Retired professional Expat and black belt in Sarcasm. Citizen of the world who keeps his native British accent for tax purposes. Travels a lot.

What do I do?  To bowdlerise Betjeman;

You ask me what it is I do. Well, actually, you know,
I’m partly a liaison man, and partly P.R.O.
Essentially, I integrate the current export drive
And basically I’m viable from ten o’clock till five.

I do some mild developing. The sort of place I need
Is a quiet country market town that’s rather run to seed
A luncheon and a drink or two, a little savoir faire –
I fix the Planning Officer, the Town Clerk and the Mayor

I’m also an unreformed Thatcherite capitalist with a knack for moving between continents and converting between currencies in my head.

I believe in a number of things, including;

  • The climate changes, but CO2 is an effect, not a cause. There is no evidence for the man made CO2 based paradigm outside flawed mathematical models.
  • Big government creates more problems than it solves and that people can help themselves better if administrations stick to the basics like law and order, roads etc.
  • The mass media is often terrible at reporting real facts. As Sam Clemens is often quoted as saying; “if you don’t read the news, you’re under informed. If you read the news you’re misinformed.”
  • Life is better without mass media, especially television.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic was effectively over in May 2020.  It’s not the Black Death.
  • Gender studies is a job creation program for the terminally useless.
  • Men are men, women are women and Vive la difference! All else is perversion and peccadillo.  Stuff your silly made up pronouns too.

Why?  because verifiable and reputable sources tell me so and in the words of the late, great Eddie Waring;  “That’s all you’re getting.”  I have held these opinions long before ‘Hate crime’ legislation was first mooted and will not be changing them just because the law has changed.

Give me a Reson (A particle which justifies reactions between all other known particles) to communicate via my Contact page or not. It’s all the same to me.

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A Sarcastic Anglo-Canadian gentleman in Ireland, shouting into his own bucket.

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