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Another day…

And a bit of good news. Both my colonies of bees have survived the cold weather and have been foraging in the gorse and heather in the garden and hedgerows. Work has started on the greenhouse project and we’ve chopped most of the bloody Ivy down.

Elsewhere the globalist projects of unchecked illegal immigration and ‘fifteen minute cities’ are under pressure with protests popping up all over Ireland. The ordinary people are getting upset. Not the media myth of the ‘far right’, but everyday, ordinary people without a political thought in their head. Until now.

That’s right. Ordinary people watching familiar streets being invaded by outsiders at a faster rate than the outsiders can be comfortably assimilated. As an outsider myself, I’m always at pains to observe the social norms of anywhere I happen to end up. Within reason.

Like with the wilder west of Ireland. I’m not a Catholic, but many of my new friends and neighbours are, so you respect that.

However, for the people who do not respect our ways of life, there is a way to at least make your voice heard, at least in the UK, See below for pushback strategies on three critical ‘consultation documents’,

If you can’t be arsed, then don’t whine about it later. The path is lit but requires a little effort. On the other hand, if you don’t want your liberty, all you have to do is stay quiet, like a good little citizen in your pod. Owning nothing and unable to take a shit without permission.

To those that argue “They wouldn’t do that, would they?” I would reply “Oh yes ‘they’ bloody well will. Because ‘they’ can if you let them.”

What can you do in….

What can you do in fifteen minutes, and why are these policies being implemented right now? It’s been a rainy day, Mrs S is fiddling with indoor pot plants and the weather means work outdoors (For me) has shut down. So I’ve time to ponder the social and economic insanity coming down the track. Being country dwellers we fall well outside the boundaries of these insane restrictions, so they won’t really affect us much. Yet.

If the restrictions look like coming our way, I’ll do like one ex-employer did, which was to install a thousand litre diesel storage tank and buy my diesel in bulk. As I recall one tankful was enough to get a fully loaded Mercedes van to most places in the British Isles and back, and we carried a 5 gallon jerrycan for emergency use. He saved a couple of hundred per thousand litres by paying wholesale prices, and we stopped having to mess around with fuel cards and the like.

Then there’s the news that the UK 77th Brigade intelligence unit was spying upon it’s own citizens during the pandemic, relaying reports to politicians who then set the dogs on them via online platform providers. Well colour me not surprised. Our ruling politicians and states seem to be deep in the pockets of the Davos party and pharmaceutical companies pushing their dodgy under-tested (and emergency use only) products. So really we shouldn’t be that shocked.

The science in support of both pandemic and forthcoming ‘fifteen minute cities’ and attendant lockdowns has become deeply politicised and corrupted. Those entrusted with the powers of state have been abusing that trust by effectively criminalising large swaths of their populations for the sin of objecting to being imprisoned in their own homes (Yet again). No doubt the states crimes against the public will go unpunished for the moment, so long as the public keep voting for the usual suspects. However, protests are gathering sway, and if silenced may well build into a roar that will shiver the cosy sinecures out of their comfortable lives.

We know that the powers meant to protect us are being used against the public. How long that will continue is down to those whose blind compliance is allowing everyone to slide ever further toward societal breakdown. And that will get really messy when the shit eventually hits the fan.

Call that democracy? Because I don’t.

A thought experiment….

I wonder…..

Before we all get carried away…

…with the news that the Yanks have gotten more out of a fusion reaction that they put in, buut I wouldn’t hold my breath. The method the lab is using is inertial confinement, which basically means firing a bloody great laser at a very small pellet of Hydrogen / Tritium fuel. Like the Tokamak, this produces a bang-in-a-bottle, not a continuous process, which isn’t that great for baseload power generation. Heartening news, but not worthy of getting the bubbly out.

As far as power generation is concerned we’re stuck with unreliable ‘renewables’ and coal, oil, gas, hydro and nuclear fission. And it gives me no pleasure whatsoever to state that there will be no limitless ‘clean’ fusion power, at least in my lifetime. And I have no intention of dying for quite a while yet.

Although a little bird tells me that the WEF are already running ‘simulations’ of the next big Pandemic. Which if we can extrapolate from past behaviours that Bill Gates and pals are going to have a shot at mass murder. I mean forget Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and all the other mass murdering despots from history, these people openly avow their intent to reduce the world population to 500 million from 8 billion. How are these people not on trial for intended genocide?

Just as an intellectual exercise, what would killing off fifteen out of sixteen human beings on the planet actually look like? Say you lived in a modest small town of 8,000 people pre death event and you survive. That would leave four hundred and ninety nine others as well as yourself in that town. Say you live in a street of thirty two houses where each household originally had four occupants. That means that half the houses would be emptied of people. Most of the remaining households would be left with a single occupant.

Now who says who lives and who dies? Would whole areas become totally depopulated while others were herded into a small, tightly controlled area with high population density bounded by razor wire. “For your safety.” While their every waking moment is ordered and monitored with every infraction punished. That’s not living, that’s slavery.

This leads me to ask; who do the WEF think they are? They’re no better and probably far worse than any other Mk 1 Human, so how come they get to play God with the lives of others? My third, and most pointed question is; how do we get rid of them?

I have no answers to these questions but one can only hope that these WEF types catch whatever they’re planning to get rid of us plebs with first, and end up needing to book a place in the graveyard ahead of the rush. It would be a Pyrrhic victory, and one that might lead to other, future species puzzling over what happened to make these humans suddenly disappear?

Canada’s Death penalty

What? Bill don’t talk rubbish. Canada doesn’t have a death penalty. What arrant rot. Well specifically no, but then again yes. Not one that is handed down by the courts certainly, but the MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) law enables it. And we hear this law is being extended to anyone who wants to die, not merely the people it was supposedly to support, like the terminally ill. A total of over 7000 in 2021 (Stats here) up from 2000 plus in 2016. Hey, beats paying for palliative care doesn’t it? Think of the savings to the Health Service.

Now compare that with the history of Canada’s judicial death penalty. About 750 executions in total between 1860 and 1962. (List here) Count ’em for yourself if you wish.

Now it’s “Feeling depressed? Hey, you can kill yourself.” or “Too far in debt? Hey, we can help you take that last ride into the sunset.” or “Can’t do the time – Here’s your pill.” Being offered and even promoted to those with disabilities amongst other problems. Wasn’t this tried in the 20th Century? 1930’s and 40’s Germany for example?

The youngest at the time of writing was a 23 year old woman who was depressed. But if she was mentally ill, how could she have made such a legally binding terminal decision?

However, if you are unbalanced and in despair or don’t want to do the time, Canada’s medics have a single pill for that ill. Not just for if the pain can no longer be managed. And rumours keep on drifting out of the last great adventure being actively promoted by certain doctors. Certainly gives a new terror to going into hospital doesn’t it? Go in with a broken leg, come out in an Urn? Well, not literally, but….

So technically yes. If you are hopeless, homeless or desperate, Canada does indeed have a death penalty. Not for one of the great crimes of treason or murder but for the great crime of being ‘a burden’.

Trudeau’s Canada. Yeah.

Ad removed from YouTube but still up on

The science?

Watch this interview with Will Happer, latterly science advisor to the White house, Very telling.

The only ‘climate catastrophe’ is political. It has nothing to do with real science.

Random weather events

Mild frost this morning. Which was unpleasant. Mainly because our heating is on the fritz for the third bloody time, and my plumber has been having a minor nervous breakdown trying to find and fix the fault, bless him. This Sunday morning he even turned up in a tractor, not a service van, a big Eff off Green Tractor, temporarily fixed the fault, which is a faulty flow valve, which the heating supply company need to replace under warranty, stopped for a chat, and ten minutes later went off to work on his smallholding.

Out here in the rural wilder west every fourth person seems to own a bit of land which they tend, and given the nature of this terrain, do mainly livestock, because very little ground is suitable for tillage (Arable crops). Topsoil too shallow. Too much stone. Too marshy. So all those grand political plans to get rid of sheep and cattle because they burp too much are doomed to failure.

Other news from our old domicile on Vancouver Island, Canada, has already had it’s first snow of the year downtown mid island, and according to sister in law who lives in the mid-island, is colder than usual. News from family (Queensland and NSW) in the fabled land of Oz report colder weather, as does the weather news from much of the US and Canada.

According to such anecdotal sources, which are not ‘scientific’ enough for some, this might indicate that the world is not really getting hotter as is so often claimed. So what are all these ‘climate protesters’ gabbling on about? Sticking themselves to roads, blocking Ambulances, causing deaths because people can’t get to hospital, and throwing soup at famous paintings? Don’t they see the pointlessness of their own actions?

Summer here wasn’t that great apart from couple of warm spells in our neck of the woods. Yet politicians seem convinced that a 1.5 degree increase in the farcical ‘global average’ temperature by 2100 (Most of these figures are taken only from the USA and Europe before being ‘modelled’) will be far more disastrous than a 0.5 Celsius drop, which is what the real climate looks like doing.

As if we humans had any observable effect on the ‘global climate’ anyway. No matter what the politicians, activists and mainstream media spout. In the eyes of politicians, who cares if ”man made climate change’ is a load of old twaddle? After they’ve completely screwed everything over, they can just ask for forgiveness, say “Lessons have been learned” then proceed to do screw us over all over again. Even the ‘fossil fuel’ companies are heavily into the game, artificially bumping up their farcical ESG scores in a bizarre game of virtue signalling. Because that’s all ESG really is, a pandering to ‘fashionable’ and some would say unhinged and naïve beliefs.

On that topic, I note Elon Musk has decided not to play that game with Twitter by firing a good deal of the unnecessary workforce, who, if rumour is to be believed, were on senior management salaries for behaving like outraged toddlers half the time. Maybe what happened was that, because Twitter doesn’t turn a profit, in their need to get more funding from ESG obsessed investors to keep the company going, Twitter management hired specifically to up their ESG scores and thus con gullible investors into putting ever more money in. But that’s just my view as a small investor. Now Musk has taken their toys away, the unhinged lefties will have less influence and the business world can heave a huge sigh of relief, getting back to their core value of making money for their investors and employees, rather than being blackmailed by a bunch of ‘blue checkmark’ morons who don’t understand what making money means to the greater populace.

Back in the real world, I’m waiting for a run of a few straight dry(ish) days to get my greenhouse project up and running while my first batch of mead brews. By the time we’re done with that adventure, it’ll be Christmas.

An unconscionable time a-dying

No, not me, (You should be so lucky) but allegedly the last words of English King Charles 2nd in 1685. I always think of this quote when anyone raises the question of (alleged) vaccine related deaths, but don’t look for ‘evidence’ because what there is is deeply hidden. Correlation is not causation, but, and this is the big but, the glaringly in your face correlation is a strong indicator that there is something worthy of further investigation. Something, as they say, is most definitely up.

Recently terms like SADS, Myocarditis (Inflammation of the heart muscle), pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardial sac which contains the heart) have been in the news. The incidence is on the uptick, and is often linked to a certain period after injection of one of the mRNA ‘vaccines’. Which can prove fatal. Then there are the German studies linking mRNA vaccines to infertility.

As a primer; inflammation is an immune response to injury by whatever cause, be that injury, stress or a pathogen such as a bacterium, virus or fungus. As I understand it, inflammation is the immune systems way of trying to make conditions for the attacking agent so uncomfortable that the pathogen in question packs it’s figurative bags to go look for better digs. That or kills the pathogen (or the sufferer) outright. This is not an accurate description of what happens, but as analogies go it simplifies a complex process to a point where anyone can understand roughly what’s going on.

So when events like the following, as narrated by legal vlogger Viva Frei happen, ironically to a “Vaxxed to the max” individual during the public enquiry over the anti-mandate protests and unwarranted (Well I think so) use of the Canadian Emergencies act. Just watch. Listen and compare all the other little stories that leak out of various outlets, all the while the big corporate guns of the mainstream media seem to be sitting in a corner, facing the wall and humming loudly so they can’t see or hear what’s really happening. The mRNA COVID ‘vaccines’ carry a risk. Far more than traditional vaccinations.

Now non-COVID ‘excess deaths’ are surging above pandemic levels, we have to ask ourselves; Who is kidding who? As Western Governments prepare to double down with yet more pointless mask mandates and lockdowns, more persecution of the ‘unvaccinated’, despite clear indications that those who have succumbed to the rather suspect exhortations to “Get your booster” are at a higher risk. COVID probably won’t kill you, but the ‘vaccine’ might. When going for that booster (Which doesn’t prevent the spread or give more than five months immunity) it could be you. As it has been for an increasing number of otherwise young and healthy people frightened into taking inadequately tested treatments. The notorious Swine flu jab was pulled for much fewer casualties.

My first clues that this might be the case while I was waiting in a supermarket queue back in 2021, overhearing that someone had partaken of the first vaccine doses, yet still got a SARS/COV-2 infection. which shouldn’t happen post vaccination. Which made me think “Oy-oy, that doesn’t sound right”. Post vaccination infection doesn’t happen very often with, for example, Poliomyelitis, yet since then I’ve heard the same story over and over again. Yet found myself pressured, against my better judgement, into having the first two jabs, just to get a ‘vaccine passport’ to go into a restaurant. Not that I thought the food was that exciting.

I was discussing the matter with my physio, and he is of the same mind as I am, that the restrictions were wrongly applied, and that keeping people indoors when what they needed most of all was moderate exercise in the fresh air and a good healthy mixed diet, was idiotic in extremis. He also told me he’s never had any vaccine, which he and his girlfriend count as a plus. I may also lose him to Australia, as they are aggressively poaching medical professionals like him from European countries and he’s keen to give it a go. But you know what? I say good luck to him, and having family in the fabled land of Oz, will feed him any information that he needs to make a go of things.

However, you wouldn’t know this if your sole sources of information are from the mainstream like the BBC and RTE. Yet useful sites linking to real information like Vanished. Daily sceptic site still up. Is this a facet of ‘cancel culture’ or just a bit of site admin? No matter, I’ve updated the link.

Talking about more useful news media. Redacted have a take on the latest ‘Vaccine’ revelations.

Sometimes it’s hard not to go all Marvin the Paranoid Android.


Outside it is windy and raining cats and dogs. Fortunately my upgraded double glazing dulls all the yelping and yowling and inside our residence all is toasty warm. Because today the plumbers fixed our heating. For good, so there, and no returns. Yay.

This is a signal moment for me because this is the first property that I have had an ownership stake in that has bags of hot water and no nasty draughts. No shaving in cold water or flannel baths for me any more. I’ve done that for too many years living in sub-par European housing. Picturesque, heritage even, but when it came down to heating and plumbing, those pre-Edwardian places were just boxes that kept most of the rain out. Now we’re all up to date insulated with a modern and efficient heating system.

Tonight the drawbridge is up, portcullis down, and we’re ready to repel boarders and snub the day boys (This is a very old English public school joke, pre 1970’s, so don’t worry if you don’t get it.) We don’t have to go anywhere, so will not be troubled by eejits like ‘Just stop oil’ as deluded a bunch of sad pointless halfwits who think shutting down the M25 will ‘save the planet’. How completely retarded and blinkered some people can be.

Having had a deep dive into the real data, not the fantasy kind peddled by witch doctors masquerading as climate data modellers, I can say with absolute confidence that you could shut down not just the UK, but the whole of the world, and Earths climate would not even notice. Why? Because sooner or later the climate will change, and there’s nothing that we paltry, inconsequential humans can do about it. Geology alone will tell you that.

Right. That’s all for now. The rest of the world can do without my input until the weather eases up. I can probably be found with a pile of books at my elbow and a large bottle of whiskey on standby.

Hi ho.

Plumbers have had to come back to sort out my dodgy room heating. Still not fixed and we have already found out that the actuator valves weren’t wired up properly. Leading to the thermostat in one room controlling the heat in another. This has not made me happy, and as I tartly pointed out to our contractors; “I’ve already paid you in full.” My lawyers are on speed dial if my brand new heating system turns out to be a lemon.

Now I don’t want to play the blame game and finger point. All I really want is what I’ve paid for. Once I get that, all sins are forgiven and we’re all friends again. I don’t want excuses. They’re supposed to be the experts and that’s what I paid them for, simple really. That said, I’ve gotten to know the lads over the last few months, and they’re a good bunch and men of their word. They will make good without any need for litigation or further expenditure on my part. Not because I’ve told them off, but because it offends their personal pride not to do a good job. Reputation still counts for much in the wilder west of Ireland.

It’s a shame we can’t hold the politicians and pharmaceutical companies to the same standard. “You broke it – you fix it.” Because they have broken the economies of Western nations not only with the COVID debacle, the fallout from which is still causing excess deaths, but the Net Zero insanity, which will cause many times more death and suffering than any slight warming (So only the models predict) of dear old planet Earth.

What would have happened without the rush to the emergency use only, experimental treatment they’re calling a ‘vaccine’? Maybe by relying on cheap and plentiful anti-viral drugs and encouraging better metabolic health in the greater populace instead? Maybe by not shutting down whole economies with pointless lockdowns? Maybe by not printing money ever faster in an insane game of economic race to the bottom, increasing the price of everything but improving the value of nothing? Maybe by realising that humanity is not causing the mythical ‘global warming’ and looking further afield to real climate triggers, not an atmospheric trace gas which is no more than a bit part player in the global climate system?

Now I’m usually a forgiving man, with a few exceptions, because I believe certain things like maligning someone without proof and acts of overt betrayal tell me that the people who do such things will do it again, and as such cannot ever be trusted. For those who readily ‘fess up and try to do something about the damage they have done, my forgiveness is readily extended. For the rest; why should I take the risk? They have broken the bonds of trust, and they should never enjoy the privilege of that trust ever again.

In this number I include; all the mainstream media talking heads who lied to and gaslighted their fellow citizens. The click hungry ‘journalists’ who openly spat on qualified people who dared to raise their voices in public forums. The lobbyists and politicians. Those who put people’s lives at risk for a quick and dirty buck. The propagandised haters who cut people out of their lives simply because they didn’t agree with them. Those calling serious scientists ‘deniers’ for questioning the narrative. The people who did not resign and retire from public life now the magnitude of their errors are coming to light. Those who ratted out neighbours and demanded other people be silenced for questioning the rush to stick a needle in everyone’s arm. The enforcers who stomp all over the basic civil rights of the public simply because they were ordered to. It’s an extensive but not exclusive list.

No. The aforementioned can never be forgiven, nor their opinions trusted ever again.

Now we’re stuck with the mess they created and none of them have any idea how to fix it except by doubling down. Leaving us with a dire need for the Augean stables of public life to be thoroughly cleansed, but regrettably there is no Hercules up to the task. Or at least none who will ever be given the opportunity.

Hi ho. There is nothing I can do about it but give them short shrift when they come blubbing around my doorstep.

Windy day

Cold and windy today, a stiff 50 km/h (32mph) breeze and pretty wet. Not weather I care to be out in, so I’m going to watch events transpire from indoors with a hot cup of tea or coffee in hand. On the Met Eirann site there’s an orange warning for the Atlantic coast, but this is normal weather for this part of the year. Hardly a storm, but enough to not want to work outside. So I’m not going to.

The heating in one of the rooms has been a bit dodgy of late, so calls were made to the sparky and plumber who duly turned up, scratched their heads and after half an hour found a loose wire that linked to one of the heating manifold actuators. Fault was fixed, and we just have to wait for the floor to heat up again so we can use the room.

That’s the thing with underfloor heating. It’s nicer than radiators, and I believe up to 25% more economical, so (allegedly) we’ll be saving on the fuel bills, even though the installation made a dent in our savings. Which, given the currently Government created energy crisis, should provide a little respite from over inflated fuel costs. Also means the payback period should be shorter since we bagged a bargain deal on gas supply before things really started to go up.

Have completed my feasibility study on converting our open lean to into a greenhouse, and the numbers look good. I got a batch of old double glazing donated from a builders yard. The sizes are good and should help me create a temperature controllable space for early sowing in February. I was slow off the mark this year with my seeds and my vegetable harvest has been the poorer for it. That and the damage done by the market gardeners traditional foes, slugs, snails and cabbage white butterflies. If by seeding in a protected space I can keep them at bay, that will mean better output.

While measuring up in my more reflective moments I am moved to wonder at the latest talk of what is or is not a ‘conspiracy theory’. Especially over this Twatter business. I mean, are the Department of Homeland Security and the other US alphabet agencies now known to be deleting social media content they don’t like going to let Musk throw away their backdoor access? See Redacted’s video below

Facebook, and likely all the big name social media all have similar back doors, allowing US agencies access, even down to the state level. Talk about mission creep. I think said agencies original mission, to counter terrorism (Allegedly), has morphed into something far more creepy. Do they consider everyone a potential ‘terrorist’? Is the administrative arm of the US really our friend? I’m beginning to have serious second thoughts about that one.

This is not a conspiracy theory, I wish it were, it’s real. All dressed up in words like ‘cognitive infrastructure‘. A term I’d never heard before today. Which begs the question; why does our cognition (Thinking) need ‘infrastructure’? Who gets to control it? Although I feel the uncomfortable answer is staring us straight in the eye. And that’s a creepy thought for such a windy day.

Straightening up

Still sleeping in shifts, but I’m getting more of it in bigger tranches, which seems to help. The fogginess and distractedness has faded like morning mist to be replaced with my more sharply focussed usual self. Oddly enough, a gargle with warm salty water before bed seems to help with my snoring issue.

Right. Regarding these threatened Winter power cuts. There’s even a plan for implementing them, although I haven’t found the one for Ireland. However, In the UK it’s the ESEC (Electricity Supply Emergency Code) which tells you that when the plan is implemented, who gets cut off for how long and where. (Page 18 of the plan has the schedule) No idea what it is for Ireland, but now I know there is a plan somewhere, it might be worth having a dig.

Watch the legal blogger Black Belt Barrister explain the outline below. At least if you do a little judicious reading you’ll know when you might have to get the timers reset and when to make sure you’ve got enough cosy clothes to snuggle up in. Or go and stay with friends or family in another area. You could even go get Grandma and have them over for a night or two instead of letting them freeze alone.

For my part, I have already made my preparations, backup power etc. and maybe a small investment in a UPS backup and some decent battery reading lights might save you a whole lot of grief. A stock of candles might not be such a bad idea. The Germans are levelling whole bloody forests at the moment to ensure their lights don’t go out.

Today being a planning day, as all Sundays are, I’m taking a time out to measure up to convert one of my sheds into a semi greenhouse by putting a lot of the old glass from the old windows we had replaced into frames and making an open lean to shed into a half glass enclosed space and looking at building a couple of home made solar collectors. It’s just at the feasibility study stage, but not beyond my capabilities.

We know the hard times are upon us, and a sensible man takes steps to stave off the worst, should it occur. Not stand around whickering “They wouldn’t do that, would they?” – oh yes ‘they’ would. Our politicians brought us here with all their nutty Net Zero plans and pointless lockdowns.

Forewarned is forearmed. Good luck all.

Ladders and snakes

Not a well cat at the moment. Cracked a tooth from tip to gum a couple of weeks ago and had it pulled last week, so I’ve had a fairly unhappy time of late. Mrs S tells me she’s worried about me, as I’ve been sleeping very badly, often pacing the ground floor like a disgruntled bear in the wee hours. Too tired to watch anything, but not shattered enough to get my head down and catch some much needed Zeds. Which has left me functioning badly.

Mrs S bullied me into going to the Quack because she says I’m “Not on my game”. Which is a bit of an understatement. A visit which led (So far) to a full range of blood tests and general once over. Something is definitely off but nothing obvious. Blood pressure is in the normal range (Systolic under 130) and apart from the tiredness and distractedness I don’t feel so bad. Just the usual aches and pains from old injuries. I put my current malaise down to long term stress and what my lady wife calls ‘sleep apnoea’, a.k.a. my snoring which often earns me a prod in the ribs at night, thus depriving me of repose, which doesn’t help.

Mrs S has also been deriving great amusement of late from the old one liner; “What lasts longer? A gobstopper or a UK Prime Minister?” My money is on the gobstopper whilst Blue Labour, let’s face it, they’re not proper Tories, tie themselves in knots following the external intervention that sent the bond market into a tailspin.

The ban on fracking has been re-introduced, meaning people will freeze because gas has to come from somewhere. ‘Renewables’ just won’t cut it when the wind doesn’t blow nor the sun shine. Along with a lot more educated and intelligent people I’ve been blarting on about this for years, but those in power think the big green is a vote winner. They’re about to find out the hard way. All it takes is one of the usual Winter ‘Omega blocks’, and those much vaunted wind turbines won’t product a volt.

It doesn’t matter. The Tories are toast anyway. Normal tribal voting for the usual suspects (Tories, Labour, LimpDems, Greens) won’t bring surcease from the current mess. The rest of the world is in the same bucket, heading to hell following the impossible green dream. Oh, and if anyone tells you it’s all to do with the Russians, laugh at them.

All anyone can hope for is to come out in one piece. If we’re really pushed, there’s a well on our property, it won’t take long to build a wood burner for cooking and hot clean water, as well as a bit of distilling for trade, and we should be okay. I’ve done the whole bathing in cold water thing in the late 70’s, and what I learned was this; not doing it again, not on my watch.

I’ve heard it said that civilisations are like a big game of snakes and ladders. We in the West have climbed the ladders so very, very far but unless we all get a grip and drop the insane Green and Woke politics garbage we’re about to find out exactly where the bottom of the snake is.


Busy rearranging the contents of sheds now that the trades are more or less finished. Paint fumes are dissipating and should have faded by November so I can breathe again.

There’s leaky roofs to plug, a number of other things to fix after the recent bit of windy weather.

On the plus side, my hives seem to have stood up to the last blow reasonably well, although I’m inclined to put another brick on top of each of them and a couple at the bottom of the stands, just to make sure. A couple of guy ropes linked to ground anchors should also keep my insect workforce from being upended in the middle of the night during the current equinoctially inclement weather.

However, the forecast for tonight is mild, so I can deal with all the other jobs my little smallholding throws my way. Tomatoes need picking, even though they’re mostly still green. The raised beds need clearing for re-seeding. Apart from the Asparagus plants. They need a couple of years before they’re ready to cut, so I’ll leave them alone and just weed.

I see the UK is being forced to climb down on all the planned tax cuts after being threatened by the IMF. Shame. Most of people’s earnings disappear before they even hit their wage packets, and until IR35 gets repealed, running a personal company won’t be all that practical unless you’ve got multiple clients. If you’re a one man band, like I once was, forget it

Then there are the climate change nutjobs, spoiled middle class assholes determined to disrupt everyone’s lives until the UK is driven to freezing penury. There have been a few incidents where commuters have pulled them off the road but until they suffer the full consequences of their actions, nothing will happen.

Then there’s Chinese effing cops rioting in Manchester UK. What do the Police do about foreign agents on British soil? Apparently not a lot. Maybe most of them were too busy policing ‘mean tweets’ at the time, yes? I mean, just when you think the old country couldn’t get any nuttier, it does.

What with out of control energy costs, a perverted transgender ideology being pushed in schools, panics over next to nothing while real problems like illegal immigration get ignored. Moving out to the wilder west of Ireland may have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done. This has the air of getting worse before it all comes crashing down.

What the cure is for this disease, I have no idea. Well, actually I do, but it won’t be pretty. Not pretty at all.

Cancel culture

Well, two can play at that game. Both my PayPal accounts are now closed. Not that I’ve been making any use of them of late.

For me it was their attack on Toby Youngs Free Speech Union that made me perform the long overdue chore to get rid of both moribund accounts. Not the “We will nick $2,500 from your accounts if you say anything we don’t like online” policy that got leaked by some fat fingered fool. Which I think is a straw in the wind, showing how their minds work.

As a platform, I always felt that PayPal took too much and offered too little in return. For anything new I’ll just use my regular credit cards and accounts. There’s no point in keeping an avenue open that can be summarily used against you at someone else’s whim. Any financial service that threatens to cut your account because it doesn’t like your politics isn’t worth spit to me. Money should be free of politics. It should be the means of exchange, nothing more.

As for ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’, most of the misinformation I see is from the institutions and those who PayPal claims authority, not from any reputable immunologist or even some pleb down the pub.

The information about the mRNA ‘vaccines’ for example. Who has been the biggest purveyor of bad information? Who insisted their vaccines would limit spread significantly? Who never tested for this? Who stopped doctors using cheap anti-viral treatments and instead mandated intubation and steroids (There’s a kill or cure treatment). Take your time. Don’t even start me on masks or lockdowns. Although I’ve said my piece on those many times before. The very people PayPal et al cites as unimpeachable sources.

Well, PayPal has been one of the Silicon Valley Greek chorus which has worked as the enforcement arm of big Government and the big pharmaceutical companies. Without their “We know best” attitude we’d have dodged two major bullets, firstly the current inflationary crisis caused by governments paying people not to work and splurging huge amounts of cash on insufficiently tested treatments, also the epidemic of ‘vaccine’ side effects currently coming at us like a train with no brakes.

COVID would be way behind us in the rear view mirror of history without their interventions. Like the ’68 Asian flu or any of the dozen or so respiratory epidemics since then. As for the comparison between the ‘Spanish’ flu epidemic, that’s not comparing like for like. 21st century westerners are cleaner, better housed and fed then in the early years of the last century, all of which would naturally mitigate the effects of any comparative disease. People living in unhygienic conditions with poor nutrition, as many people were in the early 20th century, tend to be immunocompromised.

But none of this matters to the chief disinformers, The TV talking heads and the clickbait hungry editorial staff behind them. Nor to the weak politicians who sentenced hundreds of thousands to an untimely death by mistaking the media and mathematical modellers for reputable sources.

So I’m not going to shed any tears over PayPal’s possible demise. True, it was one of Musk’s better brainchildren, but like with so much of Silicon Valley it has outgrown it’s usefulness, becoming infested with a philosophy that thinks it knows better than everyone else. Along with all their ‘fake checkers’ who will twist facts into a moebius parody to exonerate those they share an ideology with.

Maybe when all their money runs out, all these left coasters will find a welcoming place on the streets. The same faeces infested sidewalks their point of view helped create. That might be justice of a sort.

Maybe that time is closer than we think, according to this YouTuber;