Pasta Sauce

Basic recipe 1: Pasta sauce.

Makes slightly over three pints.
1lb (ish) Onion(s) (450-500gm)
4lbs (ish) Tomatoes from the garden or wherever (2kg or thereabouts)
Garlic powder (1/2 teaspoon or thereabouts)
Salt to taste, maybe a teaspoon, maybe slightly more
Black Pepper (half a teaspoon)
Crushed chillies (About half a teaspoon if you want hot, a quarter teaspoon if not)
Olive oil (Dessert spoon, or a generous splodge, whichever you prefer, any other cooking oil or fat, will also do in a pinch) Beef fat is superb.
Half teaspoon flour. Doesn’t matter what kind.
Optional extras and for soup conversion; Worcester Sauce (Lea and Perrins only – all else is pale imitation) Basil, Oregano (Fresh is best, dried is okay) to taste if you fancy.

Chop onion(s) up fairly small. Put splodge of oil or fat into large saucepan or cooking pot and switch on low heat. Throw in chopped onions and stick the lid on to sweat them down until they’ve gone all soft and translucent. Chop tomatoes and add to sweated onions in pan. Add Garlic powder, chillies, salt and black pepper to taste plus half a pint of water. Stir. Cover pan. Leave on low heat for half an hour. Mix flour with a little water so it forms a watery white paste or Roux. Take lid off pan, stir in flour and water mix. Leave pan to simmer for another half hour.

Take off heat. Liquidise. Store in fridge or freezer if in plastic containers, can be stored in a cool dry store cupboard if in sterilised sealed glass containers like Kilner jars.

To convert into a tasty cream of tomato soup; add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and half a cup of water to each pint when reheating. Add fresh chopped Basil for a real taste treat.

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