Speaking of which

Right, this is a bit of an experimental podcast page where I read out loud what I’ve written. It is also for the benefit of those who can’t be bothered to burn their eyeballs, dragging their mental feet through all my pearls of whatever, or just want something vaguely amusing to listen to. Yes this is my day to day voice. Like it, hate it, agree, disagree, think it’s funny, outrageous, dull, whatever. Use this sites ‘Contact Me‘ page to let me know or via the Archive.org comment system. As always I will reply to cogent or interesting comments, but personal attacks, trolling or spam will disappear without trace. See Comments Policy rules.
First offering is “The Law of unforeseen consequences, part deux.”

26th July I’m a tourist, get me out of here.

A Sarcastic Anglo-Canadian gentleman in Ireland, shouting into his own bucket.

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