Why we must end the lockdowns

Dublin is going into lockdown, yet again. The rest of Ireland is just breathing a heavy sigh and getting on with things, looking forward to the day the pubs can re-open.

There are lockdowns all over the UK. Yet the question I do not see the powers that be asking is; how effective are these measures? Are people actually getting sick from the disease, or are the ‘cases’ just asymptomatic detections? Unfortunately all we seem hear is the constant fire hose of propaganda, making it seem that things are worse than they are, and any voices daring to question the narrative are shouted down or shut up. Yes Piers Morgan, you media whore, we’re looking at you. There’s a voice we can do without.

People being silenced Bill? What utter nonsense. No one does things like that. Not so, gentle reader (Oh come on, one of you has to be). I cite the following example; a petition to end the lockdowns was recently shut down by Change.org, citing the excuse of ‘community guidelines’. Which is a bit lame. ‘Community guidelines’ are there to prevent abuse of the system like shut down petitions for the daft and derisory, not a vital issue which is devastating not only the entire economy of the anglophone west, but people’s lives and mental health.

Fortunately, another petition requesting an end to the UK lockdowns, which has already passed the 25,000 mark and needs to garner even more genuine signatures was in place via parliament.uk, which I have already signed. However, in order to get a parliamentary debate, another 75,000 signatures need to be garnered. A million would be even better. Sign the link, pass it on via all the social media at your disposal. Real names now. No-ones going to kick down your door for wanting the simple human right of being able to go about your lawful business in peace.

Yes, yes, but why do we need to end the lockdowns Bill? They keep us safe don’t they? Don’t they? Ah. No. The lockdowns are too much, and far, far too late. Besides, what was meant to be three weeks has passed three months. The curve is flatlined, the death count is tiny. If the pandemic were a cadaver it would have been broken down for transplant spares and the rest cremated back in late May.

The current round of lockdowns are pointless because SARS/COV-2 or Covid-19 has already passed through the majority of the population without a ripple and is currently in mop up mode, giving sniffles and coughs to the few who didn’t get it in the first wave back in March and April.

The ‘case load’ that idiots carp on about is only up due to increased testing, using a test that picks up both live and dead coronavirus fragments, not just SARS/COV-2. Because the hysteria reached the point that if your cat looks a bit peaky, it was automatically SARS/COV-2, not just an iffy mouse it consumed last night. No other cause of illness counts. No other illness is important enough.

The trouble is that every coronavirus looks like SARS/COV-2 to the PBR test. The common cold is a coronavirus, as are the variants of seasonal influenza.

And of course the lockdowns have meant that people are dying from other causes which the NHS is meant to treat. Various cancers, heart disease, which are hard enough to get treatment for at the best of times, have been left untreated because of the lockdowns. There is even a body of opinion that the lockdowns have caused more deaths than SARS/COV-2, which may not be very far from the truth.

Thus I contend that the lockdowns are a mass experiment which has failed. They were applied after the first tranche of infections had already hit and put the population under house arrest with all the devastating consequences we can see all around us. Half deserted streets, shuttered businesses and worst of all, the hidden toll of decimated lives. Not just economically, but emotionally and psychologically. The damage done may take years to undo.

For Mrs S and I, our losses are small in comparison. We will recover quickly because we work mostly online anyway. The lockdowns are an inconvenience rather than a showstopper. A frustration, a problem to be worked around. Unfortunately for others, their lives have been brought to a screeching smoking halt and may never be able to get going again. They are the ones who these lockdowns have hurt the most. They are the reasons why these pointless lockdowns must end.