around my daily round; “Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.”

This is an age where Harry S Truman’s quote is ever more pertinent. I look at politicians who have never had a proper commercial day job, yet have amassed a hundred times more money than either Mrs S or I after a lifetime of working and investing for a living. Which begs the question; how did they make their money? I know how we did, but what about them?

If it’s from a second job, like running a financial consultancy, fair do’s. If it’s from taking advantage of policy decisions specifically for their own advantage, then that’s not okay. As is having your family benefit from policy decisions. Because that’s effectively ‘insider trading’ which is (allegedly) illegal for anyone not in politics.

If you or I did that sort of thing we’d have the fraud squad kicking down our doors. Yet if a certain breed of politician does it, it becomes a ‘scandal’ but rarely does the perpetrator do time. Unless their theft is so blatant that it triggers a revolution. This is true around the globe.

Like I said. Idle thoughts.

Looking forward

Mrs S and I were having a chat about the current geopolitical situation regarding Russia and Ukraine today. Not the rights and wrongs or how many people are getting killed and dispossessed. That we can do nothing about, tragic though it is for the civilians on the ground. We have no resources to spare, the builders and trades are seeing to that.

Resources. It is upon that topic I wish to pontificate. September is going to be the economic crunch time for a lot of reasons. The time when all the chickens come home to roost. It’s even got us talking about putting up solar power for our three sheds. Which might not be such a bad idea for emergency lighting and a grid independent security system.

Much to my chagrin I’m not being allowed AI driven autonomous gun turrets or drones and plasma weapons because of the strain on the budget, so cameras and a twenty four inch crowbar will have to do for security. I did think about getting some cheap carbon shafts with broadheads for my two bows. My fifty inch classic hunter recurve draws about fifty five pounds at full thirty one inch draw and is quite capable of dropping someone at fifty yards plus, but perhaps the local Gardai might frown on that. So I’ll just stick to target practice instead.

Although everyone I know, from my physio to my neighbours, tell me they have firearms available and are quite open about being willing to use them on any hostile intruder. We do live in the Irish countryside after all.

Anyway. Mrs S and I were talking about worst case scenarios. Now I’m fairly confident they won’t happen, but I was a good little boy scout (Until that unfortunate little incident with Arkela and the two girl guides), and ‘Be prepared’ has proven a useful mantra on occasion. My gut is telling me to set up a fallback position, a bolt hole, so that is what I’m doing. Call me paranoid if you like, but my paranoia is based on my life experience and rarely steers me wrong.

What makes us feel this way? Not the many hand waving articles and videos about how nice the Ukrainians are and how bad the Russki’s are. We take a more studied view of the geopolitics. Did you know US warships (for example, no aircraft carriers or submarines) are bound by the Montreux convention of 1936 and aren’t allowed up the Dardanelles into the Black Sea and through the Bosporus? The Bosporus is also a massive trade bottleneck for the resource rich Russians and Nations with seaports on the Black sea coast.

The game changer here is the ‘Kanal Istanbul‘ Erdogan’s project to create a second waterway into the Black Sea to free up the massive congestion that has always throttled trade from the Black Sea nations. What it will do to the ecology of the region is another matter. Or the balance and power.

It may happen, it may not. Like the next Earthquake. The potential is there, but according to local geologists, there is regular slippage in the major fault lines at present, so there is less stress that can lead to a quake.

Mostly the pressure in the region is due to the wait times of shipping needing to pass from the Black sea into the Mediterranean and thus to Suez or out into the Atlantic via Gibraltar.

So we plan to set up food reserves, digging deep into memories of childhood when my parents were still ‘digging for victory’, or just growing stuff to keep the food bills down. Which is never a bad idea. Also very calming in these overstressed times. The many ideas Mrs S is coming up with about chickens are proving very entertaining.

For my part I’m going to be pulling fence posts tomorrow and moving them into the yard to form a border around the raised vegetable beds. I’ve got a post hole digging tool which should lighten the workload, and we’re also looking at ways of re-using the old tyres the last owner left hanging around the property.

It’s going to be hard work all through until September, but by then I’ll have started on the chicken run and put out some Mink traps. The idea being to kill the Mink that come sniffing around the chickens then skin them and let the flies lay eggs on the denuded carcases, chuck in a bucket with holes in the bottom, hang up bucket in chicken run so the maggots fall through the holes into a bowl for the chickens to eat. There’s a kind of poetic symmetry in there don’t you think? That and Mrs S gets free Mink moccasin slippers for those cold Winter evenings. Win-win. Although not for the Mink of course.

In a perverse sort of way I’m quite looking forward to the next couple of years.

Speaking of the last couple of years, even Bill Gates is saying that this whole COVID thing with all the masks and lockdowns might have been a mistake. See Ivor Cummins on Jimmy Dores exposition on Gate’s recent revelatory interview.

Next they’ll be saying that Human CO2 emissions don’t matter, fracking is great and energy self sufficiency is a good thing. Miracles do happen.

But I repeat myself

Was in my workshop building raised garden beds today and came across the following from Podcast of the Lotus Eaters on my phone. Warning, it does not make for comfortable listening.

Now if you listen to the pro-trans activists and their shrieks of “Hate Speech! Hate speech! Mommy, mommy stop the nasty man saying horrible things!” This sort of discussion is ‘hate’. My own take on it from 2016 is here in a few pontifications about the notorious bill C-16 compelling people to use made up pronouns.

In my offering I gave the link to a scientific study about ‘transition regret’ and the high level of post operative suicides in people trying to change their sex.

As a side note; during my time training with the UK NHS one of my classmates was keen on forensic medicine and brought in a couple of illustrated textbooks on the subject. One of the things that struck me among the section on suicides was how many of the dead were young and obviously gender confused. A few were autoerotic, but some found dangling from trees or bloated and dead from an overdose were in the throes of transitioning from male to female. Whenever I hear about underage children being encouraged (In schools? WTF!) to experiment with their gender those stark images pop into my forebrain. Wish I’d never seen them in the first place, but I was curious back then and just had to bloody well look, didn’t I?

The main problem, as Carl and Harry discuss, is that transitioning sex is a one way street. Once a person sets off down that road there is often no way back. And that road is also fraught with physical risk. Shortened lifespans, irreversible sterility and elevated diabetes risk to name but three. Never mind the need to take artificially high levels of hormones. But do the activists tell gullible children that? Oh no. The activists are all “Come on in! The water’s lovely!” They omit to tell people the ‘water’ is full of carcinogens and the occasional Candiru fish, metaphorically speaking.

No doubt this blog post constitutes ‘hate’ and not a simple op-ed that points to reputable sources, as well as reflecting on known risks which the activists don’t want widely known. Me, I’d encourage counselling and encourage sexual experimentation rather than entice sexually uncertain immatures into irreversible, high post-operative risk medical procedures. After all, you can decide you are gay or not and physically there’s no comeback if you decide it’s not for you. ‘Transitioning’ is another matter and should be the last option rather than the first.

Official figures

Right. Statement here; these are all official government figures. There is no disinformation here, just the data and nothing but the data. No ‘interpretations’, no tricks, no unpleasant bending.

Mr Cummins does his usual incisive look at the Irish figures for SARS/COV-2 related death for 2020 and 2021. Watch the video.

All I have to say is; we locked down and side-lined whole constitutions and the rights of the citizenry for that? Never mind all the collateral damage of Myocarditis and other hastily rushed-to-the-market-and-attempts-to-suppress-test-data ‘vaccines’. For a disease with well under 1% mortality should you be one of those unlucky enough to get infected.

The story is becoming plain all over the world; Iceland for example. What do the raw figures say?

Then get labelled as ‘bad’ and gaslit should one point out the flaming obvious. See below.

You’d think I, like so many other naysayers would feel rather smug for being right (I don’t), but the damage; social, economic and health has now been done and it will last for years. Someone has to be held to account, but under the current system they probably won’t be.

Wait a moment! Look over there! MONKEYPOX! (Do you think the plebs bought it, yet again? That batch the NIH had cooked up in China isn’t creating quite the panic we wanted)

As for the war in Ukraine; may I introduce the channel (Okay it’s US based, but they do discuss UK and Europe) See below. Unhappy watching everybody.

Honestly, this is like being on the receiving end of a Bond Movie supervillain.

Quote of the day

I was talking to a neighbour and the topic of carbon mitigation came up, because that’s something the politicians are very keen on. Neighbour vouchsafed;

“Ach, these politicians trying to tell us they can control the weather. They can’t control the contents of their own trousers now, can they?”

I almost fell off the wall laughing.

A spot of pain

Right. By popular demand. A post on arthritis pain relief. Bee venom and arthritis. It works.

So far I have had five days significant reduction in inflammation and discomfort in my left knee from one set of stings. The pain that has dogged me for years on and off has basically gone. It’s been quite a revelation.

The ‘science’ says there haven’t been enough studies, but like with a lot of things, the ‘science’ is playing catch up. And I can vouch personally that this is no placebo effect.

As an alternative to getting swarmed, bee venom is present in certain brands of cosmetic as an anti-ageing formula but those are quite expensive. Look it up. Just type “Bee venom arthritis” into your chosen search engine. But it is pricey. ‘Apitherapy’ for example costs over a hundred quid a pop.

Alternatively, if you know someone with beehives, ask them if you can stand near a hive until you get attacked. Or annoy a foraging bee. Whatever works.

However, directly after getting stung, scrape the sting and venom sac off your skin with the edge of a card or your fingernails. Then get the hell our of Dodge. Because when bees sting they not only lose the sting (and their life), but also release a chemical message which says “Intruder alert! Attack! Attack!” It is wise not to hang around a hive or swarm once this happens.

Of course, some out there will have an undesired reaction to getting stung like anaphylaxis. For that I highly recommend that if seeking a sting or two, you take an EpiPen or similar with you, just in case.

Now if you’re not keen on getting stung; try and spike your potassium levels as Dr Berg suggests below. Bananas are a good source. However, there are others.

This has been a public service announcement.

A small statement

You know, I never used to care about people being other than heterosexual, until institutions and corporations started sticking it in my face and normalising perversion. Hey, what goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors is none of my business, right? Just get out of schools and leave the children alone.

Never cared much about the colour of someone’s skin, until well-funded activists started blaming me and mine for all their self-created issues. As an expat I’ve also never cared much about where someone came from, until people like me were falsely accused of things my ancestors were supposed to have done and had people trying to erase my culture and heritage for these ‘wrongs’. Or ever acknowledge the good my ancestors did for the world, or the horrible price their generations paid.

And I never cared much about someone’s politics until they started giving me grief for my guarded faith in democracy and the rule of law.

I also never cared about other people’s religion either, until repeatedly told my irreverent, tolerant agnosticism was ‘bad’ and, like my culture, should be wiped from the face of the Earth.

But now I’ve changed. My patience and tolerance have been pushed way past their limits. Now I care, I am not alone, and there are millions who feel the same way.

I didn’t do this. Activists pushing their hostile agenda’s did.

(Original below from Phat Tony from here – pass it on)

Hat tip to Kate’s Twitter feed via Small Dead Animals.