The continuing death of democracy

Glad we got out of Canada when we did. The idiots in Ottawa have passed a piece of law with the innocuous title of C-10. See the analysis from Viva Fei below.

Fortunately I am now outside of Canada and thus can tell the eejits to go Feck themselves. Not that I make any money of this or any other blog. However, C-10 I predict, will be used to shut down any blogger, vlogger, or in Viva’s case, Vlawger of Canadian origin or within Canadian jurisdiction by means of financial penalties for ‘wrongthink’.

‘Liberal’. Never was a political party so misnamed.

Has no one heard of…

Mowing the lawn today I was mulling over the extensions to lockdowns that have recently been announced and find myself wondering “Why FFS?” The most vulnerable parts of the population have been vaccinated and then, like a closet Nazi’s wet dream comes the ‘Delta’ variant of the not so dreaded SARS/COV-2 virus. Followed by a renewal of the restrictions for another four weeks, and then some. Sorry was that my cynicism? I knew I’d put it somewhere.

Now those who have been driven to the brink of bankruptcy by these unnecessary restrictions that do little to curb the spread of a disease, any disease, will be teetering on the edge of financial oblivion these Government restrictions have driven everyone to, and I can’t help but ask; “Has no-one ever heard of cross-immunity?”

Put simply, if you were exposed to a form of the SARS virus, even as far back as 2003, your immune system will probably already be programmed to resist the Johnny come lately SARS/COV-2, as it is a similar coronavirus with similar spike proteins. Even without vaccination, ‘Delta’ variant or no.

The problem being is that no-one in any position of authority seems to understand this simple immunological principle. Which means far more of us are immune than the PCR ‘cases’ would imply.

Incidentally, I find the ‘asymptomatic spread’ meme highly suspect. If you are infected your bodily secretions (Snot, saliva etc) are likely to carry virus during the infectious phase of the disease. The whole ‘asymptomatic’ thing is a misnomer as no disease is completely asymptomatic. A sufferer might have low level symptoms, like a runny nose or a mild tickle, but how many of us pay attention to that? Yet such things do count as symptoms.

Fortunately, in the real world, asymptomatic spread is rarer than we have been led to believe. The real life asymptomatic spreaders are like the notorious ‘Typhoid Mary‘, the exception rather than the rule. Indeed, ‘asymptomatic’, or more accurately, pre-symptomatic spread is thought to occur in a maximum of 20%, of which just under half actually develop symptoms. Don’t believe me? Read this article from the British Medical Journal.

As for the deleterious effects of lockdowns, conversation with ‘South’ this morning. She had a piece of bad news, news that most people (Including her) would brush off with an “Oh that’s awful.”. Instead she had such a bad anxiety episode, she basically imploded and had to take a day off.

Normally robust people are cracking up under the strain of the restrictions. Society has not only lost it’s sanity, it has lost the box it came in. This is a massive crisis in the making, and one whose effects are only just beginning to bear a particularly bitter and putrid fruit.

Told you so

So the UK is moving the goalposts yet again. Despite next to zero deaths from SARS/COV-2 infections regardless of ‘variant’ the travel restrictions will be shifted by ‘two to four weeks’. Can I just say “I told you so?” But I do not do so with any level of smugness.

Is anyone else out there feeling cynical? About the whole ‘minimise travel’ thing and the continuing pointless regulations regarding masks? In addition to “rapid response teams, putting in extra testing, military support and supervised in-school testing. ” This is psychological abuse on a massive scale

For my own part I enjoyed a meal out yesterday for the first time in six months. Six bloody months. It was a small pleasure to sit outside in the sunshine, and I did feel my cortisol level decline a little, but then I walked out of the restaurant and there were all the Stockholm Syndrome terrified staggering around wearing pointless masks and bing! Up it went again.

It doesn’t matter that you are over five times more likely to die of common pneumonia than a SARS/COV-2 infection or that the basic figures published by the UK ONS show the average all cause mortality rate is well below seasonal norms. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourselves. Do not, whatever you do, believe the clique of mathematical modellers and behavioural psychologists who make up SAGE or NPHET. Go see what real epidemiologists have been saying for months.

People have been frightened out of what little wits they had to start with, and as any fule kno, being a bedwetter does not a good decision maker create. Not to mention that the whole rabbit in the headlights look is so unflattering.

Oh, by the way; Watch the video below. I think it adequately describes where we are as a society right at this precise point in time.

On the road

In West Clare and Galway. Just some of my personal footage set to some restful music. Well mostly.

If this cheers you up, you’re probably as daft as I am. Welcome to the asylum.

Road trips

Currently trying to ignore the discomfort from my old back injuries and doing the odd road trip around the Wilder West of Ireland, from Sligo and Galway down through Clare and Limerick into Kerry and Cork. I’ve just finished reading ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’, Orwell’s chronicle of his journey through working class Britain in the 1920’s and 30’s following on from his personal tales of poverty documented in ‘Down and out in Paris and London‘ .

Chapter 9 is particularly telling as it is easy to draw parallels between the fear and loathing of the petit-bourgeois middle classes of the working class during the 1920’s and 30’s. Attitudes which are still pretty common in the early 21st century.

From what Orwell writes, one can see very similar social forces at work sans-Interweb prior to World War Two emanating from very similar sources. The same predilection for totalitarianism loosely wrapped in a muddle of semi-digested Socialism. Chapter 9 is particularly telling in it’s examples of class and race-hatred that can be still seen to exist when compared to Orwell’s highly incisive first person mid-20th century perspective.

Likewise, 21st Century ‘Woke’ culture can likewise be viewed as an example of middle class hatred and fear of the working class despite protestations to the contrary. “No!”, claim the lefty elitists, “We really luurve the proletariat! We only want what’s best for them!” but even the most cursory evaluation exposes this as a scorpion love with a nasty control freak sting in the tail. And it is endemic throughout the Western political spectrum. From the Champagne Socialists of Islington to much of the metropolitan Conservative party. Or the Democrats in the USA to much of the Urban RINO Republicans. It is why they all have so much in common. Their social racism is firmly encoded in their DNA.

Belief in the pseudosciences, like in the 1920’s and 30’s, is also widespread, and any serious challenge from the ‘lower orders’ such as the election of Trump or the BREXIT referendum sparks a massive counter reaction. Questioning the ‘science’ of SARS/COV-2 and ‘man made climate change’ likewise. These are canon to the ‘sophisticated’ urban middle classes and any gainsaying, no matter how well founded, is seen as overt defiance against the middle class wannabe rulers and are to be silenced for their wrongthink. “How could they not believe as we do?” is the quavering cry. Like in the 1930’s, these are predominantly class based belief systems.

Anything that allows easy social mobility is likewise attacked by measures designed to make everyone an employee, and thus controllable, like IR35. Yet at the same time being in favour of importing large populations that do not share the basic values of the country they are being invited into. Mainly to keep wages down and property values up. Both of which disadvantage the native working and young person in the early stages of their career.

By way of a deconstruction of the kind of propaganda we have been bombarded with, to keep those pesky peons in their place; Ivor Cummins runs the numbers and calculates the real risk factors for SARS/COV-2 in the video below. All using approved official sources. Yet the terrified middle orders still pressurise government to keep the restrictions in place, no matter that their ‘sceance’ is patently flawed.

Anyway, that’s enough now. I shall shortly be posting some of the ‘on the road’ footage I’ve taken on our road trips online, just to show my reader what it’s like pootling down secondary Western Irish R roads. See you shortly. Pubs and outdoor dining is opening next week and Jaysus but I’ve got a powerful thirst on me.