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Urban myths

Here in the wilder west, while the weather is nice it’s fairly easy to distance oneself from the propaganda mills of the BBC and RTE etc. Like Canadian media, they’re all in the pocket of the state because the traditional media business model has been in financial decline for over a decade now. So they end up taking taxpayer dollar to publish propaganda. Frankly, most of the mainstream output is liberally spiced with some rather strange assertions, particularly about ‘science’.

Yet what is ‘the science’? Are we to believe professors with decades of experience in a subject, or some media ‘fact checker’ with qualifications (and an agenda) from a wholly different discipline? How much credence can be given to their interpretation of the IPCC’s annual reports, which, as presented to the world at large, predict disaster if a certain course is pursued? Notwithstanding being chock full of ‘could’, might’ and ‘if, conditional statements making wild predictions of weather disasters. Disasters I might add (Sea level rise, increases in storms etc.) which have, over the last fifty years, never come. These sources are more political screeds and urban myth than ‘the science’.

The problem is that ‘the science’ as presented is more a mythic belief system than actual scientific enquiry. ‘The science’ from what I hear from certain people is little better than a compendium of narrative wishful thinking. Proper science by contrast, is all about asking questions and finding answers, no matter where the evidence leads, ‘the science’ is no better than the opinion of a new class of pseudo-intellectuals who think that spouting a lot of fashionable buzzwords makes them the source of all truth and wisdom.

However, here’s a source, which is by no means ‘official’ that tries to make some sense of a complex topic in plain language.

On the same topic I was quite amused to see an attempt by the rent-an-activist crowd to disrupt a rugby match, getting sprayed with beer (What a waste!) and roughly handled by the stewards. It’s rather ironic, as the activists in question are known to get the largest wedge of their funding from the ‘climate emergency fund’, which is in turn funded by ‘big oil’ in the shape of the Rockefeller foundation.

This begs the question; why is an oil fortune funding these eejits? Is it some desperate ‘eat me last’ ploy, or as the more cynical side of my brain suspects, that the disruptions are part of a series of ploys to manipulate markets. Won’t work, as the eejits in question are having an effect, but it’s not the one, I strongly suspect, intended. The law of unforeseen consequences last seen giggling in the stands.

I leave my reader with the opinion of a frog when forced to listen to this litany of urban climate mythology.

We want….. information

Watch this video about ‘disinformation’, malinformation’ etc..

The ‘truth’ is being decided from on high, and you may not have any other opinion, or else you are automatically the ‘Other’. If for example you are anti-war, for what you feel are good reasons, then you might be marked down as a ‘Putin apologist’. If you have doubts about just one aspect of the new mRNA ‘vaccines’, no matter that you will happily roll up your sleeve for a more traditional inoculation, you are ‘anti-vax’. If you don’t like the idea of perverts parading around inside schools and public buildings in front of six year olds and say so, there are now laws to have you arrested for ‘hate speech’. Then there are the fake labels of ‘far-right’, ‘alt-right’, and ‘conspiracy theorist’ which are just so much collectivist ‘blah’.

All of these labels prove only one thing; the political and media classes are trying to lock down public opinion and punish those who disagree. Yet those who disagree, even mildly, or voice honest doubt, backed by data, are being accused of ‘destroying our democracy’. Even if they are demonstrably of the Demos (population) in question. The expulsion of Andrew Bridgen MP from the UK Parliamentary conservative party being a case in point.

Yet who are the people pushing these labels? The pro-war muzzlers of real science. Those corporate entities with vested interests and massive lobbying power. Infecting reality with their own twisted lust for unjustified political power. The parasite class. The serial liars and their fellow travellers who look down on those outside their bubbles, even if these bubble dwellers are really no better (and probably much, much worse) than the average Mk 1 human like you and me.

They are also the ones pushing things like ‘hate speech’, which is the most toxic of constructs because it can be used to outlaw even the most mild disagreement. Especially if the complainer has the emotional maturity of a thwarted toddler, something which seems all too common these days.

Besides, ‘hate speech’ laws suppress opinions which allow for a ‘clearing of the air’ conversations, and therefore such legislation is going to be highly toxic to social interaction and (I hope you’ll see the irony here) incredibly divisive. Because, oddly enough, it’s good to talk and negotiate instead of whining to some authority figure that pwecious ickle fi-fi’s have been hurt.

Hate speech laws will be (and are already being) abused to simply shut down necessary but uncomfortable debate (and even comedy) across a range of topics. Name calling hasn’t worked, so attempting to shut down non mainstream opinions with hate speech’ laws won’t either. The immutable law of unintended consequences is already waiting in the wings to make another hilarious appearance.

Besides, in the words of Obi-wan Kenobi: “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine…”

Real environmentalism

Mike Rowe reporting on a real environmentalist who has devoted his life to cleaning up rivers. Now if only people like those over educated morons of a certain road blocking and snooker disrupting faction would get together to really do something useful about real pollution, not the imaginary kind.

But that would involve them getting their delicate little handy pandies dirty, wouldn’t it?


Have you ever contacted your elected representative (Of whatever party) to have your concerns dismissed? Your sources decried as the work of ‘Cranks’ or ‘Deniers’ and ‘Nutters’? No matter how experienced and qualified from reputable sources. Or have said representative outright ignore your concerns?

We’ve seen a lot of this over the past few years. In conversations with true believers, I’ve heard of people like Dr Will Happer and Dr Richard Lindzen described in less than glowing terms despite their credentials. Fun fact; did you know that Dr Lindzen has published around two hundred and fifty scientific papers? A staggering amount of work. Dr Happer is a veteran Physicist and respected adviser who got fired at the behest of failed divinity student Al Gore. Then there is the ‘unpersoning’ of qualified scientists who questioned the mRNA vaccines, citing well founded concerns over the lack of testing and trials, even sinking so low as to indulge in personal attacks on actual victims of the vaccines.

You can call them all the names under the sun for believing (Based on empirical data) that there is no ‘climate catastrophe’, impending or otherwise, but doing so does not invalidate their work, nor make them need ‘re-education’ like the Ontario College tried to do with Dr Jordan B Peterson.

The thing is that academia and science have been taken over by people who are neither proper academics, nor scientists. These Administrators are the ones responsible for the wrecking of careers and an attempted suppression of certain avenues of science. And there has been an explosion in the numbers of said administrators, acting like the notorious (At least in the UK) Doctors receptionists of old.

These are the people causing all the minor disagreements in academia and science to fountain into open sewers of bad information, enforced by these administrators. Then there are the disseminators of ‘malinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ two ugly neologisms that have been pushed into public discourse to cover up the crimes of those pushing progressive political agendas. The mainstream media and politicians of all stripes, with a few notable exceptions, were responsible for the vast majority of bad information, and even helped suppress reports like the one currently coming to light as discussed by John Campbell below.

Alphabet corporation were leaned on by the Biden White House to suppress dissenting voices on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention the doctors and nurses from all over the world struck off for daring to challenge the official party line.

Apparently challenging the official line automatically makes you ‘far right’, a term so over-used that it has lost all meaning. But to nick a line from a YouTube comment thread; “You may call me far right, but I think you’ll find I’m often not far wrong.”


Money is tight, even for frugal souls like Mrs S and I. However, we’ve surfed the latest set of price fluctuations by halving our electricity bill. Not that this hasn’t had a cost. We’ve spent six figures on gutting our new home and insulating properly, said insulation keeping our energy use within sensible limits. So we haven’t been hit that hard by the sudden rises in energy prices.

Looking at our energy use before the building works and afterward, the difference is quite startling. We currently use one third of the electricity and fuel that we used to before the upgrade. That’s over a sixty percent reduction. Which ain’t too shabby. Our overall cost of living hasn’t risen as much as it has for far too many others during the Government-created crises of COVID and Ukraine.

Given that our joint income has dropped significantly, this is no bad thing. We’re on top of the finances, and watching the next move by the banks like hawks. Three down in the US, with serious ripples running through Europe, Credit Suisse being a case in point. Then there’s another potential 2008 scale property crash on it’s way from the US as two major investors are having serious difficulties. Fortunately we have no exposure in the two mainly affected market sectors, those being property and tech. We’ve even maintained a modest keeping-up-with-inflation growth in our investments.

However, to do this we rely on accurate and timely information. Something which is at a premium nowadays. We shifted our investment portfolio in advance of the Ukraine business, and have long since divested our portfolios of anything pharmacologically related. Because those affected sectors will be the next to take a big hit.

If you listen to the mainstream those naughty Russki’s are taking a pasting. If you find a way of tapping into less available information, you will find statements from the front line where Russians are sending out small ‘sacrificial’ patrols, presumably of the most unpopular squaddies, to locate actively manned Ukrainian positions, and when they are fired upon by the Ukrainians, the Russian heavy mortar teams hand out a lesson on how not to be seen.

Then there is a widely discussed possibility of the Russki’s waiting for the Ukrainians to attack in Spring when the ground dries, before making them pay for every inch in Ukrainian blood and the West’s weaponry in a Verdun-scale set piece of attritional butchery. My sources? Well, Redacted on Rumble do some, then there is the Kyiv Independent, ostensibly an independent English language outlet. This article by retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor might prove eye opening as an informed opinion piece.

Like I’ve said on several occasions, ICC arrest warrants or no, neither the Russkies, the US and their aligned powers, nor the Ukrainians are ‘good’ guys. It’s atrocities all round. Even if over three hundred of the forcibly relocated children have already been returned to Ukraine by the Russians.

And even if the Russians have said they want to talk peace, the current US administration aren’t interested, so the war will go on until there are no more Ukrainians left but those in western asylum accommodation.

That’s a hell of a bill to pay.

Snow watch

I’ve been sitting in my office watching snow fall. Work outside came to a halt because I am my own boss and there’s no imperative to do any planting. According to the local forecast, the next planting window is early next week when local temperatures will have risen to just under ten Celsius.

Can’t do anything about my bees at present, I intend to leave the hives alone until the weather goes above fifteen Celsius. They don’t need feeding at present as there is plenty of Gorse, Heather and Ivy around the area whenever it gets warm enough for them to forage. The meadow is full of dandelions and daisies too, and I’m keeping a weather eye out on how the Yellow Rattle seeds I sowed in November are doing.

Then there are ten silver birch whips to go in, a ‘whip’ being a small tree between two and four feet tall sold as a bare root sapling. As trees go this is the cheapest way to buy them. We shelled out twenty five Euros for this batch, and like our new proto privet hedge, they will be planted by sticking a spade twelve inches vertically into the ground, levering forward, dropping the ‘whip’ in roots first before removing the spade, leaving the soil to close in around the roots. No need to dig holes, all you need do is drop a little soil on top and lightly stamp down before adding water. Watched our landscapers doing this for our new hedge, and they managed a twenty yard stretch at one whip per foot in less than five minutes.

New flower bed in the yard is almost ready for planting. Another two barrowfuls of soil and wood for the base, then cover with about six inches of topsoil and compost mix, and hey presto, we’re ready to transplant some Azaleas which will hide the gas tank. Picked up some bulbs corms and rhizomes yesterday to add a splash of Summer colour to that corner of the premises, so, weather permitting, we’re good to go.

Notwithstanding, all that is for when the weather warms up next week. Hopefully before the March winds start blowing. We were lucky to have a mild February, which allowed us to get ahead of the game in some aspects,

Regarding the ongoing saga of one of our drains, I’ve tracked down a problem and fixed it myself. During our building works last year, the builders went over one of our drainage inspection hatches with their machinery and crushed it, unfortunately their ‘fix’ blocked off a five inch soakaway drain. Something that didn’t become apparent until Winter and Mrs S nearly went arse over tip on a puddle of ice the overflowing drain had caused.

So after the snow stopped I poked and prodded and dug around the hatch, using my mini jackhammer to punch a six inch gap in the concreted in inspection well, thus opening up the drain mouth and restoring it’s proper function. Which means that’s that until the next daft Eejit decides to run heavy machinery across my drain inspection covers. Not that I’m going to let them. There’s an access from the field for any machinery of that type, so that is where they’ll have to get in. However for now, we have no more overflowing soakaway drain. No more long ice skids across the yard in the freezing weather.

All this outside activity means I’m not paying much attention to the news and media apart from a grim satisfaction at being proved right on several key issues. Although I have been watching season 2 of Clarkson’s farm on Amazon Prime, which brought back memories of my own families frustrations dealing with Byzantine planning rules in the UK.

There are, I am sad to say, too many people who live in the British countryside who don’t really belong there. And I’m not talking about Jeremy Clarkson. Rather my observations about the personal vendetta against him being waged using the planning regulations by, we are told, just one person.

Having grown up in the English countryside, I am sad to say that there are some people who have never quite moved on from their urban and suburban hyper competitive mindset. The few whose only interaction with their neighbours are arguments via lawyers over hedges and boundaries. The people I’m talking about are those who rarely frequent the village pubs because they felt the locals were too ‘common’. You know the types, the serial complainers. The NIMBY’s or more entertainingly titled and extreme BANANA’s (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything). Those who like to think themselves a cut above ordinary folk and tend to look down their noses at their neighbours. Scorpions in human form. I’ve met a few. Unfortunately. They don’t socialise with their neighbours over the garden fence, they have ‘dinner parties’. Social climbers all, they will not pitch in for their neighbours unless there is something in it for them alone. Never happier than when they have done someone else down, they hide behind high Leylandii hedges and don’t care whose light they block. Sine Nobilitate the lot of them.

This is the kind of person who has it in for Clarkson and his attempts to diversify. But he’s just the most high profile of farmers suffering from the deeply personal ways some people use the planning rules and local politics to interfere and prevent any kind of rural development, thinking that any alteration to anything anywhere near them will devalue their property. They are wrong of course, because if the area becomes depressed because no one is allowed to make any money, then the communities that these people thought they were buying into will gradually die, and the value of their property will likewise suffer.

Clarkson I’ve always had a soft spot for, as he’s an entertaining buffoon who does try to do what he’s told is a good thing. Although I can’t say the same thing for the people trying to take him down. However, they may well succeed if local politics does lead to him selling up and moving out of the district, but theirs will be a Pyrrhic victory. Their loss. No farm shop with really fresh local produce, no good local restaurant where people can dine on locally produced food while enjoying a pleasing Cotswold view.

I’ve heard people argue that such enterprises ‘take trade’ from other local businesses. However, as someone who has watched the decline in rural life from the 1970’s onwards, my own observation is that small local businesses need other businesses to cross pollinate with. One successful business always generates passing trade for it’s neighbours. It’s a simple equation; Increased trade volume=new business=money=jobs=prosperity. Strangle trade and everyone loses eventually. Something the NIMBY’s don’t seem to understand.

Of course Oxfordshire Council are complaining that Clarkson’s Farm series 2 gives a misleading picture of their conduct. From first hand experience with the planners and NIMBY’s, I can tell you that how they are portrayed is not misleading, it’s bang on the money.

Maybe Clarkson made a rod for his own back by just bulling ahead with some schemes to make his farm profitable, but that doesn’t justify the response. UK and Irish Farmers are already under pressure to diversify, and they should be allowed to adapt to circumstances, seek new markets and provide goods and services. Not be hamstrung by rules meant to stop developers covering the countryside in concrete. Which is what will happen when the stewards are finally driven from the land.

Anyway. The mountains have been spectacular today when the snow cleared. I swear I could see the pyramidal peak of Croagh Patrick, the air has been so crystal.

A good day

It’s funny how your perspectives shift when you’re working for yourself, developing a place, and doing the hard graft of whipping it into the desired shape. We’ve been doing a lot of that recently. Our old heating oil tank is drained and set up behind my greenhouse to be. Old excavator and tractor tyres left by the previous owners have been shifted to make planters for our fruit trees. Other old tyres, previously used as silage weights will be cut in half, painted and hung on an east facing wall to make planters for herbs. The excavator tyres were bloody heavy, but once I’d levered them upright were easy enough to roll up the track to where the new fruit trees will live.

The idea being to prune the fruit trees into low fan shapes so they can be picked without the need for ladders. This will of course reduce the possible yield, but we’re not doing this as a commercial crop, mostly for personal use and maybe as a sauce base, because I’ve got a dynamite recipe for a spicy hot sauce, which with the Mead products, might prove worthy of a commercial venture.

Where the oil tank was will be a decorative feature of a green screen of Azaleas to hide the new gas tank from public view. Which has entailed a little episode this morning with me, three layers of cinder blocks, and an eight pound sledgehammer. Result: Bill 6, blocks 0. A home win and about two hundredweight (All right, about 100kg plus) of rubble. The rubble will form the infill behind a loose built double wall of cinder block and decorative brick, over which I will dump half a dozen barrowloads of topsoil and drop in some store bought trailing plants over the weekend. Result; instant flower bed to brighten up the main yard.

Then there is the ongoing saga of the drains, which we found this morning were backed up to the closest inspection hatch to the house. So I ended up spending three noisome hours with drain rods and high pressure hose clearing some fifty feet of backed up sewage. Not the nicest job in the world, but the ‘gloop’ when I finally breached the blockage was music to my ears, whilst watching the shit level drop suddenly was a curiously pleasing sight.

My nose had shut down in protest three hours before, so after dosing the freshly cleaned soil pipes with some bicarbonate of soda, I closed up the hatches. For my efforts, Mrs S treated me to a lovely supper of fish, chips and mushy peas that I didn’t have to cook. I also have a cold beer at my elbow, having showered and rid myself of the scent of effluvium. Life could be worse.

It’s funny how a successful days hard graft can be so satisfying. But it is. Especially when the work is for yourself. Even when your hands are cracked and bleeding. Now this is just my opinion, but the pleasure of a successful job completion is hard to beat. You tend to appreciate it more. Even though the rewards may seem small to others. It’s how you feel about them that counts.

All this to the background of a release of ‘the lockdown files’, which simply confirmed what I had been able to surmise for myself over two years ago. Specifically that the UK government, like so many others, hadn’t a bloody clue. The last three years (And probably the next ten) have been a completely government created crisis.

Some might call it being a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but I just look at my ability to extrapolate outcomes as a talent which has served me well, especially when investing. If I get called names because I’m a little ahead of the curve, frankly me deario’s, I don’t care. The name calling of those of us able to assimilate and interpret the data correctly has been wrong in context, subtext and fact. So yar boo sucks to the majority of the mainstream media, whose coverage has been so damaging. So much for ‘disinformation’.

It should give me pleasure to be proved right. Well it does, and then again it doesn’t. But do I really care? Not really, because overall, despite everything, I think I’ve had a really good day.

Information laundering

Layered scientific studies referencing other peer reviewed studies which don’t say what we’re told they say. Yet the mainstream media want us to take them as gospel?

Make your own judgement.

When is a….?

Taking a break from painting my own personal Forth Bridge (metaphor for a never ending task) of shed roof patching. The major issue is that there’s so much residual moisture in between the cladding and the internal membrane that it’ll be weeks before I can tell how successful my patching has been.

Progress will be slow while I have no proper light in there, because I’m not stupid enough to do any wiring until I’m confident the shed is reasonably dry and leak resistant.

Major projects remaining are sorting a replacement septic system for the house and getting the gear in for mead brewing. Neither of which can happen for the next two months. Both are mostly weather and light dependent.

As is the patching. I need full daylight so I can see where the holes are, which limits my activity. I could of course get some crawl boards and do any sealing from up on top, but I don’t trust the current roof and rafters to hold up anything heavier than next doors cat. So, there’s another delay. The roof is going to be changed when funds allow to create a properly supported platform floor which can handle a full dance troupe doing a high kick routine. Then there will be a supported roof over that to make a second floor open viewing space. But that’s scheduled for 2024.

Was having a few issues with one app on my TV streaming box when not chasing people for quotes and suchlike, so I went on one of the forums to find out if anyone else had found a fix. Well now, what can i say? There was one guy (On several threads) demanding that an app be shut down and deleted because he / she / it felt that people were (And I joke not) “Being driven to suicide” by the “right wing content”. Well now chums. What can I say? I almost fell off my chair laughing. This was pure Tony Hancock, whose stock in trade was his pompous little man routine.

To put it politely, said complainant had definitely drunk deep of the Kool-aid, as our American cousins like to phrase it. Anyone questioning the mainstream dogmas of man made climate change / Covid / or the Epstein scandal etc was repeating “QAnon conspiracies” and should not be allowed to put their content on any app, anywhere. Yar boo to you.

Now as someone who has, through their own research and consulting the content of properly credentialed and experienced researchers, come to doubt a lot of the mainstream narrative, I can say, hand on heart, that I have never visited any QAnon (or similar) thread. Indeed, I tend to view all such content with a heavily jaundiced eye. Nor would I use anything on that platform as a source or reference. That would be like believing everything on Fox, CNN, BBC, MSNBC etc. While mainstream content (and QAnon) may contain elements of actual events, facts are too often overshadowed by a crowd of baseless assertions , hulking great porky pies and non-sequiturs.

Never been on Reddit either. Although I have had cause to consult various specialist forums for fixes and guidance. Like international tax treaties, legal advice and citizens advice. All of which are accessed and digested with a very healthy metaphorical grain of salt. It’s like getting quotes from tradespeople. You always get what you want nailed down as much as possible. You discuss options, you take advice, you sometimes follow your gut feelings. What some journalist might say in an article can give you an idea, but should rarely be taken as gospel. Their ignorance may be as great or greater than yours.

Personally, I pay attention to the people voicing legitimate concerns who have real world experience, even if they are semi-retired, Like Dr John Campbell, and the immunologists who penned the great Barrington declaration. People who have been doing high level work and teaching all their working lives, not those who are little better than petty bureaucrats, afraid to deviate from an accepted narrative lest they lose their jobs.

That said, one of the things that never fails to pleasantly surprise me is how often when talking to friends and family nowadays, who had previously dismissed my positions on various topics, now agree with me. Totally without prompting. Which feels quite gratifying. When I feel my opinions have been reached reasonably. Reached by pausing and asking questions when all else are hurrying blindly toward a cliff edge. As with people like the recently unjustifiably maligned and sidelined Andrew Bridgen, UK MP for northwest Leicestershire. Falsely accused of ‘anti-Semitism’.

To the vicious person on that (and probably other) forum I would say this; shutting people up for voicing genuine concerns or doubts, is flat out wrong. Even if those voicing the concerns do go off on one. If you don’t like their version there is always the off switch. Contrariwise, blanket dismissal of carefully formulated opinions on various topics as mere ‘conspiracy theories’ is also very closed minded. A tactic that simply marks out the person making said knee jerk statement as ignorant and perhaps even callous.

Does this mean I would like the comments that ‘offended’ me shut down? Far from it. Let them make fools of themselves. Let their overt hatred of ‘the other’ show them up for the blinkered bigots they claim others are. In public, where others can use the Robin Williams defence against rape (“point and laugh”), because by shutting down all other voices but theirs is nothing short of the rape of public discourse. And it’s gotten really obvious.

The only question we need ask when anyone makes a definitive statement of belief is; “How much of what you are telling me is really true? or is this just your opinion?”

Well, that’s only my opinion. But more and more people, with or without reading my commentary, share it.

A thought experiment….

I wonder…..

Climate change, a dissertation

Lennert Den Boer documents the relationship behind the current gentle warming trend, Water vapour, Carbon Dioxide and a potential ‘runaway greenhouse effect’.

Yes it’s a long one. Over an hour and ten minutes. But Tom Nelson is a great interviewer who let’s his subjects talk before asking questions. Unlike so many mainstream ‘journalists’ looking for a cheap and easy sound bite. Well worth watching and listening all the way through. An eye opener.

A recommended YouTube subscribe.

As for that “97% of scientists agree” Complete rubbish. Watch below.

I mean. it’s got so transparently ridiculous that even those Eejits comprising ‘extinction rebellion’ and all their splinter groups are realising that they’re just pissing people off. So much for the big brains eh?


Spent most of my weekend blocking possible mouse and rat runs in the house, and in the process did some fairly good quality wood butchery. All I have to do now is get some of those little collars for the radiator pipes to close off all possible means of egress. But it’s astonishing how small a hole the little sods can get through. Anything over six millimetres seems is enough to provide them with an entryway. So I’m told.

Which was a bit of a revelation for me. When I started my working life, one of my jobs was at a food processing company, for which I had to do a pest control course, lasting all of an afternoon, and the received wisdom was that mice treated any gap of twenty mil or more as a dual carriageway. But six millimetres?

That’s the problem with any old build house, there’s always a tiny hole the little buggers can get through. All you can do is seal and fill and eventually the outdoors stays where it belongs. Outdoors.

On the topic of revelations; Hallelujah brothers and sisters, are you saved?!? Well Jesus (So we’re told – but he’s not really into football) might save, but damn few others can in these straitened economic times. Revelations though, seem to be everywhere if people would only give them a sidelong glance. Rather than waste time watching the mainstream media, who only seem to regurgitate propaganda, or be wise after the fact.

I was reading the pages of the Daily Sceptic this morning and came across the little gem that the ‘evidence against the lab leak theory’ was pretty flimsy. Have a look at the link below.

The scientists who assured the world that the Covid-19 virus could not have been engineered in a laboratory based their pivotal decision on a single piece of flawed evidence.

In my own thoughts from as early as May 2020, I did a ‘probability bingo‘ exercise, listing what information was public domain, and concluded that yes, the facts and available evidence seemed to indicate that the SARS/COV-2 pandemic originated in that Wuhan lab. Didn’t know about the NIH funded ‘gain of function’ research at the time, which is now confirmed, but what I was sure about were the reports of poor containment protocols at that lab and reports from Chinese media sources bragging about the research on finding a cure for a bat-borne virus which had rendered a copper mine too dangerous to use. My conclusion was that the available facts lined up, so yes, it was highly probable that the virus had leaked out of the lab, whether by accident or design.

What isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory’ is that the legacy of massive inflation and economic damage is all due to lockdowns. When all the dust settles in a few years we will have it laid out that all the lockdowns, masks and mRNA vaccines did more harm than good. That is no revelation at all.

Fake world

Bearing in mind that I’ve never heard anyone give me a good reason why we should kill trees for Christmastide (Or Mithrastide if you’re going to be pedantic), I went out looking for a potted up fir tree we could use every year that wasn’t plastic. And I found a nice selection at a local nursery. As two thirds the price of a dead tree that will leave needles all over the place, or a quarter of the cost of a decent artificial one. All I need to do is keep it trimmed, bonsai style and we’ll have a tree for the next three to five years before I plant it out up in our top meadow.

Now with heating working properly, but still a suspected mouse issue, it’s back to normal. For a given value of ‘normal’. Christmas tree and all the goodies are on order for the festering season. We’re so ahead of the game I barely have to cook.

This ‘normal’ is mainstream media gaslighting and misrepresenting the valid concerns of people over the costs of the migrant crisis and many other issues throughout western countries. Ordinary Irish and British people gaslit as ‘racist’ or any other ‘ist’ for saying “Why are you spending all this tax money on freeloaders?” See reports below, which you won’t see unspun on any mainstream platform. At least none I’ve seen.

This is our tax money the government is throwing away. Yet people are being maligned for complaining about the immigration laws not being upheld?

Then there’s the nonsense about ‘hate speech’ on Twatter. FYI; incidences were down since Musks takeover, not up as reported in the New York Times. Although simply saying the dictionary definition of ‘Woman’ as an adult human female’ apparently qualifies as ‘hate’. Which is a ludicrous point of view held only by those with the thinnest skins.

As one who has received more than his fair share of real abuse (And the occasional real death threat) during his working life, the whole fakery of the mainstream media, from broadcaster to broadsheet and tabloid is staggering. Having watched the tabloid press in action, I’ve long known that they will blacken the name of innocent people for a headline. But I used to have a pathetic faith in the broadsheets and broadcasters like the BBC. Now being able to search for primary sources direct, although not a Ph.D or ‘expert’ (Funny how they’re so often dead wrong) can make up my own mind.

Until the last ten years I just never knew how fake the mainstream media world really was.

To close. While I was composing this blog post, a little WordPress message popped up while I was copy and pasting. It read; “What are your feelings on eating meat?” Well A) that’s no-one’s business but my own. B) What the f*cking hell are WordPress up to? It seems to me there are too many worthless mouths out there with keyboards minding other people’s business.

Maybe they’d be happier if they just stopped and go on with their own lives? Mmm. Upon reflection that might mean they had to do some productive work.

I wouldn’t do that

Things pootle along on our little smallholding. The heating is still erratic, two rooms where the heating doesn’t work and another like a sauna, but that will go to the lawyers soon if the trades can’t get their arses in gear. I’ve given the trades a lot of money for a functioning system, and if it can’t be made to work properly, I want my money back. I don’t want to go to law, but if the intransigence continues, well, they forced my hand.

I don’t know why people do this. Do half a job and then bugger off when it doesn’t work. All we want is a heating system that works properly, that’s all. Is that too much to ask? we’ve ponyed up the dosh, but I’m left with a lemon of a system. I’m half way inclined to get my old test meter out and download a circuit diagram to finish the job myself, having some training in matters electrical, but the system is still under warranty, so that might not be such a great idea.

Other things I wouldn’t do is put out a treatment that hasn’t been tested properly yet. And that is so coming back to bite Pfizer. Glad I sold my Pharma shares last year to help pay for our new house. Pfizer and the mainstream media did not just make misleading statements, they lied. They lied to the politicians, they not just lied, but gaslit, cancelled and abused the sceptical public. They and their complicit mouthpieces continue to do so.

Someone needs to pay for the last two plus years. Lobbyists need to pay. The pharmaceutical companies need to pay. The ‘nudge’ behavioural psychology units need to be taken out and shot to answer for what is effectively a crime against humanity.

Those of us in the ‘conspiracy theory’ faction have repeatedly been proved right about the rush to vaccinate with poorly tested products. Our tin foil hats may have been glowing red hot as the evidence mounts. But the mainstream media muppets dismissed our valid concerns and they too need to be held accountable. No forgiveness, No amnesty. Just dismissal and obscurity should be their lot.

As for the news that Biden ordered Trudeau to crack down on the truckers convoy protesting against Canada’s anti-human vaccine mandates. There is not a day goes by that I do not despise that senile ars*hole Biden and his cheerleaders even more. As for all the people who voted for Biden, you do know what you did don’t you? “Our democracy”? Yeah, right. N.B. The USA is a republic.

As an aside; I’m old enough to remember going to school alongside Thalidomide victims. Stunted limbs, hands like a seals flippers and feet with no legs. You might not be able to see all the damage these mRNA ‘vaccines’ have done just yet as all the hard evidence has yet to come out. But it will. And it is doing so.

Masks, lockdowns and rushed to market vaccines didn’t work. If we’d stayed with the old 2019 WHO guidelines (Cough; “Sweden” cough) we’d be a lot better off. Indeed, we’d have been better off if the people who funded and developed the SARS/COV-2 virus had left well enough alone.

Yes I’m annoyed and frustrated. Not just about my glitchy heating system, but for the last almost three years of over reaction that has ruined so many lives, left us with massive inflation, damaged ‘health’ services, and screwed the pooch in so many ways for so many people.

All for nothing.

Hi ho.

Plumbers have had to come back to sort out my dodgy room heating. Still not fixed and we have already found out that the actuator valves weren’t wired up properly. Leading to the thermostat in one room controlling the heat in another. This has not made me happy, and as I tartly pointed out to our contractors; “I’ve already paid you in full.” My lawyers are on speed dial if my brand new heating system turns out to be a lemon.

Now I don’t want to play the blame game and finger point. All I really want is what I’ve paid for. Once I get that, all sins are forgiven and we’re all friends again. I don’t want excuses. They’re supposed to be the experts and that’s what I paid them for, simple really. That said, I’ve gotten to know the lads over the last few months, and they’re a good bunch and men of their word. They will make good without any need for litigation or further expenditure on my part. Not because I’ve told them off, but because it offends their personal pride not to do a good job. Reputation still counts for much in the wilder west of Ireland.

It’s a shame we can’t hold the politicians and pharmaceutical companies to the same standard. “You broke it – you fix it.” Because they have broken the economies of Western nations not only with the COVID debacle, the fallout from which is still causing excess deaths, but the Net Zero insanity, which will cause many times more death and suffering than any slight warming (So only the models predict) of dear old planet Earth.

What would have happened without the rush to the emergency use only, experimental treatment they’re calling a ‘vaccine’? Maybe by relying on cheap and plentiful anti-viral drugs and encouraging better metabolic health in the greater populace instead? Maybe by not shutting down whole economies with pointless lockdowns? Maybe by not printing money ever faster in an insane game of economic race to the bottom, increasing the price of everything but improving the value of nothing? Maybe by realising that humanity is not causing the mythical ‘global warming’ and looking further afield to real climate triggers, not an atmospheric trace gas which is no more than a bit part player in the global climate system?

Now I’m usually a forgiving man, with a few exceptions, because I believe certain things like maligning someone without proof and acts of overt betrayal tell me that the people who do such things will do it again, and as such cannot ever be trusted. For those who readily ‘fess up and try to do something about the damage they have done, my forgiveness is readily extended. For the rest; why should I take the risk? They have broken the bonds of trust, and they should never enjoy the privilege of that trust ever again.

In this number I include; all the mainstream media talking heads who lied to and gaslighted their fellow citizens. The click hungry ‘journalists’ who openly spat on qualified people who dared to raise their voices in public forums. The lobbyists and politicians. Those who put people’s lives at risk for a quick and dirty buck. The propagandised haters who cut people out of their lives simply because they didn’t agree with them. Those calling serious scientists ‘deniers’ for questioning the narrative. The people who did not resign and retire from public life now the magnitude of their errors are coming to light. Those who ratted out neighbours and demanded other people be silenced for questioning the rush to stick a needle in everyone’s arm. The enforcers who stomp all over the basic civil rights of the public simply because they were ordered to. It’s an extensive but not exclusive list.

No. The aforementioned can never be forgiven, nor their opinions trusted ever again.

Now we’re stuck with the mess they created and none of them have any idea how to fix it except by doubling down. Leaving us with a dire need for the Augean stables of public life to be thoroughly cleansed, but regrettably there is no Hercules up to the task. Or at least none who will ever be given the opportunity.

Hi ho. There is nothing I can do about it but give them short shrift when they come blubbing around my doorstep.