Cooking for Conspiracy theorists

One of the things I do after a hard days tinfoil hat wearing is cook. It’s therapeutic and a balm to the soul troubled by what idiocy the powers that be will get us all into next. I also like cooking of this nature because you get to control the substances you put into your body if you’re into the health food whole organic thing. The focus is on flavour.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile using a cookbook (‘New York Times Cookbook‘ is good, ‘Joy of Cooking‘ also), more often working from first principles. However, this page is where my eclectic collection of low-cost, easy to make, and above all nourishing, basic recipes will be posted in future.

Whether you’re prepping for Armageddon, or just like old style home cooked stuff with bags of flavour, then these recipes are for you. This guide is not meant to be comprehensive or definitive, just a simple primer with pictures (Shortly) to the kind of fare the Sticker household subsists on week by week. No responsibility will be accepted for food poisoning caused by any lapses in food hygiene or poor storage on the part of anyone else. So tell your lawyers they can have the week off. Or some other pejorative also usually paired with ‘off’.

Anyway, here are my recipes. In no particular order.
Basic pasta sauce / tomato soup

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A Sarcastic Anglo-Canadian gentleman in Ireland, shouting into his own bucket.

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