This page has been intentionally left blank, no, seriously. Nothing to see here, move along. Why do you want to talk to or know anything about a mean, sarky, bluff old cove like me anyway? What did you expect to find here anyway? Pixie dust?  My personal details?  You’ll be lucky.

I’m an Politically Incorrect expatriate Brit with a chequered past living and working near Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada.  Why?  It’s a long, long, convoluted story and in the words of the late, great Eddie Waring;  “That’s all you’re getting.”

Give me a Reson (A particle which justifies reactions between all other known particles) to communicate via my Contact page or not. It’s all the same to me.

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Expatriate expostulations from wherever; a.k.a. A Sarcastic man abroad trying to stay in the middle of the road without getting run over.