Eleanor Rigby redux

All the frightened people, where do they all come from? All the frightened people, where do they all belong? To bowdlerise the chorus rhyme scheme of the old Beatles number ‘Eleanor Rigby’ which I have reworded for 2020 below.

Ah, look at all the frightened people!
Ah, look at all the frightened people!

Eleanor Rigby
Watches the news on the box for all the fear stats
Maybe she’s bats
Watches the Telly
Hiding her face with a mask from behind her closed door
What is it for?

All the frightened people
Where do they all come from?
All the frightened people
Where do they all belong?

Doctor McKenzie
Writing the words of a lecture that no one will hear
No one comes near
Look at him working
Writing his blog in the night when there’s nobody there
Why does he care?

All the frightened people
Where do they all come from?
All the frightened people
Where do they all belong?

Ah, look at all the frightened people!
Ah, look at all the frightened people!

Eleanor Rigby
Died all alone and cremated along with her name
Nobody came
Doctor McKenzie
Hand sanitising out in the ward but there’s no-one to heal
Thinks it’s unreal

All the frightened people (Ah, look at all the frightened people!)
Where do they all come from?
All the frightened people (Ah, look at all the frightened people!)
Where do they all belong?

Original sequence from Yellow Submarine, the Beatles movie (I have a DVD copy) in YT video below. Tell me it’s not bang on the money.

Mrs S and I are hunkering down at our new place away from all the insanity. Heating and insurances have been organised, rent paid in advance and we’re sorting out our Interweb connection ahead of moving in our worldly goods. It’s a bit echoey at the moment and we’re subsisting off mobile data, which is okay, but sometimes the connection can get a bit hokey, which is par for the course. Then there’s just the business of our driving licences and getting our clean driving records acknowledged by the insurance brokers.

On the upside, a turn around the streets of our closest new town shows all the symbols of people getting pissed off with the lockdowns. “Free the streets” placards in business windows, people paying lip service to the restrictions, wearing masks with nose and even mouth exposed just so they can breathe properly. No-one getting really upset just yet, although I’m waiting for some kind of anti-lockdown protest to snowball from students under house arrest in their halls of residence. Maybe they could have a ‘sneeze in’ over the security who are forcing them to stay in their rooms during ‘Freshers week’? Or more appropriately all over the pro-lockdown politicians. That could be fun.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…we’re plodding away, trying to find out how to get car and health insurance over here in Ireland. What I find strange is that the Insurance brokers don’t list Canada as a country they will accept driver’s licences from. We’ve got our old UK license numbers, but as for the rest, I have the feeling it’s going to get difficult and more expensive than necessary. Hi ho. This is what we’ve saved some of our money to do, and as I’ve said before, it’s not our first transcontinental rodeo.

This SARS/COV-2 thing is still a nuisance rather than a showstopper. Electrical stores are having stocking problems, printers especially. We bought the last one in a major retail outlet, or as the sales assistant said, probably the whole County. Web sites, even Amazon, are running out of stock. However, the food stores are okay. Fortunately this Government created crisis has allowed that part of the supply chain to keep functioning. No-one will starve. Well, at least no-one who has been lucky enough to keep their livelihood.

Besides, the whole COVID-19 is a molehill now. Word from the front lines say that specialist units have only a trickle, or often no patients. The politicians and their ‘experts’ have it wrong. About as wrong as it’s impossible to be. Indeed the fear of COVID-19 has been magnitudes greater than the actual viral infection itself. Deaths have been in the single digits, often zero, for months now. True, a few thousand, mostly the very sick already, died at the peak of the pandemic in March and April. It was a nasty bug. Was, past tense.

This mass experimental lockdown has done infinitely more harm than good. Anyway, I repeat myself.

Our issues are created by things which previously took hours to organise now taking a week or more. Which leads to Mrs S is getting on my case about stuff which I have no control over, like people not calling back when they said they would. Which further leads to me raising my voice to her, something I do not like doing and feels like I have failed to communicate clearly in some way, but the frustration felt over the byblow of these pointless bloody restrictions has no other venting point.

I wonder how many divorces are in the offing over this?

Can they cite these pro-lockdown people as co respondents?

Unfortunately we’re probably stuck with these silly bloody restrictions for years to come. As Simon Webb points succinctly points out in the video below.

Naked fascism in London

Mrs S and I had a bit of an argument about this. I told her what I’d seen on all the live feeds from the anti-mask demonstration at Trafalgar Square on the 26th and she refused to believe me. All of the non-MSM media tell the same story. Peaceful demonstrators baton charged without provocation. I’m just glad ‘North’ was out of town with friends.

Not the rioters and iconoclasts of BLM and Antifa, for whom the Police stand by and let them do what they want, even kneel in support of, but just your average punter who doesn’t like being muzzled. See Mahyar Tousi’s account below.

The protesters were baton charged. No provocation. Speakers were arrested. People fleeing the Police line seen with visible head wounds, ostensibly from baton strikes. For what? Wanting their civil rights back?

I say no provocation because in all the live feeds and non-MSM reports I watched, there is no wind up, no defining event that I could see, no civil unrest apart from that the Police created. There was no justification. The pandemic is over and the restrictions must be lifted.

It’s a modern day version of Peterloo.

Whoever gave the orders for this travesty needs to be fired. As for the Police, they are rapidly losing the support of the average UK resident. Time was I would go out of my way to assist an officer. No more. They can reap my non-compliance, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks this way.

As for the sneering mainstream media, what do they know? According to Anna Brees, ex-mainstream journalist who was on scene, none of them were in attendance to report on the event. No Sky news, CNN, BBC, none. Perhaps they had been told to stay away and knew what was coming.

This is naked fascism. On the streets of Britain. Seventy five years after that vile philosophy was soundly defeated. It’s back. See this eyewitness report below;

So far so, oh.

Right. We’ve got our permanent address here in Ireland. A little further west than anticipated, but not out of reach of Dublin, when of course it comes out of the latest lockdown. We’ve finished our mandatory self-isolation now and are free to mix with the natives as we are considered as low risk as everyone else. We caught nothing on the plane over and after two weeks are no longer considered ‘unclean’. I’ve even organised a local bank account and as soon as we get the official card I’ll start moving money.

Trying to get people to answer email over here is a hassle. I’ve lost count of the emailed enquiries I’ve made to insurance companies and the like. All we get is radio silence. You’d think in these straitened times that people would be taking the arm off us to get at least some turnover, but no, they don’t seem that eager. So I’ll keep on plugging away until I find someone who is at the very least awake and breathing.

Over the water, Bojo, the frightened UK Prime Minister continues to disappoint with his lack of balls over this SARS/COV-2 virus. He’s listening to ‘experts’ who quite frankly like their sinecures and are pumping out the fear porn via a complicit media to a gullible public, just to make it look like they know more than anyone else. Which of course is complete bullshit. I try not to listen to them, but if asked to wear a mask for a few minutes will do so for the sake of a quiet life. However, when no-one is looking…

Anyway, we’re out today around Limerick and stocking up for our new place with necessary stuff like cleaning materials and small appliances like a Microwave, kettle and similar. Ikea are due an order from us as our new home is at least as big as our old place in BC, which means room for visitors to stay. We binned a lot of accumulated crap when we moved, and will be buying only basic white crockery and a few chairs for our dining table. For when these bullshit lockdowns end and we can finally have guests in. Not that Mrs S and I have ever been manic socialisers, we’re too picky for that, but we do have good friends I’ll more than happily put my cooks apron on for.

When these lockdowns end. Whenever that is going to be.

Boris the spider

Remember this old number written by Who bassist John Entwistle? Boris the Spider?

I had such high hopes of Boris Johnson…

Glad the UK Army and Police told him to get lost when he talked of putting the Army onto British Streets to contain the pathetic shreds of this pandemic. Boris has definitely lost the plot when it comes to SARS/COV-2. The mortality rate is less than a quarter of a percent per infection and the numbers simply don’t justify the draconian measures.

This has already cost the Tories the next election, BREXIT or not. They will either end up in a minority Government or kicked into touch completely. Not that I think any of the other mainstream parties would have done any better. They’re all cheeks of the same arse. All studied politics at the same universities with the same professors.

Johnson’s no Churchill, that’s for sure. His handling of this crisis exposes him as just another creepy crawly career politician tangled in his own web of lies. No real vision and anything to hang onto power. I am bitterly disappointed. He’s also being roundly mocked in, of all places, the dear old Torygraph. Which he richly deserves over his handling of the pandemic. There is no ‘second spike’ and the restrictions harm more than they help.

The full cost of these restrictions has yet to be counted but I calculate that the ‘cure’ has been definitely worse than the disease. The economy trashed, massive increases in mental illness, unnecessary deaths from untreated conditions, bankruptcies and a massive drain on capital that will take decades to recover from. And it’s all the fault of Government. And those slapheads they’re taking advice from.

News from ‘North’ in London is loaded with resignation at having to cope with the insanity of restrictions that are doing nothing to halt the spread of a disease that has already passed through the majority of the population. She’s fine, but annoyed at having her social life curtailed for no good reason.

We’re okay over here in Ireland, apart from Dublin being locked down and for the most part inaccessible. We have our permanent address now and all else will follow. Sisters in Law up in Cairns, Australia and on Vancouver island BC Canada are doing okay. ‘South’ in Australia is feeling the pinch and I have no idea what elder sibling and cousins are up to. Radio silence on their part. Just hunkering down like the rest of us. We’ll survive, but that’s what we’re good at.

What the hell, some of the pubs have survived.

Apparently I’m an idiot

Well, at least according to some pantywaisters on YouTube comment threads, who call me names then ‘mute’ my responses so they can stick their fingers in their ears and go “la-la-la I can’t hear you!” How very mature of them. How very silly and trollish.

But in the name of fairness, I would like to address their concerns, and detail what I’ve been called a moron or idiot for;

  • Being able to read official statistics and see that the death count of SARS/COV-2 is running well below normal seasonal influenza deaths. Even with an uptick is ‘cases’ caused by the testing methodology.
  • Questioning that if this is the case, then why the lockdowns?
  • Saying that I would like my civil liberties back please.

Am I being unreasonable? Unscientific even? Am I even being dishonest? No, I don’t think so. The basic numbers confirm that I am correct in my assertions. The big picture as outlined shows that the Pandemic ended in May and that any putative ‘second spike’, which is being referred to by far more intelligent persons than myself as a ‘casedemic’, an illusion caused by the torture of statistics and highly selective number quoting.

We have effective treatments against SARS/COV-2. There are prophylactic doses of vitamins (C & D in particular) that one can take to reduce vulnerability. Yet the politicians and the name callers say that these things “Don’t work” yet there is solid evidence to say that they do. An apple a day does indeed keep the doctor away. A range of anti-viral treatments, including Hydroxychloraquine are also effective, Who knew eh?

At no time in these exchanges did I respond to the insults thrown at me by overt name calling. I simply tried to point out what the numbers said was true. Because I can read and interpret numbers. Derive trends. I also believe that if you know how to look, you will find that God, or truth, is always in the numbers.

But apparently I’m an idiot for thinking so.

Update; For those interested, follow this link to Dr Karol Sikora’s open letter to No 10 asking them to reconsider the current restrictions. At least I’m in good company.

More bad news folks….

Watched the No 10 briefing this morning with a heavy heart. Looks like the UK powers that be have decided that there’s going to be another lockdown and were letting two ‘experts’ pre-justify what I think we all know is coming. And where the UK leads, others will follow, right over an economic cliff. Or should I say another economic cliff.

It didn’t matter that the ‘experts’ presentation was more full of conditional statements than a treatise on evasive speech, nor that they talked about ‘doubling’ without acknowledging that the unaffected population is a rapidly diminishing return. No, patiently cherry picking the ‘experts’ made a superficially convincing case for yet more restrictions and the permanent destruction of civil liberties in the UK. I’m told the ‘Health’ secretary hadn’t even heard about those with adequate vitamin D levels being able to shrug off SARS/COV-2. Talk about being behind the curve.

Mrs S and I were looking forward to hosting the kids and family at Christmas. Well we might just as well lock all the doors and go to bed for the next year until someone, somewhere in the corridors of power decides that this whole business has been a massive mistake. Not that I’ll be holding my breath for that to happen of course.

Fucking hell, some very educated people are so effing STUPID!

Sorry chums, but they made me cross. If you live in a major UK city or town, you are going to have to put up with the jackbooted results of what is coming. Me, I’ll never trust a mainstream parliamentary candidate again. Not that I ever did, but it’s somehow reassuring to see my prejudices confirmed.

An act of foggy war?

Popped over to Churchmouse today and picked up on his piece about the SAR/COV-2 regulations. Have we all been taken for fools? Has the SARS/COV-2 outbreak been an engineered act of germ and cyber warfare by the Chinese? I’m starting to think so.

Alright, the original viral release was probably due to carelessness, it’s what’s followed afterwards that looks increasingly like an opportunistic cyber war against the west. No, the virus wasn’t a hoax, the problem has been with the world’s response and the forces pressuring politicians and egging on the powers that be to become ever more draconian towards a comparatively minor threat.

Yes, the disease has put a scythe through care homes, but those were people who hadn’t died in the previous two relatively low death count years. So the effects were like a really nasty flu season. And I get the feeling, but no real proof, that a nasty bout of something unusual was around a month earlier in the west than previously thought back in late October / Early November 2019. Or an early variant thereof. One snippet of information that I heard at the beginning of the outbreak was that SARS/COV-2 variant A was known to be widespread amongst the Western Expat community in China, with variant C being more widespread in the local Chinese and variant B in the ethnically Indian population. I’m still inclined to think that SARS/COV-2 was part of research to find a cure for the original RaTG13 Bat-hosted virus. However, what has followed smacks of pure political opportunism on the part of the Chinese Communist Party. Devious buggers.

For the UK, the most recent report from Public Health England is telling. Although the SARS/COV-2 spike shows up quite clearly as an early 2020 anomaly, in the overall stats 2019-2020 is dwarfed by previous years. 2017 is a case in point. Did we lock down in 2017? Excuse me, I must have blinked because I missed it.

Yet the forces of lockdown have pressured certain key politicians twatter feeds, posing as real people. Thus giving said politicians the idea that vox populi vox dei. Which is not so. The voices of ordinary people going WTF! are being ignored and even demonised. After all, it’s their lives that are being ruined here. Unfortunately the Chinese propaganda ‘bots have drowned them out and the politicians are choosing to believe Twatter. Which is a major error in judgement. Because Twatter is the home of ‘bots and activists. All the real people left ages ago.

This is a plausible explanation as to why our ‘leaders’ are behaving as they are. Newsflash kiddies. Repeat after me; “Twitter is not real life.”

I am drawn to one signal conclusion; that Twitter is being used as a weapon of cyber war against the west.

Mrs S and I are choosing not to be worried. We have other things to occupy our time.

Why we must end the lockdowns

Dublin is going into lockdown, yet again. The rest of Ireland is just breathing a heavy sigh and getting on with things, looking forward to the day the pubs can re-open.

There are lockdowns all over the UK. Yet the question I do not see the powers that be asking is; how effective are these measures? Are people actually getting sick from the disease, or are the ‘cases’ just asymptomatic detections? Unfortunately all we seem hear is the constant fire hose of propaganda, making it seem that things are worse than they are, and any voices daring to question the narrative are shouted down or shut up. Yes Piers Morgan, you media whore, we’re looking at you. There’s a voice we can do without.

People being silenced Bill? What utter nonsense. No one does things like that. Not so, gentle reader (Oh come on, one of you has to be). I cite the following example; a petition to end the lockdowns was recently shut down by Change.org, citing the excuse of ‘community guidelines’. Which is a bit lame. ‘Community guidelines’ are there to prevent abuse of the system like shut down petitions for the daft and derisory, not a vital issue which is devastating not only the entire economy of the anglophone west, but people’s lives and mental health.

Fortunately, another petition requesting an end to the UK lockdowns, which has already passed the 25,000 mark and needs to garner even more genuine signatures was in place via parliament.uk, which I have already signed. However, in order to get a parliamentary debate, another 75,000 signatures need to be garnered. A million would be even better. Sign the link, pass it on via all the social media at your disposal. Real names now. No-ones going to kick down your door for wanting the simple human right of being able to go about your lawful business in peace.

Yes, yes, but why do we need to end the lockdowns Bill? They keep us safe don’t they? Don’t they? Ah. No. The lockdowns are too much, and far, far too late. Besides, what was meant to be three weeks has passed three months. The curve is flatlined, the death count is tiny. If the pandemic were a cadaver it would have been broken down for transplant spares and the rest cremated back in late May.

The current round of lockdowns are pointless because SARS/COV-2 or Covid-19 has already passed through the majority of the population without a ripple and is currently in mop up mode, giving sniffles and coughs to the few who didn’t get it in the first wave back in March and April.

The ‘case load’ that idiots carp on about is only up due to increased testing, using a test that picks up both live and dead coronavirus fragments, not just SARS/COV-2. Because the hysteria reached the point that if your cat looks a bit peaky, it was automatically SARS/COV-2, not just an iffy mouse it consumed last night. No other cause of illness counts. No other illness is important enough.

The trouble is that every coronavirus looks like SARS/COV-2 to the PBR test. The common cold is a coronavirus, as are the variants of seasonal influenza.

And of course the lockdowns have meant that people are dying from other causes which the NHS is meant to treat. Various cancers, heart disease, which are hard enough to get treatment for at the best of times, have been left untreated because of the lockdowns. There is even a body of opinion that the lockdowns have caused more deaths than SARS/COV-2, which may not be very far from the truth.

Thus I contend that the lockdowns are a mass experiment which has failed. They were applied after the first tranche of infections had already hit and put the population under house arrest with all the devastating consequences we can see all around us. Half deserted streets, shuttered businesses and worst of all, the hidden toll of decimated lives. Not just economically, but emotionally and psychologically. The damage done may take years to undo.

For Mrs S and I, our losses are small in comparison. We will recover quickly because we work mostly online anyway. The lockdowns are an inconvenience rather than a showstopper. A frustration, a problem to be worked around. Unfortunately for others, their lives have been brought to a screeching smoking halt and may never be able to get going again. They are the ones who these lockdowns have hurt the most. They are the reasons why these pointless lockdowns must end.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Please watch Viva Frei’s analysis of a court case in the USA that strikes at the very foundation of the never ending lockdown measures.

Having listened to the Judges comments in his judgement, yes, the lockdowns not only trampled over the civil liberties of all citizens while favouring some larger businesses, so they have to be deemed unconstitutional. The lockdown exemptions favoured some causes over others, therefore the lockdown orders must be deemed unconstitutional and a flagrant violation of citizen’s rights.

The numbers say that the pandemic is over and has been over since May 2020. The curve has been flattened. The death rate, even with non-SARS/COV-2 deaths being attributed through a very dodgy methodology, is as close to zero as makes no odds. So why the fuck are we still being restricted and forced to wear unsanitary masks?

The Judge in this case makes perfect sense. Not just from a US perspective, but across the entire ‘free’ world. No country can call itself ‘free’ while these restrictions exist without good cause. No country can call itself ‘free’ when some causes are favoured over others. No country can call itself ‘free’ when some big businesses are favoured over others.

Just because a few politicians are frightened of dying. Well newsflash kiddies; we’re all going to die sometime, but there’s a thing between birth and death called living, which is what too damn many of us are being deprived of by these lockdowns and mask restrictions.

I hope this judgement stands and serves as a beacon of hope for individual liberty across the world. I hope. Because that’s all we’ll ever have. A little hope.

Excuse me getting emotional here, but this is something I really care about and a hill worth dying on. Without the liberty to go about one’s lawful business there is no life, just the hollowness of mere existence. Anyone who tells you otherwise might as well be wearing a swastika armband.

A dose of the Leprechauns

Ach, Jaysus! Where’s it sending us now? I might have said if I was a local. But I’m not. Went out in the car to pick up some online ordered shopping from a store beginning with T (To find that they had ‘substituted’ almost a third of my order – Natch) Well, that was the plan.

So, using my handy dandy little cell phone with heavy duty data plan I punched in the co-ordinates. So far so good. The inbuilt Satnag fired up and took us out up the road. Left turn, right turn, gosh this road’s a bit narrow isn’t it? Okay. Ten kilometres later, lovely hedgerows aren’t they? Go right into an even narrower road. Hang on a minute! This isn’t a road it’s a farm track isn’t it? Through a Sitka Spruce plantation. Are we sure we want to go this way? Satnag says yes and I don’t know the area so we carry on in the hope of being directed onto a wider road. Right out onto a wider country lane blocked with around fifty guys walking in loose formations, they wave us past.

Heading toward sunset we are finally directed onto a main road. There is a massive sigh of relief from Mrs S in the passenger seat. This is better. Then five kilometres further on to cries of “What?” we are directed to go right onto a side road and yet more lanes. Sounds of exasperation rattle my ears from the co-pilots position. Down through a series of tight S-bends and right again. My sense of direction is scrambled and I have no effing idea if we’re on the right road or not.

Out onto a half familiar road. I recall being here once before a few years ago on our last Irish trip. Okay. I’m getting annoyed now. I’m a patient man but I’m pretty sure we’re being taken the pretty way, not the most direct route as requested. “I think.” I vouchsafed cautiously. “That my phone has caught a dose of the leprechauns.” Mrs S does not deign to reply, but I can tell from the way she’s breathing that this is all my fault and I will be made to pay. All the warning signs are there.

We finally locate the store and pull in a good three quarters of an hour later than planned. Dusk is with us now, shading the light and making me search for how to get back to the barn via some easier to navigate main roads. Order is loaded. I’m not going to argue about the substituted items, it’s too late in the day and I’m getting tired, a hangover from the jet lag.

It’s worth noting at this point that I’m the only one named on the car rental agreement, so Mrs S is relegated to being my co-pilot and chief critic while I rediscover my manual gear change technique. So I want to get back without too much hassle in the evening along narrow and very unfamiliar roads. After half a dozen false starts, with Mrs S having finally lost patience with the hire cars onboard satnag and directing us along the main N and M roads, we finally turn into our temporary home, startling the farmyard cats, who have come to get a good look at the new kids in town.

My sigh of relief is looked askance at but not commented upon. Well, not verbally. We are both hungry and thirsty. There is food. There is much needed alcohol. It will do for now.

How fragile we’re not

Well we’re here. We have survived jet lag, some of the worst airline food it’s ever been my displeasure to encounter and successfully negotiated the supposedly byzantine ways of quarantine and immigration. I’ve just managed to get my first decent nights sleep in over a week. We have food, we have shelter. We have transport and fast Internet. We have COFFEE! (Good stuff too)

And it hasn’t been that hard so far. Of course there have been a couple of glitches. Money needs to be applied as a salve in a couple of cases, but on the whole Mrs S and I did like I said; moved purposefully with the right forms filled in and slipped through all the barriers like shit through a goose. In record time I might add. Even baggage claim was a snip. All you need to do is ask the right questions and keep a cool, polite manner.

So where are we? To announce the winner of the migration sweepstake; Glyn Palmer. Well done smartarse, the prize of absolutely naff all is heading your way because a sweepstake needs punters. No-one ponyed up any cash so, sorry, you’re SOL as they say in jolly old Interwebland.

For the rest of you that haven’t been following our little saga; Begorrah. We’re in rural Southern Ireland.

Bill, you bastard. Well yes, of course. I’m a bastard son of a bitch. Literally. An Irishman’s bastard son of a bitch to boot. Although you wouldn’t think it to hear me speak. I have an accent that contains elements of home counties England with a slight north midlands twang, overlaid with all sorts of other anglophone influences, from Australia to Canada. But not Ireland. However, I tend to adopt accents by osmosis, so this situation may well change.

Mrs S and I are currently finding our way around, despite my phones copy of Google maps getting infested with a dose of Leprechauns and sending us down tiny lanes through the back end of nowhere. We’ve successfully navigated our way out of Dublin past groups of up to ten Hi-Viz clad Gardai (Police) in the middle of O’Connell Street, looking for all the world like clumps of late daffodils. Been driven nuts by near constant electronic admonitions from our hire car all the two hour drive to our temporary home and then successfully stared down a bunch of farmyard cats.

From our bedroom window we can see a massive country house across the valley and the hilltop remains of a castle. There are trees other than endless conifers and then there’s Ireland’s boasted ‘forty shades of green’ bathing us in it’s munificent balm. The motorway network reminds me of Southern France. Similar construction methods and accessories. Switch sides of the road and you’d hardly notice the difference, short of the bilingual road signage and Celtic alphabet.

Out here the country folk have accents thicker than a doorstep Cheese butty with extra pickles. Their voices wrap themselves around you like creamy Irish butter, which is exceptionally good let me tell you. So far we have found them robust and easy going.

We will be ‘officially’ self isolating for twelve more days before being admitted to polite society. To be honest we’re not bothered. The dreaded lurgi has come and gone. All else is propaganda and scaremongering. No second spike or wave. No need to be afraid. And I have a bottle of Jamesons. There is bacon.

Despite the restrictions imposed by badly advised and panicking politicians, the panic is over. Which tells us this; we humans are robust, not fragile. We are descended from generations of survivors. The rest is bollocks. Modern humanity is stronger than the media and political pantywaisters aver. So I choose not to listen to their cultish canting. On that topic, our accommodation has two televisions. They will not be switched on for the duration of our stay. At least not by me.

Anyway. I look on the bright side; there are huge Irish beaches to explore which will be emptier than usual as the terrified classes won’t go anywhere near them. All the more for us (Snigger).

Covid-19 what do we really know? Part five

This is the fifth and final post on this topic, as I’m sure we’re all pig sick of the issue. I certainly am. This whole business has been an exercise in political exploitation of a more-deadly-than common influenza but-not-by-much situation.

The numbers say the pandemic was over in mid-May and anyone saying otherwise is just not paying attention or looking at the numbers properly. For Mrs S and I, this means ‘self-isolating’ in a series of decent hotels and bemoaning the fact that most of the bars are closed. We are still effectively homeless, but this situation will change soon enough and the tenor of life will shift back towards sanity. More about that in the next post. I promise all will, as the Circassian slave girl wearing seven diaphanous pieces of cloth said to her Harem master, be revealed. Kind of.

The SARS/COV-2 crisis is over. It’s been over since May in northern Europe. If you’d taken the time to watch Ivor Cummins detailed statistical analysis of this pandemic’s curve, you would see that the death count has been bumping along the bottom for some time now. The increasing of the restrictions at this point in time makes less sense than the gibberings of a village idiot who’s clearly off his meds. I suspect that these decisions are being made by committees with weak chairmen / chairpeople / oh I give up, who never produce anything worthwhile.

The lunatics, it is clear, are not only running the asylum, but are going round to all the other asylums and unlocking the doors, then telling the public that this new insane ‘normal’ is something they’re just jolly well going to have to put up with. I say “Get knotted.” The rest of us have lives to get back to, and these proposed new rules will end up causing more civil strife than any before them.

Personally I’m inclined to suggest targeting the informers and enforcers. Isolating the bastards and making their lives a misery at every turn. Make these new lockdown rules unenforceable. The snitches may think twice before informing if they find themselves buried under a sea of complaints about every minor infraction of every single petty rule going.

I’ve met these people in my one time role as an enforcement officer, and they are without exception, the worst kind of human being. The latter day playground sneaks, the self-deceiving cowardly passive-aggressive narcissists with all the social graces and honour of amoebic dysentery. Those guilty of the sin of envy, worshipers at the altar of their great green eyed god because they are so devoid of common humanity that it is the only way they know to find any means of self worth. Their beloved victimhood cannot be impugned, but they feel so worthless and downtrodden all the time, this is their only way of interacting with the outside world. Far too many of these people work in local government. Trust me, I have, as briefly as possible, walked alongside many of them, skin crawling on the inside. Many of them have been socialists in affiliation or affectation.

Unfortunately, the system rewards their worst behaviour. It should not do so. The system should be about fair and even handed treatment. Not collective punishment and house arrest for every petty infraction of unnecessary rules which do nothing to mitigate a disease that has already done it’s worst. Which is what these restrictions amount to. For what? For a pandemic that has been over for months? Give it a rest for goodness sake.

One of the more sinister aspects of mandatory mask wearing is that the practice can make people sick. Think about it. By wearing a close-fitting mask you are effectively re-breathing your own contagion, upping your viral load and potentially overloading your own immune system. Yes, I know I keep banging on about it, but surgical masks are only good for one thing, stopping the infected spreading their contagion by reducing the radius of infection. For the healthy person who does not need to wear one, they can be downright hazardous. Surgical masks, like any other kind, are designed to be worn in dry, air-conditioned spaces only, and then for relatively short periods of time.

The only people that need to wear full PPE or even a surgical mask are those that work in a mostly sterile atmosphere controlled environment such as an operating theatre or ‘white room’ environment. For the general public, for reasons outlined above, masks are, at this stage of the game, positively dangerous. As for those cloth things sported by so many, if not washed properly between uses, those should be outlawed.

My most recent experience of wearing a surgical mask for more than three hours at a time has been less than amusing. Canadian air transport regulations forced us to wear these things for both of our long-haul flights yesterday and the experience was highly unpleasant. Forced to rebreathe heavily moisture laden air led to catarrh build up and uncomfortable nasal and bronchial congestion. Both Mrs S and I, while the cabin staff were not looking, were forced to slip the masks off for a few minutes just so that we could actually breathe properly. As for the fifteen minute dash to get our connecting flight, wearing a close-fitting mask while hoiking laptops and our carry-ons between gates was an experience I don’t want to repeat, as were one of Air Canada’s inedible pre packed meals that claimed to have been concocted by some ‘gourmet’ chef (Hah!) Under the current restrictions, airline travel is only for the masochist. No wonder shares are bumping along the bottom.

Now I’m pretty sure that most people have gotten bored and wandered off by this point, so I’ll clam up on this topic. Although I’m sure I’ll have more than enough opportunity to say “I told you so.” and in a more Marvinesque manner; “But no one ever listens to me, I’m just a menial robot.” in future posts.

Or as I remarked to Mrs S while waiting for room service, “Now I know why Darth Vader breathes like he does, he wears a mask all the time too.”

There is one dark little postscript to add; do the powers that be realise the power they will hand to organised crime by increasing the length and severity of their restrictions? People need life and entertainment because without them there is no point to the daily drudgery of their lives. Someone will provide the speakeasies, the hidden drinking spots, neighbourhood meetup places away from the spiteful glare of prodnoses. Who will the needy turn to? The authorities mandating these restrictions? Or the guy who knows a guy who can provide a protected place to have a good time without official interference? For a small fee of course. Think about it.

Up, up and away

A blast from the airborne past

Or more realistically;


Catch you on the flip side….

See y’all later.


Smokey skies from forest fires in the USA on our penultimate day in Canada. A change in the wind has pushed all the smoke north of the border to choke the air and turn the skies a dusky pink first thing. The smell is still outdoors, but mid morning the skies are clearing as I begin the final packing of my suitcase and hand baggage.

Forms requested by authorities and airlines have been imperfectly filled in, my excuse is that I did it on my wife’s iPad, so we’re pretty much good to go tomorrow. No-one has been back to us demanding that we resubmit, so I suppose there’s no obvious problem. We’ll see when we hit dirtside. The family are concerned that we’re going to be detained in some concentration camp for daring to get on a flight, but honestly, we have all the right forms filled in and have cash for contingencies, so let the cards fall as they may.

Right; this SARS/COV-2 malarkey. There seems to be a fundamental lack of knowledge about how viruses and bacteria cause the various collections of symptoms that we call diseases. Disease 101, aka the simple version goes like this;

Viruses use your own body cells as a nursery to breed. A particular virus will bind to a receptor on a cell and inject a part of itself into that blood cell which will replicate inside until the cell literally bursts and spreads a lot of baby viruses around to infect your other cells. They literally hijack your own cells. Different viruses use different host cells to breed. But that’s it in the proverbial nutshell. All your symptoms are caused either by the virus’ replication interfering with your bodily particles and organs, or by your bodies immune system trying to make life difficult for a given bacterium or virus.

Symptoms can be loosely grouped as follows. Remember that for the sake of brevity this is a very broad brushstroke we’re using here and more informed reading is required from proper medical textbooks to get a more precise picture.

A pyrexia or fever is the body trying to raise it’s temperature to a point where it interferes with virus replication.
A cough or sneeze is the bodies attempt to get rid of excess catarrh to keep your airways clear. Your body produces catarrh as part of your immune response to a viral or bacterial infection.
A cyst is where the white cells have ganged up on all the viruses or germs and taken mass casualties. The yellowness of pus for example is mainly dead white cells that have done a kamikaze attack on a given infection.
Diarrhea is the body purging the gut of an infection that is irritating your intestines.

And so on. The cast and script change, but it’s all the same theatre.

SARS/COV-2 is primarily a respiratory virus, ergo it tries to use your airways as a breeding ground. Hence the cough and excess snot which end up blocking the air / blood interfaces in your lungs called alveoli. If too many of these get blocked there’s not enough oxygen from the air into the bloodstream, oxygen is needed for cells to function. No oxygen. No life. Simple.

However, immune function varies greatly from person to person and environment governs transmissibility. Airborne respiratory viruses spread less in warmer climes than in cooler. Those with a healthy immune system can shrug off a given infection with alacrity. Those under extreme stress or otherwise immunocompromised will catch just about everything going. The SARS/COV-2 (COVID-19) figures indicate that about 20% or a fifth of the population is liable to catch a dose. 80% will shrug it off with barely a sniffle. Three or four percent of the infected will need hospital treatment. A fraction of a percent who catch it may die without proper treatment.

So tell me again; why this silly bloody lockdown? It’s too extreme a response.

Oh by the way.  When I say that the numbers do not lie?  Watch the video below.