Celery and blue cheese soup

Celery. There’s a conundrum. Great raw with a little salt and a slice of bread and butter, but not one of the greatest ingredients on the planet. However, help is at hand with a recipe to turn your entire celery root into a thick and tasty soup with plenty of healthy fats and protein. And like all my recipe’s, if I can do it, so can you.

So. Celery and blue cheese soup. Make in batches and freeze for a rich and creamy warm the cockles soup. Here goes.

  • You will need:
  • One Celery root, washed and trimmed
  • About 2oz of cheap Danish blue cheese (All right, 3oz then, if you must)
  • Cornflour (About a dessert spoon)
  • 1oz butter
  • About 1/4 pint milk
  • One large chopped onion
  • One baking potato
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • Two pints of water
  • One largish stock pot
  • One small saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Liquidiser

Wash and finely chop both celery and onion, place in stock pot. Peel potato and cut into half inch cubes. Throw in after celery and onions, add two pints of water and salt. Put on a low medium heat and leave until it bubbles.

About half an hour after the celery etc has begun to bubble; put your ounce of butter in the small pan, put on low to medium heat to melt it and then mix in your dessert spoon of cornflour. Once you have a smooth paste, add the milk. Put back on heat. Chop up blue cheese and add to mix, stirring while the cheese melts and the sauce thickens.

Put over a third of the celery and potato mix into your liquidiser and give it a thorough whizzing. When this is thoroughly smooth, pour back into gently bubbling stock pot. Now add cheese sauce and stir until thoroughly mixed. Serve with a crusty bun. It’s just the ticket for a cold day, and it’s also mostly vegetarian.

Hah! Next job, world peace and split the atom. All in a days work for a modest cook with much to be modest about. Enjoy.

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