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The real granny killers

Mrs S has a dose of the dreaded lurgi, a SARS/COV-2 infection, courtesy I think of baby sister in law who came to visit even though she was coughing and spluttering. So, I’m busy keeping my other half cool, medicated and resting. Not that I’m that worried. Mrs S is a robust woman who will slough this latest illness off like she has everything else.

This may play ducks and drakes with her upcoming hospital appointments, but the restraints are off (leg & knee brace etc), and it’s only for physio anyway. Fresh air, good food and gentle exercise will pull her through with ease. It’s ironic really, because she’s had the booster shots and I have steadfastly refused to do so. So, it is what it is.

I see all the crazy green dreams of ‘Net Zero’ are starting to crumble, despite the insanity of places like Oxford and elsewhere hamstringing their local economies with pointless traffic restrictions. Newsflash kiddies. If people can’t get in to buy things, your city centres will rot from the inside out. Trade needs goods to move to be bought and sold. If the goods don’t move, the money gradually stops, and places become wasteland.

What ‘Net Zero’ also does is kill. Mainly old people on fixed incomes who can’t afford the skyrocketing bills caused by Net Zero policies and the pointless lockdowns. For the rabid greenies, well they don’t care that your elderly parent will freeze to death in the dark. Their empty headed fanaticism will result in thousands of deaths because, contrary to their beliefs, reality tells us that there is no empirically proven causal link between human emissions of Carbon Dioxide and weather The claimed correlation only exists in the output of bad theoretical models and the crazed ravings of rent seekers. I’ve looked at the source data and model output. There’s nothing there.

The rabid greenies, fraidy cat NIMBY’s and their insistence that wind and solar are more use than a chocolate teapot, will be directly responsible for people freezing to death. People like the loathsome Extinction rebellion and their protest splinter groups will be directly to blame for people starving in the dark. But what do you expect from the kind of ‘woke’ idiots who can’t even tell a man from a woman? Bozo’s.

You didn’t have to be a genius or a prophet to see this motorway pile up of an economic car crash coming. It’s so obvious that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see it. Yet the cosseted urbanites of the rabid green faction, living off borrowed money the rest of us are going to have to repay, can’t.

Lifting the ban on fracking will help. The panics about seismicity are just that, empty panics. The ‘earthquakes’ associated with fracking are at worst magnitude two point five, which no one will notice because it’s below the range of human perception. These ‘quakes caused by settling as rock strata give up their oil and gas can only be detected by seismographs. Having experienced several over magnitude three I can tell you it’s like having a heavy truck roll by the house. A saucer might rattle, or a picture tilt, but that’s all. Mining subsidence from badly maintained mothballed mine tunnels can lead to far worse subsidence. A dryer than usual Summer or much wetter Winter can lead to far more ground shifting. Hardly grounds for killing the poor and elderly.

Now 1200+ scientists have signed a ‘world climate declaration‘ stating that there is ‘no climate emergency’. Unfortunately this body of scientific opinion will be ignored even after people start to die. Rather like the ‘Great Barrington Declaration‘ (With almost a million signatories) devised by well qualified immunologists and researchers is still being ignored by much of the political class, many of whom have blood on their hands over both climate and pandemic. Their policies are already killing more people than they ‘save’. Either from denial of treatment or putting a stranglehold on reasonably priced energy, or more directly from inappropriate use of badly tested ‘vaccines’ and ‘renewables’ not delivering in the depths of winter.

For me, I saw this coming a long time ago and have been taking steps to protect those I care for. Insulation. Affordable fuel. Alternate sources of food. The money we squirreled away for our frail dotage has been invested carefully, and as soon as Mrs S is back in action it’ll be full steam ahead.

The granny killers are not going to take us without a fight.

God save the King

There. I’ve said it. The Queen is dead, long live the King. I may not like Charles’s stance on man made climate change, or his obeisance to the wokish side of politics, but I am sworn. And an oath is an oath. May God help me.

Queen Liz, Brenda, whatever you want to call her, is no more. No doubt with a sense of relief to be following her husband, but with concern for the future of the people for whom she was the figurehead.

How do I feel about this? For someone I could never know personally? Deeply saddened. Subdued and, in a dry-eyed way mournful. I’m not really a monarchist either. The whole wavy flag, my country right or wrong thing passed me by. Yet I understand the need for a head of state, and I’d far rather it was someone trained for the long haul, rather than some mere politician.

What I don’t want to listen to is the torrent of empty platitudes from mere politicians, because she, and she alone was my sovereign lady. I may not have cared for the actions of her politicians and servants, but since before I was born she was the lynchpin of the land of my birth and the greater commonwealth.

All I have to say is this. God speed Elizabeth. You served your people as well as you could from the gilded cage of your position.

For the next few days I will be wearing black as a mark of mourning and respect. I may not crack a smile for a while. Something subtly important has departed from my life, and from the lives of so many of my fellow expats.

Now what? I think it is time for new beginnings. A time for the end of fear. To rid ourselves of old dogmas like COVID and man made climate change. To abandon the woke minority to the obscurity they so richly deserve, and to tell the yanks to stuff their crappy foreign policy once in a while. To begin to live properly again.

Could, if, therefore

I think I’m having to give up on growing any brassicas after losing all my precious plants to cabbage white caterpillars. I mean totally wiped out. Broccoli, Cabbages, Pak Choy, everything vaguely brassica-ish. Leaves chewed to a filigree, almost to the stalk. Well, at least until I can sort out some garlic and soap spray for the next planting. My onions, tomatoes and beets on the other hand are in fine fettle. Salad stuff is kind of okay, but some of it has ‘bolted’ due to the weather and me not sorting out some shading for my salad greens.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but at the time of planting I was sans-Interweb, and so unable to source the advice of the many gardening gurus out there. That situation has been remedied and I am looking forward to a more successful planting and growing season of Winter veg. Of course, I have been barraged with advice, much of it contradictory and counter intuitive, however, wheat is being sorted from chaff and I will need to evolve a different planting plan for all my green stuff.

Speaking of the future, father of the atomic model, Niels Bohr was once quoted as saying; “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!” I had no way of predicting that a blast of hot air sweeping in from Europe this year would affect us this far west, but it is what it is and my mind has been pulled every which way, what with the builders and all.

Temperatures are back to oscillating between 14 and 22 Celsius every other day, and despite all the hand waving about ‘Global Warming’, and how it’s all our fault, the weather remains cooler than usual for August. A petition of 1100 proper scientists saying there’s little, if anything to worry about will not make much headway, especially since the politicians love the drama of ‘saving the world’. Apart from a cold Winter. Then people are going to freeze to death, and you know whose fault that will be? The ‘Climate activists’ who can’t even keep up with real science (Or even look at weather history events from other centuries). And the politicians who made the decisions.

The IPCC report doesn’t help, even though all the claims don’t hold up under even the most cursory scrutiny. The report says that there ‘will’ be an increase in weather disasters, and predicts an increase in same, yet when you get down to it, it’s governed by conditional statements like “Could, if.” Yes well, I could fly by flapping my arms if I grew feathers, and therefore I’d be able to fly like a bird. But as I am unlikely to undergo such a transformation, I’ll be stuck buying an airline ticket and getting bored in an airport queue just like everyone else.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my bees are doing okay, filling out the frames, and with a good nectar flow, I may get a decent crop of honey next week, weather permitting. I’ll have to check the brood box for Queen cells, but as these are young Queens in my hives, the likelihood of swarming is not so great. However, it never hurts to check and do a split if need be. And this is the time of year to do it.

What with having the household upended for over six months, which I also did not foresee when we first made the decision to spend money on refurbishments. But we have adapted and improvised, making the best of a tricky situation. Mrs S got crocked with a nasty dislocation, but she’s on the mend and doing her physio exercises as directed. Definitely didn’t see that one coming, but we’re coping. All things considered it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

However, am grimly confident about my assessment from April 2020 that the fallout from the COVID debacle will be worse than the disease ever could be. I take no satisfaction whatsoever in being proven right. Along with a lot of other, far more eminent people who were deliberately ignored and silenced by those claiming that established epidemiological protocols were ‘disinformation’. How was that allowed to happen?

In the beginning the threat of the disease was unknown, but over April 2020 the figures told a more hopeful story, but the politicians ignored the unfolding data in favour of ‘worst case scenario’ data projections. By June 2020 the worst was over, but still the mainstream media and politicians, presumably seeking affirmation from the drama, kept upping the ante. I mean, mask mandates were imposed in August 2020 for crying out loud. Long after the worst was past in June that year. The data was unequivocal. The models told a story at 180 degrees to reality. Yet the model output was used as opposed to empirical data and standard disease control. People were kept indoors when they should have been outdoors getting some fresh air and exercise. Children, those at the lowest risk of all have had their emotional and psychological development severely damaged,

Again, the fault lies with the noisy activists and cowardly politicians. Also with those who had a vested financial interest in mRNA ‘vaccines’ which do not convey much protection compared to a healthy mixed diet, fresh air, sunshine and moderate exercise. Don’t forget the culpability of those using the “Science Denier” and “Conspiracy theorist” pejoratives. They bear much of the blame too. Ignorant, bigoted bastards.

Well the truth isn’t just out there, it’s kicking down our front doors and spitting in our eyes for letting ourselves be treated like cattle. And what’s coming soon is a completely artificial economic depression, caused by the lockdown enthusiasts and those pushing ‘net zero’.

Well I hope they’ll be happy with what happens next, because the rest of us won’t be. Right, I have some trading to do. Catch you later.

The word on… insect protein

Now there are cultures that subsist off insect protein. They are invariably poor, people often never reach their full physical development and they tend to be shorter than average.

Places where insect eating is most practised are Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa along with places in South East Asia. The very poor bits of the world. Where more conventional protein sources are not available, or there’s a famine.

At best, insect protein is a starvation ration, which the western gastro-intestinal system is not adapted for. For some Africans, certain parts of south East Asia, and in obscure tribes in South America, where deep fried tarantula is considered a delicacy, this is their lot.

Now as a beekeeper I do not agree with eating insects. Honey products yes, but that’s not the same as eating my bees, which I would strenuously object to. I happen to like my little workers and try to do everything within reason to ensure their safety and comfort. Shelter, food sources and plenty of undisturbed time to produce. Mass slaughter as a direct food source? Definitely not.

We have systems to produce good quality animal and vegetable protein, yet someone wants everyone to eat reprocessed insects. Never mind the problems with digesting chitin etcetera which leg-iron gives a quick primer on, without going into the details on various bad stuff like Toluene, exposure to which can cause eye and nose irritation, tiredness, confusion, euphoria, dizziness, headache, tears, anxiety, muscle fatigue, insomnia, nerve damage, inflammation of the skin, and liver and kidney damage. To name but one. There are other potential hazards in an insect based diet becoming a staple.

There appears to be no upside. So why in the bleedin’ crystallised feck are some people saying it’s a good idea and the way to go? They’ve either fried their two remaining brain cells, or as is more likely, there’s money to be made for people who don’t need any more.

The propaganda being spouted about this is reminiscent of the blather about breakfast cereals in the early 1900’s, many of which have a higher glycaemic index than sugar for heavens sake. It is worth noting that our massive intake of sugars and starches is most likely behind the ‘obesity epidemic’ and massive increase in type II diabetes.

No doubt we will be repeatedly told that like these unhealthy breakfast cereals (With perhaps the exception of mueslis etc), insect protein is the way to go, but is it?

I used to be a fan of a TV series called ‘Doomwatch‘ where a team of investigators faced down threats to the food chain and Earth. As a boy I had a grainy old 405 line set donated by a neighbour and managed to squirrel it up to my room to watch TV on low volume while Mum and Dad watched their programmes late in the evening. All BBC hokum of course, but I hadn’t quite hit puberty yet and there weren’t many girls to distract me. Well, none that would have anything to do with a rascal like me.

The scientist cast as hero, where a team led by a Dr Spencer Quist exposing human caused threats to the environment. Usually where a technology got out of control. Such as where a rogue virus escapes from a lab, or a new foodstuff has potential for harm. Which is where we came in….

Getting a grip

Mrs S and I now have our house back. True, there are bits that don’t work and look a bit dog eared, but nothing that can’t be fixed without a few gallons of elbow grease and cleaning materials. We have power, we are once more connected to the jolly old Interwebs. We are home.

True, there are no paintings on the wall, some of which are not painted, no curtains grace our windows, but we are home. There is wine and beer in the fridge and food in the larder. We are not stumbling over a rats nest of extension cables. The heating works. Our showers are hot and even the dishwasher works. There is even the promise of a modest crop of honey in the next few days.

So we will be taking tiffin out in the yard this evening with two ever refilling glasses of Prosecco (Neither of us think we’re at the champagne stage yet) and a dry little Sauvignon blanc to complement our repast. We’ve spent a chunk of hard earned change to get to this point, but we currently owe no-one anything, at least until our next tax bills come in.

Mrs S is still hobbling around on crutches because she has to wear a brace on her leg, but we get by. Money moves to where it does most good, which is daily business by the way, not money laundering as one feckin eejit intimated. I take a dim view of being accused of something I do not do, and tend not to forgive such slurs. Call me any name you like and it won’t raise an eyebrow. However, false accusations will always get short shrift. My customary good humour always goes into failure mode on such occasions.

Notwithstanding, we are finally getting our lives back in some sort of order. Getting a grip, as they say.

Speaking of honesty, I keep on seeing some academic or luminary popping into the public press stating that they are ‘following the science’ and therefore anyone else is a heretic and should be publicly burned at the next barbecue. As one whose training includes courses on Technical writing and editing, I thought I’d have a look through the literature they claim is so air tight. I’ve deliberately left the TV off the hook, no Amazon Prime, no other televisual entertainment, so I downloaded a few tools and set to reading. The following is what I know to be true.

Let me explain; in technical writing and editing there is a thing called an ‘executive summary’, which is to put it in it’s simplest form, a list of talking points. Not definite facts or figures, but talking points. Things which look like facts, but sometimes don’t reflect the original document or can actively misrepresent what the original documentation says. Say a scientific paper presents with the interpretation that states that such and such might happen if the figures are right. If the mathematical modelling turns out to be accurate, In the executive summary this may be rewritten to read that such and such is definitely true, so help us God, so send more money please. We may have to recheck our figures to be sure. We really mean it about the money.

Now what is stated in the executive summary is often written by people who are not the original researchers, but those paid to interpret the information for the lowest common denominator of intelligence, politicians.

In the commercial world, a board of directors or senior manager requires an ‘executive summary’ to provide information that is timely and reflects the situation as presented. In the public sector, these rules seem not to apply and executive summaries are often posted as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, cross my heart and hope to die, terrapins tickle me if I lie, when the source documentation is often more vague on a topic. In the public sector the requirements for the summary can say “What’s the worst that can happen?” so those who produce the interpretations of the summaries provide the worst that can happen. Whether this is supported by the studies in question or not. Even NGO’s get involved in this cavalcade of glossy misrepresentation and very few people have the time and energy to tell them that’s not what the study says at all. Thus failure and inaccuracy have thus become baked into the system. ‘The science’ becomes “What we say it is. So there!” rather than the result of diligence, experimental replication and erudite investigation.

Scientific researchers who contradict these narratives constructed on the back of such executive summaries can find themselves out in the cold, because if they do not provide what the politicians underlings or the NGO’s want, bang goes their funding. They can even find themselves losing tenure, which is academic death. Unless they can get a decent social media channel going and have the skills to explain their work to the public direct. Even so, they risk being publicly derided by the dishonest as ‘conspiracy theorists’ spreading ‘disinformation’, even when such a statement is a bald faced lie.

We caught a glimpse of part of this phenomenon in a Twitter stream observed by Spectator Editor, Fraser Nelson during the ongoing COVID debacle, where the then head of SAGE was caught stating that they had been asked for a worst case scenario, so they had torture the data models until that’s what the pandemic looked like. A worst case scenario.

So politicians produce legislation based on bad information. Because that’s all they can do with the information provided.

Now if only we had politicians educated and motivated enough to see through the misrepresentations…. Bugger it. We’re screwed aren’t we?

A proposed modest solution to the coming food crisis

With those who fancy themselves our lords and masters telling us that an ‘insect based diet’ is really healthy and infinitely preferable to any form of animal protein, I find myself less than convinced. Are these people willing to put their stomachs and digestion on the line? Oh my goodness me, don’t be silly. They will have the best animal protein all to themselves while most farms and farmers go to desolation and waste, and livestock, ever a component of a healthy ecosystem, is confined to the plates of a select few and their hangers on.

Do you think the senior members of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. are going to give up their Chateaubriands to ‘save the planet’? If you do, I have a really excellent bridge to sell you. Absolute bargain. A never to be missed opportunity.

There is a food crisis coming down the tracks for those who will not or cannot take a few simple precautions. The global supply chains are not recovering fast enough after the COVID debacle and there are even people out there actively involved in trying to shut key elements down, usually ‘environmental’ protesters. Who seem to get gentler treatment from the farces of law and disorder than anyone else. Which, given the later content of this blog post, may not be such a bad thing.

Now, given that a crisis (Oh blood and sand, not another one!) is heading toward us at a high rate of knots, there is time to take action and make preparations. Imagine a scenario….

A senior member of the ‘Insulate Britain’ group is taking an early morning jog on a sunny morning, earbuds in, listening to sounds and generally having a pleasant interlude while plotting spreading misery to the rest of the travelling public. Another day, another protest. Not long now, capitalism is almost crushed.

To the background of pleasant morning birdsong, they turn into their privet lined middle class haven, passing a plain white delivery van with an open side door. As they pod alongside there is a swish of cloth followed by a short melange of sounds, a brief scrabble of trainer clad feet and a noise like someone hitting a melon with a hammer, followed by the metallic rumble of a van door closing. The birds keep singing. After a few moments the electric van whirrs away from the kerb. The joggers cellphone and earbuds are tossed into a well clipped hedge at the end of the street. The anonymous van turns left and disappears from sight.

A few short minutes later, in the concrete anonymity of a run down industrial estate, the same white van drops a black sack, quite heavy for its size, onto a pallet at the back door of an industrial kitchen. A steel roller shutter door rattles open. A bored forklift driver emerges and uses his machine to move the new arrival onto a belt of steel rollers. The forklift retreats inside, the van drives away and the roller shutter door rattles closed. From inside comes the buzzing whine of a bandsaw.

A while later a whiff of cooking heavily spiced pork drifts across the yard to a small group of vagrants who glance up expectantly. One grimaces. “Bloody hell, they’re going to feed us pork curry again.” His fellow down and outs berate him for his ingratitude. It’s meat, a rare treat in this day and age.

“I remember when there was beef, lamb, chicken and even goat. Kebabs even.” He comments sourly. “Now it’s either ground up tasteless insects or bloody Pork.”

“What would you rather have?” Snaps one of his fellows. “We all remember proper meat from before the crash. I think we’re lucky to have found this soup kitchen. We can’t afford to live, so we have to eat where we can. I’ll settle for this places dodgy pork curries and rice any day of the week. Stop your grousing or sod off.”

“I only meant I’d like something other than curried pork.” He mutters darkly.

“Beggars can’t be choosers mate, and guess what we are.” Says a sour faced woman to his left. “Come on. let’s get in the queue before it’s all gone.” She rises to her feet and begins to walk around the side of the building to join the early morning charity breadline. The others follow. One leading a scrawny dog, yawning mouth exposing it’s slack dripping tongue, canine eyes expectant. They join the already hundred metre queue for the long shuffle for their one meal of the day, not caring where it came from, only that their ever present hunger is appeased.

Okay, that’s just a fantasy. However the above scenario may yet be seen in the urban centres of dear old blighty. Seemingly random people kidnapped from the street, their bodies used to feed the victims of economic fallout from a crash engineered by those behind the ‘great reset’. There’s a form of poetic justice in my version though.

Yes my friends, if Schwab and his acolytes get their way, like those down and outs in my little vignette, there may well come a time when you will be grateful to eat your Greens. As most of them have never really worked for a living, they’re tender and juicy, and probably better for you than starvation.

Just a thought….

Following the science

Pulled half my fence posts this week only to find over half of them have rotted through at ground level. This means I’m left with around 10 four foot stumps with another seventeen more or less intact. This is not all that bad because I only wanted that many to be sticking up two feet out of the hard standing in their new location anyway. The full height ones are to be re-sited closer to the house to increase the size of the main meadow, the rotten remnants will be used to bulk out my raised beds.

We’ve done the maths and we know we can recover enough posts to partition off part of our yard for our walled vegetable garden. I’ve recovered enough wood to make all the raised beds and when the rain lets up next week will be getting another three beds set up for planting. Our great experiment is well underway and our first plantings are almost ready to be harvested.

I will have to make some frame covers out of scrap timber and clear builders polythene to turn some of the beds into mini-greenhouses for winter time. The beds themselves are in a sheltered location and camouflaged from the road behind two lockable gates. This is a simple precaution against the fallout coming our way late this year and next. I’ve seen the figures, read the crazy ‘Net Zero’ policies and foresee such a forthcoming big hiccup in the food chain that we’re all going to have to hunker down and get growing or suffer.

We’ve been threatened with a 23% rise in electrickery prices over here, despite running LED’s throughout and having our house totally re-insulated. So we’re not immune. Then there will be the ‘fart tax‘ on livestock, which will put the price of meat up. In economically straitened times like these this is insane. Personally I will be looking to put out a few traps for trespassing greenie urbanites. Got to get our meat from somewhere. Fancy another kebab? Very fresh, very nice. Yes, like our vegetables, local supply and totally organic. Erm, no, it’s not Pork… More chilli sauce anyone?

Not that these taxes will bother me too much as we little to do with the department of Agriculture, no matter how many ‘subsidies’ they offer. I’d rather earn less and pay lower taxes than feed the monster of big government and corporate influence. Probably end up eating healthier that way. My neighbours do livestock, and we will, as I have mentioned several times before, be bartering honey and chicken for beef, lamb and pork. Might have to cut down on the bread, but that’s no big problem. Low carbohydrate diets appear to be healthier anyway.

Don’t mind me, I’m just following the science and best practice. Doing the whole organic thing and flying below the radar. You Mr Sticker, arch ‘science denier’? Yes me, but I don’t deny science, not proper science, verified by experimental proof anyway. I’m actually quite a fan of empirical science and unfudged data, because they rarely send you wrong. So I spend a lot of my evenings, instead of waiting for the next prognostication of doom from the idiot maker in the living room, reading, watching videos on topics like distribution boards and plant propagation, and generally trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.

In addition I’ve started recovering mesh and timber for the chicken coops, which will be concealed up on my top meadow, behind a small stand of trees. Not invisible, but just concealed enough not to be obvious in case officialdom comes a-sneaking around. Just like where I’ve sited my beehives. If you know what you’re looking for, they’re plain as the proverbial pikestaff. If not, nothing to see here, catch you later.

Notwithstanding, the Teagasc will not be interested in our little operation. We’re too small scale for them. And I don’t want to get involved with grants and suchlike. They’re always a double edged sword. Too many conditions and rules. I want to get by without being tempted by the public purse because of the attendant terms and conditions these ‘incentives’ always drag behind them. Like the corporate ‘Green’ agenda, which is anything but environmentally friendly.

So yes, I do follow science, but maybe when someone swears up is sideways and left is down and tells me I’m ‘anti-science’ if I don’t automatically fall in line with their version, well, colour me sceptical.

Oh for heavens sake, people!

A few nice hot Summer days and everyone in the mainstream media is losing their shit. For heavens sake, it’s SUMMER. You know, that two or three weeks of the year when it’s not semi solid cloud, sporadically drizzling or chucking it down with rain.

I keep on coming across people in comments sections who seem to believe that human activity is adversely affecting the weather. These people are terminally guilty of having highly selective memories and being complete drama queens. These wavy hand alarmists really need to learn to build bridges and get right over themselves.

From time to time we get short periods of hot weather. This has been true all through recorded history and it is most definitely not ‘getting worse’. Even the most cursory glance through weather reports from 100 or 200 years ago will amply demonstrate this simple fact. Indeed an argument can be made that the last forty years have been relatively benign. Weather related casualties have also dropped to all time lows, certainly compared to the 19th and early 20th centuries. Fewer people are dying from weather related disasters than at any time in recorded history. Isn’t that a good thing?

All the stuff the mainstream media and certain politicians blither on about isn’t happening. Islands are not sinking under the waves. Sea levels stubbornly refuse to rise and drown us all. Fossil fuels like oil and coal have had the fingers of doom pointed at them and nothing bad happens. Now cow farts have been blamed for the non-existent ‘climate crisis’, Yet still the weather does what the weather does and there is no correlation between reality and the scary output of data models.

Outside my window, two of our local hares are hopping around in recently cut grass, a flock of small birds and a solitary Rook are searching the ground for insects. I can hear Magpies and Crows arguing. The grass is green and for a change the air is still, as are the blades of the Wind turbines over the county border in Galway. My bees are coming out of their hives to start the days nectar and pollen gathering. Two of our local Wagtails are courting and the Swallows are feeding on the wing, swooping elegantly through the air.

Despite all the dramatic ‘red warnings’, birds have failed to fall from the sky. The hay crop is in. Sunday promises to be a really pleasant warm day. A day to relax and enjoy this short lived hiatus. Sit out and catch a few rays to bolster my immune system. I don’t think we’re going to get another Summer like 1976, but two or three warm dry periods this year would be just the ticket.

Me, I’ve switched off the TV and radio, picked a couple of books, and I’m going off to enjoy myself. I’ve got some suncream. Catch you on the flip side.

The real S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Setting the world to rights over morning coffee. Mrs S and I fell to discussing the evils of the world and what might be done about it.

Anyone familiar with the Bond movie franchise should be familiar with the organisation known as the ‘Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion’ or S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Put simply they appear to be a cabal of rich psychopaths making their money from all the crimes under the sun (Sound familiar?). This international gangster / corporation committed acts of murder and terrorism to manipulate financial markets. They owned politicians at all levels. They unleashed deadly plagues upon the populace in order to amass wealth and power. They promoted war, discord and unrest. All for their profit and their ‘new world order’.

Yet even so, I’ve always felt that there was something honest about The fictional S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’s mendacity and greed. For them it was always about money. Steal a nuclear bomb? Pay S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and get it back, undetonated (Cross our hearts and hope to die, Terrapins tickle us if we lie sort of thing). They owned the drug trade and illicit money laundering. All they wanted was money.

The new S.P.E.C.T.R.E. by contrast is operating out in the open. They not only own many Western politicians, their acolytes get appointed to high government office. The EU is full of them. Indeed all western countries governments are infected with their ideology. And these are people involved in attempts at land theft, perverting the law, and all sorts of other criminal activity. Well, at least it would be if it was anyone but a Government doing it.

Apropos of nothing; just so we should all be aware of what we’re dealing with, I’ve taken the liberty of updating their super secret logo. At least it’s more honest than they are.

But can we identify any of these evil people? At the lower levels we can’t because they are often indoctrinated family members who aren’t self aware enough to realise the evil that they do. Particularly in the mainstream media, where self awareness doesn’t seem to be a plus. Even those at the upper echelons don’t see the evil because they are too invested in what they see as the ‘solutions’. Part of that ‘solution’ is the ESG philosophy. The ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ ratings.

So; this ESG rating. What is it and who sets them? It’s interesting to note that Tesla (Greenest of the Green – if you believe the hype) recently got pushed out of the top 500 ESG companies while most of the major oil and gas companies remain (Definitely not ‘Green’ at all-despite vigorous ‘greenwashing‘).

Which would suggest to the more sceptical investor that ESG nowadays has more to do with lip service to ‘woke’ politics than the real business of making a profit to benefit their employees, customers and investors. Frankly, if I am asked to invest in a company that makes a big deal about it’s ESG rating, my money goes elsewhere.

On that topic, Elon Musk has been upsetting the ‘woke’ and they have responded by kicking his companies out of the top 500 as one way of getting back at him. Because the ‘woke’ have no moral brakes. Their cult of hate, because that is what it is, thrives not on tolerance or celebrating our differences, because like it or not, we are all born different, but from ever increasing divisiveness. And you’d have to be really dense not to see where all that is coming from.

To see the proofs that the real S.P.E.C.T.R.E. does this is simply to watch their interviews and TED talks, The new S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is, like the Nazis before them, overt Eugenicists. They even have people with connections to the Nazis our forefathers (My parents and their contemporaries) fought and defeated in the mid 20th century. They want the earths human population reduced to 500 million. But only the ‘little’ people, like you or me, will get to do the dying. The members and associates of this evil cabal get to do the killing. Either by stripping people of their agency and property or by blunt force.

Now we’ve seen examples of the blunt force in action both in London UK, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Ontario Canada. Police baton charges on clearly non-violent demonstrations, non-violent demonstrators shot at and trampled. Yet when it comes to overtly violent organisations like BLM and Antifa, both catspaws of the corrupt and powerful, so many like them too often get a free pass when they riot and burn neighbourhoods. This is well documented.

The new S.P.E.C.T.R.E. are a collection of fascist organisations by any twist of the imagination. Like the fascist movements of the mid 20th century they are fanatical ‘Greens’. Go look up their stance on the fictional man made global warming.

Like other national socialists before them, they fund biological warfare. Don’t think so? Who has been funding biological labs all over the world looking at ‘gain of function‘ for deadly diseases? It ain’t the tooth fairy baby.

So who are they? Names please Mr Sticker. Name them or turn in your tinfoil hat. The names are public domain. Bilderberg, Davos, Rockefeller Foundation, Open Borders, Tides Foundation and all it’s associated NGO’s. The ‘World Economic Forum’ founded by an avowed Nazi and supported by their ‘Junior Leader’ programme. These are the new S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and they’re running the place now. Through influence peddling and lobbying they’ve been doing it with taxpayer dollar. Trying to steal our property, our livelihoods, with our freaking money.

Calling Mr Bond. James Bond. We have a little job for you. Although maybe the head of this crazy cabal doesn’t look like he’s aged so well…

Which begs another question; how do you go about pensioning off a Supervillain? Answers via the dead drop in Berkeley Square, London.

The great smash and grab

Well it’s out in the open. The crime of the century. Not content with stripping people of their rights, now certain western governments are coming after their property. Netherlands, Canada, and a whole number of other countries are on board with this, all to ‘save the planet’, which is a bollocks argument. The politicians are even trying to introduce it in Ireland. So sensible people of my acquaintance are laying in long term supplies and hunkering down.

“Yeah, but it’s only farmers. They have too much anyway…” I hear some of you saying, using the cheap ‘Yeah, but it’s only’ argument. The problem with this is that sooner or later those using this argument run out of people to rob and everyone starves. Well, not everyone, just most people. Which may involve you and me incidentally. No farming or farmers means no food. Remember that.

Because once the corrupt can asset strip farmers, how soon will it be until they come after your tiny corner? Because they will. Because they want everything. Of course if you watch the bought and paid for mainstream media, you won’t see a peep, or at best lip service. Only fragments of what those (Temporarily) in charge want you to see.

If you want to see what’s going on, try this Youtube channel. Their coverage is in depth, and as far as I can tell, as unbiased as is possible. Find at this link a sample from June 2022 about the Ukrainian crisis and Ukrainian labs involved in ‘gain of function’ (Making a virus or bacterium more virulent) research. Conspiracy theory? I don’t think so..

The great smash and grab has been underway since before 2019. All the dots line up. Massively over-hyped ‘pandemic’ from a bug cooked up in a US funded Chinese lab (This is proven, not a ‘conspiracy theory’) then finding out that other labs, like those in Ukraine (Oh yes there were) are being funded with the objective of ‘gain of function’ (The documents are all public domain – unless Zelensky ordered them burned).

Now after the ‘pandemic’ comes the ‘great reset’, underpinned by the idiotic ‘save the planet’ meme. I say ‘saving the planet’ is nothing but grand theft world. We’re at serious risk of having our own property stolen by the very people we put in high positions of trust.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’ll say it again; neither you, nor I, ‘little people’ can ‘save the planet’. The numbers simply don’t make sense. The so-called ‘theory’ of man made climate change doesn’t make sense.

The ‘physics’ some people like to quote at me in various YouTube comment threads is more full of holes than Swiss cheese. Yet when I pointed out a few salient facts from Engineering college materials science, one commenter (Probably an AI ‘bot) first denied there was such a word as ‘Saturation’ then did a complete mental flip flop to deny that anything, anywhere could get saturated, when it is a well documented phenomenon. I even quoted peer reviewed scientific studies at them, but no, they weren’t having that and in the end I had to walk away. These things just aren’t worth the blood pressure.

If this continues, we might just have to eject the eejits like the Sri Lankans just did. The UN cannot be trusted either, they’re in this, up to their well coiffed hairlines. Nor can the USA, less so under Trump but definitely not under Biden or the Democrats.

Watch the videos, read the links. It’s all there, from reputable sources too. I call what is going on the great smash and grab. Catchy, yes?

It wasn’t too hard to see the inflation and economic damage coming. All you had to do was stop, take a breath and look.

I’m not a saviour…

“What do you do?” I was asked today.

“Mostly I move money and keep bees.” I replied.

“You keep bees?” They seemed pleased to hear this. “So you’re helping save the planet?”

I smiled gently and tried to keep a straight face. The planet is fine. It doesn’t need a saviour, and least of all me. I just nodded and smiled while the eejit in front of me waxed lyrical about how vital bees are to agriculture and how important beekeepers are. Eventually I managed to extricate myself without bursting into fits of giggles.

‘Planet saver’ my cute and furry arse. The whole beekeeping thing was a complete fluke. We’d put a bid on our current house and land long before I even thought of keeping bees. I knew I didn’t want to keep livestock and Mrs S wanted a wildflower meadow so the whole bee thing came out of that. We wanted to do something integrated that wouldn’t be too much work and had a nice end product, like honey, mead and distilled mead. So bees and honey fitted the bill nicely. That and I’ve always been a conservationist at heart and have been ‘growing my own’ since I was a toddler. Indeed, one of my most cherished memories is still being in nappies (diapers) and Ma teaching me how to put seeds in a little furrow. I think they were carrot seeds.

The whole ‘saving the planet’ bullshit is just complete nonsense. A complete load of cheap, badly patched flannel. Bees are needed for pollination and that makes more flowers, fruit and vegetables. Which lets me use the knowledge culled from my ‘O’ level biology classes. That and I find growing things calms the spirit and steadies the soul. my motives are purely selfish.

As for the planet, frankly I don’t think it is at risk. At least not anything we mere humans can do anything about. We’re just the tenants, for the moment, and as long as we don’t burn the feckin place down in a stupid war, it’ll keep ticking over nicely until we all go extinct from our own stupidity. Or at least until our planets core solidifies and Earth ends up like Mars. Or a meteorite triggers a massive ice age.

Won’t need any help from me. Whatever. I won’t live to see the end of the world. The only people who do want to see our little blue green marble die are immature self aggrandising drama queens who like the idea of starring in a horror movie no-one will ever see.

No wonder Aliens ride through our solar system with their windows wound up and the doors securely locked.

I will miss

I had such high hopes of Boris Johnson, but found myself increasingly alienated as his Prime Ministership developed. The lockdowns, the masks, the travel restrictions, the cowardice in the face of a comparatively minor threat.

Now he’s resigning, there is a part of me that will miss him. But the upside is that Carrie Simmonds loses her grip on the bollocks of power. She is the one who (I feel) has hag ridden Bojo into implementing the crazy ‘net zero’ anti-human WEF agenda.

I won’t miss her.

For your amusement…

While I’m busy with the house and the business, American comedian Jim Breuer totally nails the last two years….

Well it made oi larf…. Pass it on.

H/T Ivor Cummins.

Institutional child abuse

Have been watching and reading about the strange stuff going on across medicine, politics and education recently. Specifically regarding pre-pubescent children. And forgive me for being a gruff old fuddy duddy, but WTF! is going on?

In medicine, parents are being encouraged to have their children injected with an experimental, emergency use only ‘treatment’ that only works for a few months before another injection is needed, then increases the risk of heart problems -amongst other side effects (Some ‘vaccine’ huh?). Ostensibly to ‘protect’ older people. Which it doesn’t. I keep on hearing about ‘vaccinated’ people catching SARS-COV2 at higher rates than the unvaccinated but previously exposed.

But what bothers me more is seeing parents dragging masked offspring around in public. The children obviously hate it, you can tell by the body language.

I cannot help feeling that a great madness has fallen across the world. The great COVID fear pandemic, where fear of a given disease is a hundred times more harmful than the original infection. Currently, a SARS/COV-2 infection is on a par with the common cold and just as widespread. So why are people abusing their children by forcing them to wear useless surgical masks? Forcing children to wear masks has been asserted to actively harm a child’s social and emotional development.

Then there’s the whole ‘trans’ thing being actively promoted in Western Schools. To pre-pubescent children. Sexualising children? Encouraging them to become permanent mules by pushing malleable minds down the irreversible road of a ‘sex change’. That has to be a perverts charter.

The people who describe themselves as ‘MAPS’ (Minor-attracted Persons) pushing this agenda are predatory paedophiles and their enablers. Predatory paedophiles used to be put on circulated lists, forbidden to even walk past a school gate. Now their acolytes are inside the education system, and any opposition to their agenda is a ‘hate crime’, as is any issue with ‘grooming’ (A.K.A paedophile rape) gangs. Because to call out racist paedophiles is somehow in itself ‘racist’. How insane is that?

With the above two examples we can clearly see that child abuse is endemic throughout the West. And we are prevented from protesting about it by laws stifling honest dissent and calling it wicked, when the true wickedness and evil comes from those passing these laws. Because they are afraid of being called names by a malicious and vociferous minority. The fear of being accused of a ‘thought crime’ actively protecting real evil.

Because preying on children is vile and evil. Even in prison this is well known, and convicted child molesters (Known as ‘Nonces’ – prison slang for ‘Nonsense Merchants’) need isolating from the rest of the prison population because they are rightly despised for the monsters they are, perpetuating their monstrosity by turning their victims into copies of themselves. Regrettably the nonces and their enablers now appear to run the system, doing great harms while feeding their dangerous lusts.

As for the media following the ‘fashionable’ view (Only in their eyes) that what they are the cheerleaders for is ‘good’; what can I say? Sick and evil. Tarring all those associating with the rainbow flag with the same brush.

This demonstrates that child abuse has become, like COVID, endemic and institutional throughout the West. And there are some who even call it moral. And these are the people we let have power over us. I’m tempted to speculate that the generational damage from COVID and pushing outlier deviancy may not be recoverable. At least in the short to medium term. We’re headed into a depression in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, back on another topic, elder sibling emailed me to ask if the blog was still up. I replied that there might be a shadow ban in effect if he couldn’t, but just in case it was only a typo, emailed him a direct link. Not that I care about anyone’s approval, least of all some West coast tech-wienie. The “Warning- toxic thought dump” Biohazard label on the header graphic might be a bit of a clue.

In offline life, the bees are fine (At least they know what sex they are – the Queen tells them so). I planted some more herbs and spinach seed today. My onions have finally germinated and pushed little sprouts out of the soil, as have the chilli peppers. Might have to build a greenhouse cover for the raised beds where I have planted the tomatoes and peppers. We will see.

Next major outdoor project is the chicken coop.

Update: This blog does not, according to elder sibling, appear on the Google listings, which I consider a badge of honour. As some say in bad latin; Semper in stercore sum, solum profundum variat

The shape of things to come

Mrs S and I were talking over lunch the other day. She’s finally giving up the day job this year and being totally freelance, doing her own thing, doing creative production of real goods. Her comment on the transition; “I don’t know whether to cry or scream with joy.”

I know how she feels. When I made the transition from employee to freelancer I was very ambivalent about the whole process. The transition was tricky but not traumatic as I stepped out of my comfort zone into the great wide blue yonder of self-employment. I recall that getting away from the 9-5 felt really good after the first few months. Not being a wage slave was hard work but not so much of a chore as being ‘managed’, which I always hated. Show me a job and let me get on with it has long been my philosophy. Stand over me with a stopwatch and I’ll be so busy looking over my shoulder that I won’t do a good job.

On the home front, my raised beds are all showing signs of germination, and the ‘fast salad’ stuff I put in last week is going gangbusters, as are the spring onions, leeks, white cabbage and beetroot. My tomatoes and peppers are beginning to poke tiny leaves out of the soil, as are the cucumbers. The bees have settled in nicely and have already filled their brood boxes and one ‘super’ before starting work on the upper super (as in cropping) frames.

It’s been a bit of a delayed spring and summer this year, despite all the wavy hand predictions of heat death and climate doom. I put it down to increased particulates in the atmosphere from several large volcanic eruptions around the planet, and Ireland has always been a bit like Wales and western Scotland, a buffer for the British Isles from all the Atlantic weather. So getting my seeds in a month later than planned hasn’t worked out badly. At least as far as germination is concerned.

At this rate I should have salads for the summer by the end of July and a full crop of honey by early August. It may even be a good idea to buy a couple of new hives to act as bee traps If I miss a swarm. Then I have to invest in some honey processing gear. No matter, better to invest the money now than see it disappear in the coming waves of inflation.

Marketing game plan is to give out sample jars of raw organic honey to our neighbours for taste testing and to sell at the farmers market, when it finally gets going again. Another bright spot is that one of the local stores has expressed an interest. So I have a tacit agreement that at least one local outlet will try my product.

Mrs S will be handling the wax products side of things, but we’ve also been talking about supplying bee venom and propolis (Bee glue) for cosmetics and pharmaceutical use on a small scale.

We’re doing this because we don’t want to rely on pensions alone (Even though we have been very careful to plan for our frail dotage). The value of a pension can be reduced to worthlessness by politicians cocking everything up (as usual). And I have no intention of starving.

Why? I look at it this way. We live in an age where the old biblical quotation “Put not thy faith in Princes” is ever more appropriate. The politicians have given themselves godlike powers to intervene in people’s private lives but seem determined to reinforce another old saying about idols having feet of clay. Or should that quotation read “Yeah, but those eejits all have feet of clay.” and brains of lard to boot. In their desperate search for votes the political class pander to vociferous urban minorities and in doing so neglect the care of the majority. That’s even without the malign anti-human influence of organisations like the WEF.

If, and I’m not holding out much hope here, the powers that be don’t parlay us all into a global war, we will have built a bolt hole for the rest of our clan, with enough food to eat and a little left over to barter. If the worst case scenario doesn’t happen and the can gets kicked a little further along the road we’ll be quids in.

If the politicians keep on following the road of sanctioning everything vaguely Russian, then we’ll all be screwed. See one American commentators well argued points below.

Hunker down and grow your own folks, because Green policies are giving us all the shaft.