Boiling an Egg

Boiled Eggs are a simple dish, yet so often done badly, with either the whites still runny or the yolks all solid and sandy dry in the middle. My preference is for a solidified white, with a slowly oozing, not solid, centre of molten gold. Cooked properly enough to kill any squittery making salmonella or other lurgi, yet not so much as to render the yolk dry and unpalatable.

Over the years I’ve refined my method to produce good results every time. And it’s so foolproof even I can’t get it wrong.

Serves one
1 Large (freshish) chickens egg

Enough water to cover an egg
Large slotted serving spoon, tongs or similar implement. A long handled tea strainer will do at a pinch. Use of fingers is not recommended unless you like scalded pinkies and lots of pain.

For hard boiled eggs to go with a salad
One mixing bowl deep enough to cover two eggs, three quarters full of freshly iced water.

Method; Soft boiled egg (See time chart below)
Bring water to boil, I mean really boiling, not just simmering. Set timer as per chart below. Using slotted serving spoon, carefully deposit egg in boiling water and set timer running. Butter bread for soldiers, or put bread slice in toaster for same. When timer pings, remove egg from boiling water with slotted spoon or tongs and place in egg cup. Remove top Add salt and pepper to taste. Dip in bread or toast ‘soldiers’. Consume.

Method; Hard boiled egg (See time chart below)
Bring water to boil as before, setting timer. When timer pings, drop egg into bowl of iced water to halt the cooking process. Leave for half an hour to chill thoroughly before removing shell. Will keep for up to seventy two hours in fridge and still be edible. Eat with any creamy salad dressing like Ranch, Caesar, Blue Cheese or Mr Heinz’ Salad Cream if you can get it. Very nice.
N.B. Please remember that these times are based upon my personal preference. If you like ‘runny’ eggs or those made out of rock, please substitute your own.

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