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A couple of memes

Has anyone ever noticed the following?

People who talk about ‘disinformation’ or ‘misinformation’ (and other such neologisms) are usually the greatest liars of all?

The difference between ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘verified fact’ is currently running at about six months.

From the bin

Just found the missive below in my spam bin, ostensibly from that bunch of cnuts at mediamatters, an organisation so polarised that a certain Mr A Hitler has been heard to say; “Mein Gott! Zat’s a bit extreme chaps. Heff you tried a chill pill?”

We at https://www.mediamatters.org/ need your help to stop Evil Musk from taking over twitter. If you don’t help https://www.mediamatters.org/ then we cannot be considered friends. We intend to publish a list of websites who do not respond positively to our request for solidarity, which will not be good for your business. Emboldened by Musk’s Twitter takeover, anti-trans figures are celebrating by breaking the platform’s rules on hateful conduct Join the men & women emboldened by Musk’s Twitter takeover, anti-trans figures are celebrating by breaking the platform’s rules on hateful conduct © 2022 Media Matters for America

Well chums I’ll try and let you down gently but no, I won’t be on your side on this one. And I sure as all shooting don’t want people like you as ‘friends’. I don’t want to be in ‘solidarity’ or even the same room with a bunch of poisonous perversion pushers like you. And I am quite happy for you to publish this website on a ‘list’ as one that ‘will not respond positively’. Then will you please take the time and trouble to fcuk right off.

By the way, if you’d actually bothered to read my ‘about’ page before posting your barely veiled threat you would be fully aware that I consider that men are men and women are women, and “vive la difference!” You can’t rewrite the laws of biology for the mentally ill. And gender dysphoria is officially classified as a mental illness. Only crazy people want to be chemically sterilised and surgically mutilated because they’ve got the notion that they’re the wrong sex. They can’t change their DNA. XX is XX and XY is XY. Biology is biology. That bit of science is settled.

Nor do I consider Elon Musk ‘evil’ for buying out Twatter. The people mediamatters work for on the other hand who indulge in ‘cancelling’ other voices…. Nah, I’ll let you lot ponder that one. If you have even the least shred of self-awareness.

By the way, you can’t do anything which ‘won’t be good for my business’. This blog is a hobby. It is not monetised in any way and I derive no income of any kind from it.

Sheesh. Some people.

Any damned fool

Laid three new concrete hive bases today ready for their new stands. I’m told fifteen inches is about the right height to keep rats and mice out. So I built three stands of that height to place the hives on and oriented them south and east, like the books say you should.

There’s been a lot of ‘project slippage’ caused by unforeseen events. Supply availability, people not doing what you wanted in good time. Getting bees is proving a sticking point and I’m told that the next Nuc availability will be in a month.

As for the banks, the oft repeated words “We are experiencing extremely high call volumes.” have already reduced Mrs S to floods of tears twice this week and thus got me thoroughly discombobulated.

The money is all there, we just can’t get at it without the landline that the builders trashed. So until we’ve sorted out the phone access next week, I can only pay the trades guys half. Which should be an incentive for them to get us up and running, asap.

However, I’ve stripped out the last of the window glass intact, meaning I have plenty of glass panels for various projects like cucumber frames and citrus growing. Ever since I germinated my first lemon seeds I’ve had this notion to grow my own citrus fruit and store it as frozen organic fruit juice. Might even barter a little. We’re a registered farm business now, so why not? I’ve a location in mind and know how to build some hot water solar panels to retain some residual heat during the depths of winter to keep the frosts at bay. Some cheap half inch black plastic tube under double glazed glass over a black back panel is easy to make. An insulated hot water storage tank (or several) might be a good idea too. All do-able on a budget. Primitive but useful.

As for the outside world, the more I step away from the news, every time I have a brief peruse of the mainstream, the more I’m inclined to think; “Surely any damned fool could see that would happen.” It often reduces me to a near permanent state of “WTF!”

Which begs the question; am I ‘any damned fool’? Because I can see the harm done? By the very people we entrust with the public good? Real life measurable harm like (takes deep breath) Overt sexualising grooming of pre-pubescent children in schools by policy, interrupted education by lockdown, children (and adults) psychologically damaged by obsessive mask wearing and social isolation. People driven to madness by the incessant news media diet of fear. And people hate what they fear, so they are driven to hate. Because they are taught to hate by the very people squawking about ‘misinformation’. To name but a few. Yet who are the mis-informers? No pressure. Answer in your own time.

Not to mention the damage to the fabric of society. Despite increased institutionalised enforcement, under the surface we are observably more divided than ever before. There is more racism, more hatred, more intolerance. And it bubbles up from the poisoned wellspring of mandated ‘diversity’ and enforced ‘fairness’. The “You must think exactly this way – OR ELSE!” corporate mindset. Or else you will go on a list. A publicly visible list of the ideologically impure and unemployable ‘haters’. Available to hiring managers, credit agencies and local authorities to name but three. These lists should not exist in a truly civilised society, but they do. I cite the confirmed existence of the Non-Crime Hate Incident list in the UK, where people not convicted of any crime are put in an effective digital pillory.

Fortunately this matters little to me personally. Out here in the rural west of Ireland people are more down to earth, more in tune with the real world and the turn of the seasons. Social media is seen as the province of teenagers. And very few children have cell phones. Neighbours talk over their garden walls, do favours for each other, show unbidden kindness.

In my mind it is a fundamental truth that authoritarianisms suppression and censorship divides us all, while free, open and honest speech allows people to discuss, examine and challenge, not only the beliefs of others but also their own, in a roundabout way promoting ‘social cohesion’ more effectively than any other method. But then any damned fool should be able to see that, and if that is the case then I am happy to be so described.

The law of sausage

According to lawyer-poet John Godfrey Saxe in 1869 (Not Bismarck) that “Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” This law should be firmly applied to building work.

Our house has been stripped to it’s very bones, exposing many grievous sins. Said domicile now looks more like a 1970’s Dr Who set than a once habitable building. Old wiring and heating stripped out, new wiring dangling like a jungle of ersatz creepers, it is quite depressing. Places where damp has rotted wood, spawning filigrees of fan like fungal growth spreading across long hidden wallpaper. Gaping holes for windows. Frankly me deario’s, it looks awful.

However there is hope; our plumber and sparky are working in concert. The builder and his merry men have sent in their first invoice which will be paid by Friday next. Said payment will cover the first tranche of new windows, lintels, wall and subfloor insulation. Then the pipes and manifold for the ground floor underfloor heating go in, followed by a fine screed and floor tiles.

Despite the possible threat of having our home confiscated to house ‘refugees’ for ‘the common good’ (Whatever the hell that is) we are ploughing ahead, working on the premise that it will take the powers that be a while to work their mendacious way down to our level. By which time we will be so well established and secure that they’ll have a serious legal fight on their hands. Besides, doesn’t it say in the Irish constitution (Article 43) that; “The State guarantees to pass no law to abolish these (property )rights”? Let’s see how that stands up against constant political pressure for ‘social injustice’. Which to me is nothing more than cover for a housing racket at the very highest level. It’s criminal.

Bill Stickers rule one about crime; always make it look like an uphill battle for the potential criminal. Make it quite plain in many subtle and diverse ways that they personally may suffer consequences should they try to make your life full of drama. Good locks and property lawyers are essential.

For my part, I always try to deal with prodnosing officialdom by being like McCavity the mystery cat; never there when they want something. Nod, smile, deflect and divert all the while, before making the object of their desire disappear right under their noses. Well it’s worked for me so far. Stuff their ‘refugees’, many of whom aren’t even Ukrainian, or even proper refugees.

Offshoring the processing of these ‘refugees’ to Rwanda sounds like a pretty good idea to me. It cuts the flight risk to a minimum and puts badly needed capital into the third world. And if that observation makes me a Xenophobic right winger, so be it.

Speaking of which, I see the French haven’t learned their lesson and have apparently voted Macron back in again. The majority appear to have been sufficiently frightened that Le Pen might boulverser le panier de pommes. Like with most electorates, they will always, in the words of Hillaire Bellocalways keep-a hold of nurse – for fear of finding something worse!

All of the above makes me think that making real change for the better in your life takes a gnats nadgers of personal vision, a soupçon of courage and a sound dose of unswerving commitment. Without these, you’re just counting down the days to your coffin.

A Friday post

Just a random video from the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Key phrase; “this is the least racist place I’ve ever been in.”

And “Open up how you get your information”

Words we should all take notice of.

Why the confusion?

Yes. Why the confused mixed messages over SARS/COV-2 and all the rest? Triggernometry (Who as you can see have had their video without bad language or any other pejorative content ‘age restricted’ – then restored, weird huh?) looks at why people are shying away from the much-vaunted boosters and asks some searching questions.

As this blog has observed on more than one occasion, trust, once lost, is awfully hard to recover. This applies to Alphabet corporation and all their subsidiaries (Particularly YouTube) in spades.

I won’t say happy new year because the only happiness you will get is that you go out and find for yourself. Good luck, you’re up against some pretty stiff opposition. Your own sockpuppet governments for one.

But I repeat myself

Watching the frenetic fulminations of the mainstream media today. I took a look back in my blog archives about the madness we are now enveloped in. Eleven months ago.

Despite all the masks and lockdowns we are no further forward in getting out of this so-called pandemic. And I use the term ‘so-called’ very carefully because it is, and then again most definitely isn’t.

Because what is a pandemic? The dictionary definition is this;


pandemic/panˈdɛmɪk/Learn to pronounceadjective

  1. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Okay, tick that box. The spread of Omicron variant of SARS/COV-2 is worldwide. It’s everywhere and if you do not have natural immunity from a similar infection, you are going to get it. No question. It’s already endemic.

However, trying to avoid this bug by hiding behind a worthless mask (Read the wrapper) in a sink of infection (an enclosed space like your home) is an exercise in futility.

Thinking about all the fuss, there is a body of opinion that states “if rape is inevitable you might as well lie back and enjoy it”. Unless of course you can spit in the would be rapists eyes and twist their balls off, or bite their dick in two while their legs are tangled up trying to get their trousers off (Which is what I advised my two stepdaughters to do if so assaulted).

However, catching what is effectively a bad cold and having a rough forty eight hours isn’t comparable to rape. True rape is a nasty, brutalising experience and more akin to the enforced wearing of masks, lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations the politicians are trying to foist upon us all.

Our social mechanisms are being raped by the constant media drumbeat of fear, our basic human interactions damaged by gleeful haters and the perennially petrified. Like with the psychological damage inflicted by a brutal rape, our basic humanity is affected and will take years to heal, if they ever do.

At this point in the war of words over the restrictions, we who believe that ordinary people know better how to live their lives than some Ivory tower ‘expert’ lost in the clouds of academe, are on the back foot. We are in the minority. Berated and abused as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Threatened with the loss of liberty and employment should we not comply with the demands of the panicky and woefully ill advised.

The evidence is there for all to see. The “OHMYGAWD!” virus variant is in the wild. We will all get it regardless of restrictions and a very few, already sick with serious and life threatening conditions, will die. Many others will die (and have already died) precisely because the very restrictions meant to prevent infection with one arguably minor infection prevent them getting timely medical treatment by the very institutions our tax dollars pay for..

The only way to mitigate the Omicron variants worst effects is, as I have said so many times before about previous variants of SARS/COV-2, is a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals (Add Vitamins D3, K2, and C if you think you need them), fresh air, moderate exercise and a healthy attitude to risk. Wash your hands properly and regularly with warm soapy water (Not hand ‘sanitiser’) and you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about.

Works for me.

This is precious..

Apparently, arch-lefty Russell Brand has been branded a ‘Right wing conspiracy theorist’ by certain sections of the media.

All I can say is; welcome to the dark side young Skywalker….

This is sooo precious….


I keep hearing this figure of 75,000 (Seventy five thousand) excess deaths at home in the UK not attributed to SARS/COV-2. Not sure if that’s the overall figure since March 2020 or just for the last 12 months.

75,000 people who died of not getting treated for heart attacks, strokes and other diseases. Not treated by the UK’s ‘world leading’ and ‘wonderful’ NHS.

Out of a population 0f 67 million it’s a drop in the ocean, but I’m sure the families of those who got locked out of the NHS their taxes pay for will agree, it’s a small price to pay for controlling COVID (Do I have to post a /sarc tag here?) Which the lockdowns didn’t.

To all those people who advocated for the lockdowns, is 75,000 extra dead enough? Doesn’t matter. So long as it’s not you, eh?

Twenty wokety four

On the topic of ‘cancel culture’ and all things ‘woke’. The excellent Dr David Starkey, TV Historian recently cancelled by the woke from Cambridge, has his own, sparkly and brand new YouTube channel. Well worth a view. We wish him every success.

As for the people who got Starkey and so many others ‘cancelled’, really people? Were their ‘crimes’ so heinous that the woke had to go after their livelihoods? In Starkey’s case for a mere figure of speech? How petty. How spiteful. How empty.

Emptiness. That kind of sums up those who follow the precepts of ‘woke’ and those who bow before it. People who live in a spiritual desert, chasing after each mirage of ‘offence’, dying of thirst in a wilderness of their own making. How lonely they must be. Soulless. Living in a purposeless Hell of their own creation staring into the false mirror of cowardice. Thinking that all must be the same. Or else you can’t come out to play.

“Wrong!” cry a chorus of damned woke souls. “Sticker you are so full of it! We are fighting all the horrible isms that plague society. The haters must be cast out whatever the cost! Only we can save the world!” And so on…. Yawn.

Yerrs, fighting. Let’s think about that for a moment. Was there really a problem to fight against in the first place, or is this some kind of self vindication strategy? Something to make the ‘woke’ feel important when there’s this terrible clawing emptiness inside? Part of a perverted search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world perhaps?

That being said I constantly find myself bewildered as to why anyone pays these self-appointed judges and pundits any attention at all. There’s very few of them. Yet they wield a power way above their pay grade, and it seems most of them are what techie types used to refer to as ‘HR Handbags’.

I see them as poor manipulated pawns fear-programmed and convinced that their way is the only way. Even when recent history is strewn with so many examples of their top-down philosophies failures. Like those implemented by Lenin, Stalin, Ceausescu, Pol Pot, Chavez, Madron and on and on and on. Never mind all the big corporations that got too big and byzantine trying to run their employees lives before needing serious restructuring.

That’s the problem, Socialism, Corporatism, there’s hardly a fag paper between them. They all think they own other people. Frankly I’m led to the conclusion that it’s all about a few chasing unlimited power and influence, funding and grooming the activists with what is for the manipulators, chump change.

It doesn’t matter anyway. There’s a big financial crunch on the way to rival 2008 and then some. The powers that be might manage to kick the can down the road for a year or two longer, but it will happen, the imbalances are there and will only take one dog in the manger to push things over the edge.

This time the Banks that will start the cascade are in China. Because they’re heavily invested in hugely overpriced real estate. (A process, some would argue that has already begun) The rest of the Pacific rim will follow, then a good deal of Africa, the USA and followed by Western Europe as global trade goes into a worse cascade failure than at present. No one will be able to afford anything. And as a Big Chief once said; “You will find that you can’t eat money.” With the end result that big ‘compliance’ departments will find themselves being rapidly downsized into a market that has no need of whatever it is they think passes for their skill set.

Time to start that vegetable patch and plant a few fruit trees methinks. At least you’ll have something to eat if (and perhaps when) it all does go South. In any case, I can vouch for the fact that home grown is, with a little time and effort, better than store bought. The growing process can be fun too.

The powers that be aren’t being very astute either by banning the unvaccinated from various events or places or forcing them out of the workplace, as Biden wants to do in the USA. The truth is the current crop of politicians haven’t a clue, and can’t face the cold hard facts that the mRNA vaccines don’t stop people getting infected, all they do is mitigate some symptoms. Masks don’t work because they can’t stop microdroplet spread and may even act as a catcher and concentrator. Nor do lockdowns as they incarcerate carriers with the uninfected. Like God (to paraphrase a Parachute Regiment song I learned from an old drinking buddy) the virus is airborne and endemic. It’s everywhere. There is no escape. If you’ve had a dose, congrats, you’ve got much better immunity than by mRNA vaccines alone. If not, you might be part of the lucky 20-30% of the population who have a natural immunity.

As to efficacy, might I share this request for clear critical thinking from Dr Peter Doshi, the Assistant editor of the BMJ, an essential reference for medicines and their side effects.

So it doesn’t matter that the UK ‘Conservatives’ are about to foist up to a two year sentence on anyone who disagrees with their online censorship bill or any of Bodge Job the clowns insane ‘Green’ policies. That’s a thought, does the UK have an extradition treaty with Ireland? Hmm. lemme see now; Australia, United States of America and Hong Kong yes. Does that include the EU with the UK? Hmmm again. Maybe not so easy. I might be safe. At least until Twenty Wokety four.

Was that a knock on the door? Is that the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Special Branch? Sod ’em all, they can wait out in the rain. I’ve got a property deal to do.

In the meantime…

While waiting for notification that the vendors lawyers are doing their thing, Mrs S and I were talking about the current culture war fallout this morning, where people are being ‘no-platformed’ or ‘cancelled’, and politicians are calling for an end to online anonymity because the Internet is a ‘cesspool’.

“You can’t just shut down debate because a tiny minority of immature people are offended.” I remarked as she listened to a Sam Harris podcast.

“Ironic isn’t it?” She replied. “That the platform so many of these so-called ‘serious’ conversations are being had on, is called Twitter…” Well, it made me smile.

Such exchanges are one of the reasons I married her. And why we stay married.

Words to inspire

I saw this on Pinterest, and was moved to create my own version. See below.

Happy Friday.

How’d that work out?

Came up against the silly rule that you have to show a vaccination certificate yesterday. To get a cup of coffee. A freaking cup of coffee and a light lunch for heavens sake! The staff demanded to see them before we would be served. I didn’t have mine with me (Never carry it), so we walked out of the coffee shop .

We might have sat in and had a nice lunch, spending a pleasant hour and spending fifty or so euro’s, paying wages for the staff and keeping the economy rolling. We didn’t.

So we went to a competitor around the corner who offered outdoor space for dining without demanding our papers and spent our money there.

The place where we were refused service unless “Papieren bitte” has earned a scathing review on Tripadvisor and Expedia. I will never knowingly enter the premises of that franchise or any associated business ever again. Ireland used the boycott against bad landlords back in the day, now it’s time to resurrect that tactic.

Yes, they were free to refuse me service because I couldn’t ‘prove’ my vaccination status. However, the menu was rather limited and the fare looked fairly average with nothing out of the obvious to recommend it, so the money walked.

Mrs S is upset at my blunt refusal to carry a vaccination certificate, but I told her archly that “I’ve gone along with this farce for long enough. I’ve had the jabs. Thus far and no further.”

She protested that this “Limited her choices.” To which I responded; “This is a matter of principle. I’ll happily show my certificate when going in for medical treatment, but nowhere else. The coffee shops can fuck off.”

We’ll see who goes broke first.

The politicians don’t follow these rules, so why should we?

Oddments on the move

Been out surveying houses this week and re-learning what the phrase ‘Jerry built’ means. Frankly, one of the properties we looked at needed completely demolishing and rebuilding. The price wasn’t that good. Way over the odds. So, following the advice of a friendly, gruff spoken but very savvy Structural Engineer, we’re giving it a miss. Having taken his advice, we now realise that our planned purchase would have turned into a money pit and a complete nightmare from a planning perspective.

Anyway. Hate speech laws. Where the law is applied to one group but not for all. Which tends to contradict the spirit of having a legal system in the first place. Rules should be for everyone, not just to protect certain groups. Indeed, I feel the people who moot such rules should be held to a much higher standard than the rest of us mere mortals.

The problem with hate speech laws is that my observation and small wisdom tells me are in effect more divisive than unfettered insult and opprobrium. By suppression they do not prevent the subject matter being thought about, because such laws will always incite resentment from the targeted population and militate against tolerance of a given ‘protected’ group.

The thought process goes like this:

  1. Rules say you can’t be seen to be ‘hostile’ even by a raising of the eyebrow against a given ‘protected’ group, even if the gesture was only targeted at the unpleasantness of a single individual of said group.
  2. If said ‘protected’ group is so hypersensitive, and one is likely to inadvertently run into problems when dealing with them, the easiest response is to avoid contact with said group altogether, just in case ‘offence’ is taken, even if none was meant. Thus leading to an increased ghettoisation of the ‘protected’. Simply because they’re too much trouble.
  3. The division thus created means that there is now a ‘two-tier’ society worse than the one that the Hate Speech laws were intended to avoid.
  4. See any long-repressed native population for the medium to long term outcome. Catholic Ireland is a good example, where the native population was oppressed for a long time, deprived of political power and forced into being second class citizens.

Conclusion; Excessive repression breeds violent revolt. Enforced compliance under an unfair system such as one that ‘Hate speech’ laws create can only be continued for short periods of time while the enforcement of said rules can be maintained. The essential social contract between rulers and ruled cannot be sustained under these conditions. This is one of the lessons of history.

N.B.: ‘Stirring up hatred’ is not the same as the current hypersensitive definition as used by people of a ‘woke’ persuasion. The word ‘hatred’ (Noun) implies a very strong, even violent dislike of a person or group and to incite it by making up stories about how bad the targeted group are, or warping language to paint said group (for example with the ‘beneficiaries of slavery’ meme) as ‘evil’ falls neatly into that category.

So, given this salient definition, who are the people ‘stirring up hatred’? Those warping the language to sow division for political or monetary (Or both) gain? Or those being accused of ‘hatred’ with questionable and highly subjective evidence?

Any old road up, I’m on the road again for most of this week. We have electricians and estate agents to haggle with in between times, and I’ve found a problem with my new Irish Driving Licence that needs to be resolved, so if I’m a little slow in responding to anyone, I beg my last readers forbearance.

Being mindful

We are continually being told that ‘mindfulness’ is a good thing, a goal to be aspired to, the epitome, the acme of all that is good and righteous. To be ‘mindful’, practitioners inform us, is the path to enlightenment, nirvana, and paying off the mortgage on time. Now it seems that this key precept is failing, with many practitioners straying from the path and in the process becoming narcissistic, vile little eejits you wouldn’t cross the road to piss down their throats if their lungs were on fire. But they weren’t nice people to begin with, and no amount of ‘awareness’ and Yogurt can change their true nature, merely the way it is expressed, in saccharine insincerity, passive-aggressiveness and massive self-delusion.

Now it may surprise you, dear reader (Look, there’s one of you out there, I think) but I too once delved into the innermost secrets of the universal soul through meditation and Yoga. Through my contemplations of the infinite and divine, I have become the person I am today. Does this surprise anyone? Yes? No? Don’t give a monkeys? Whatever.

Now my yoghurt and mendicant training goes back a few years to the Dojo where I studied, a small covert room over a Chinese Restaurant in sunny Stoke on Trent. A secret place where ancient masters taught the stoic arts and the ancient, obscure Welsh martial art of LLap Mivitalls, which consists of disciplining mind and body to hardship via the use of large cups of tea and bacon sandwiches consumed in the vast hidden reaches of industrial estates and lorry parks. The major part of which consists of learning how to eat your bacon sandwich in a torrential downpour without diluting your tea or letting your bacon sandwich get soggy. You can brag about the athletic prowess of Shaolin monks all you like, but such things are child’s play when faced with the inner serenity a black belt in this Welsh martial art can attain. Let’s face it, when you can calmly munch your way through breakfast in a heavy Welsh downpour whilst looking totally relaxed, you are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

BC, my home for the last decade or so, is now infested with a plague of ‘mindfulness’ and narcissism to the point where recovery is not possible. There can be no vaccine for this plague, only the burgeoning awareness of the sufferer that all is not well with them, and why their friends seem to clam up or roll their eyes whenever the practitioner of mindfulness opens their mouth.

At my Dojo, we were warned about this outcome by the Dojo’s chief mentor, Lobsang Dai, a Cardiff born man and part time Tom Jones impersonator (Ask your Granny). “Now young disciple, look you.” He would say. “All this talk of inner focus is all very well, but will it keep the rain from getting inn your tea?” He would opine further. “The path to inner serenity lies not in the actions of others, but of looking to yourself and not letting the water in. And putting your right leg behind your left ear isn’t that impressive.” With such sage teaching has my path to inner enlightenment been scattered. If we studied hard that lesson, he would demonstrate his hip twist, and how it could instantly bring down ladies underwear. Never understood why he wore such apparel, but to each their own. We were a very progressive class.

Sadly Lobsang Dai is no more, having fallen from grace to the charms of a Hungarian long distance lorry driver called Magda, but my fellow disciples and I remember his teachings with great fondness.