Climate change, a dissertation

Lennert Den Boer documents the relationship behind the current gentle warming trend, Water vapour, Carbon Dioxide and a potential ‘runaway greenhouse effect’.

Yes it’s a long one. Over an hour and ten minutes. But Tom Nelson is a great interviewer who let’s his subjects talk before asking questions. Unlike so many mainstream ‘journalists’ looking for a cheap and easy sound bite. Well worth watching and listening all the way through. An eye opener.

A recommended YouTube subscribe.

As for that “97% of scientists agree” Complete rubbish. Watch below.

I mean. it’s got so transparently ridiculous that even those Eejits comprising ‘extinction rebellion’ and all their splinter groups are realising that they’re just pissing people off. So much for the big brains eh?

Anyone else ever noticed…?

Don’t know why, but it just struck me. Every single argument for man made climate change is a complete non-sequitur.

non sequitur

/nɒn ˈsɛkwɪtə/


  1. a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.”his weird mixed metaphors and non sequiturs”

For example; that decrepit old luvvie Attenborough will make a claim on one of his well produced but factually warped natural history programmes that a Walrus jumped off a cliff because it got too hot, ‘cos of ‘climate change’. With the implication that it’s all the fault of dear Mrs Miggins who drives her Morris Minor two miles to Tesco’s once a week and should have her pension cut off for said criminal act. When what actually happened was that said Walrus was taking a well earned breather from foraging for clams in freezing Arctic seas to socialise with it’s mates on a nice beach when some bloody great Polar Bear turns up, chases it up the slope and off the cliff edge where it promptly croaks.

Or we get shown the spectacular calving of a glacier, which is a regular event that occurs both when glaciers are advancing or retreating, then some narrator with a nice voice assures us that the big crumbling of excess ice from the glacier is all your fault for taking your once a year (and well earned) flight to Ibiza for a dose of alcoholic poisoning, venereal disease and sunburn.

All pro man made climate change arguments are structured thus. Something that looks like a fact is presented with a claimed cause of man made climate change due to your ’emissions’. Yet when you ask the people making these specious claims for a better proof you are faced with claims that only they know ‘the science’ you filthy denier so you’d better shut your mouth or we’ll have you arrested for ‘hate crime’. You transphobic, islamophobic, phobicphobic racist bigot you.

Which basically sums up all their cultish “only we know how to save the world” arguments. No wonder so many people are going “If it sounds like complete bollocks it must be.” and turning off the propaganda.

Happy new year everybody.

In a car park near you….

Was up in Westport, a rather pleasant tourist town in county Mayo over the last few days. Taking ‘North’ and Mrs S out for a pub lunch and wander around the shops.

We’d parked our old diesel powered jalopy in a local car park and were strolling out to the pedestrian exit when I heard the owners of two Electric vehicles complaining that two cars were hogging the car parks charging spots.

Now this comes as no surprise to me, as I consider purely electric vehicles virtue signallers toys, only fit for certain high density urban environments, and doing any serious journey, say over fifty miles or seventy five kilometres from home base, is not a great idea. Especially during Irelands predominantly cold and wet weather, when load from a vehicles internal vehicle systems (Heating, demister, radio, lights etc) takes more out of the batteries on your journey than advertised. And especially when you can’t be certain of recharging said batteries during said peregrination.

Here’s an actual owner of an electric vehicle doing a test run of a Tesla and sharing his misgivings. All that fuss and bother to get fuelled up? No thank you.

What he doesn’t say is that electric vehicles are generally far heavier than diesel and petrol equivalents than and produce more road wear. Then there’s the charge times which frustratingly increase journey times to that of public transport. And having had to make extended commutes using public transport, I can attest that I’d far rather have my own vehicle.

What experience dictates is that the charging network, at least in Ireland, is inadequate for more than a few EVs on the road at any one time, and that the Irish electric grid, as run by ESB, is inadequate for such industrial level use.

Me, with my sad old diesel based out here in the wilder west, don’t have to top up every day or so. I can fill my tank in ten minutes and I’m good for the week. You couldn’t do that with an EV. Especially not with the skyrocketing costs of electrickery.

Right, I’m off out to LocalTown. Errands to run, people to see. Catch you later. The price of Diesel is slowly dropping, and not before time.

Ho ho ho….

There are just sometimes when you’d need a heart of stone not to laugh.

Have a ‘safe and effective’ Xmas eh?

When specialists and qualified GP’s question ‘the science’ you know that something is definitely up with these mRNA ‘vaccines’. Any other medication would have been pulled from the market before now.

The evidence is overwhelming, and rolling them out to under fives is not only probably harmful, but unethical and possibly criminal. The real science is shouting this to the rooftops even whilst the modelling continues to deny there is anything wrong.

As I’ve said before; models are not proper science. Only an ignorant politician or unscrupulous drug company and their proxies would conflate empirical evidence with the output of incomplete and incoherent spaghetti code.

Happy whatever…

Well, it’s the smallest time of the year coming our way, from Solstice to 6th January. Here at the ranch we’ve just finished final clean up for guests before they arrive, and Mrs S has banned me from the bathroom I’ve just finished, and one of the spare bedrooms we don’t usually use.

So, while the rest of the world wants to go to hell in a handbasket, I’ve finally picked up my Stratocaster copy and am relearning chord changes. Give me a week or so and I might be able to manage a reasonable three chord thrash again, or maybe even pick out something more tuneful.

The rest of the property is in shutdown for the next two weeks of the midwinter festival. And whilst it is uppermost in my mind, whatever you celebrate, be it Christmas / Mithrastide, Solstice, Hannuakh or good old Saturnalia, I’d like to wish you the following; Have a really great happy whatever….

I mean it. Enjoy this seasonal time out. Not because you belong to any religious faction, because they come and go like the wind and tides. Likewise politics, but because in this era of perceived ‘hate’ I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.

It strikes me that as a society, in our pursuit of things we’ve lost something precious. Because of rapid demographic changes at the behest of the managerial state we have become estranged from those we are kin to. The managerial state, like an employer, owes no fealty or fellowship to the populace it tries to govern, having only an economic focus, which, despite all intentions to the contrary, it often gets completely wrong. Likewise in the corporate sphere. Increasingly they just don’t get people.

It is instinctive for most humans (Even a grumpy old cuss like me) seek fellowship amongst those most like ourselves. This is why we naturally form groups around activities or hobbies. Sports clubs are a prime example. Neighbourhood activities another. Churches, Temples etc. Work associations and other such relationships fulfil an instintive need for direct human contact. These institutions and associations form a slow social osmosis that creates communities. Because human communities are not formal entities, they are completely informal. A sense of community and fellowship that cannot be imposed from on high because it must always be a direct voluntary negotiation. You can’t force people to like each other or not like each other, (addendum) well, at least if you don’t strip them of their humanity and natural volition first.

Therefore, a managerial state, driven by external agendas cannot really serve the communities it seeks to hold sway over because it does not, cannot love or have fellowship with those it tries to manage. This can be demonstrated because over the last few years the managerial state, surfing a wave of unfulfillable promises, has pointedly not made life better. Indeed, our societies are more fragmented than ever because these ‘managers’ have, for their own self-involved reasons, decided that only they know best and are currently taking us down one of the many roads to hell. Something which some of us complain mightily about, others shrug resignedly, and some follow blindly.

By ‘managers’ I mean those who try to force their will and agendas upon the ordinary person. People like state functionaries, various foundations and NGO’s, using their power and influence to increase their wealth without care for the people they wish to govern.

People like the WEF and their professional political puppets do not love us. To them we are just things, items on a spreadsheet, disposable assets with a finite lifespan. Theirs is a very autistic, two dimensional, view of the world.

Yet there is a saying “The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.” I say the plans of these would be rulers will fail, because it can be seen that the tighter the reins of control, the greater some will struggle to free themselves by cheating and bucking the system.

To put it in the words of one of my neighbours; “Don’t worry Bill, there’s always ways and means.” And I think he was right. So long as there are chinks in the armour, holes in the system, there will always be gaps through which free agents can slip. Under the wire. Around the corner, breaking the mould before slipping through the shadows and disappearing into the wild blue yonder.

We can do this by the simple means of a kind word in the right place, the occasional display of unforced generosity and gratitude. A quiet smile and talking to people in real life. Try it sometime. Even if they’re being an arse. All you have to do is show them the error of their ways by asking good humoured questions like; “You really believe that?” Then wishing them a happy whatever and walking away.

Works for me. Have a great festive season because we should “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we certainly die.” But then of course, we might not. Die, that is. And there’s a happy thought.

Merry Christmas.

Another day, another WTF!?

Today I’ve been fine tuning the décor in the last bathroom. Sealing cracks and ensuring everything is completely water tight. Then there’s the entertainment for Crimbo. I think a Roku box will do the trick. Note to self, remember to disable the ad tracker function.

There’s a quote, often wrongly attributed to Voltaire which goes ; “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Which seems ever more germane. Even if the real quote comes from a ‘white supremacist etc’.

Now I work on the principle that what is true is true, no matter who says it. Even a stopped clock is ‘right’ twice a day. Even the David Icke’s and Alex Jones’s of this world. Although most of their output should always be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, but then again, so should some ‘official’ sources. Like the politicians and mainstream journalists who have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, and any information from them should, like the crazies, be treated with extreme scepticism.

This post was sparked by the claim that Russia has jailed 400 people in 2021 for saying things that Putin doesn’t like. Now how many people have been arrested and convicted of ‘Hate Crimes’ in the UK during the same period? What do we know? For the period March 2020 to March 2021 there were 124,091 recorded ‘incidents’. I’ve tried finding out how many of those reported incidents resulted in a custodial sentence, but from what the stats tell me I’m fairly certain that for wrongspeak alone, not merely as a contributory factor to another offence, it’s way more than 400.

As for convictions; for the year up to March 2020, there were 9,340. Over 85% of every case going to court resulting in conviction during that time. These are official figures, and while I look upon some official sources when it comes from the mouth of an appointed spokesperson, a little digging into the reports will often find what’s really happening.

Compare that with the cleanup rate for burglaries; only 6% of burglaries a year are solved by police across England and Wales. As for murder, the cleanup rate is approximately 70% averaged out since 2016.

Sounds like someone’s plucking the low hanging fruit when it comes to crime, doesn’t it? A easy collar and conviction for ‘hate crime’ vs solving a real crime? No contest really.

Someone objects to children being subjected to alphabet soup faction propaganda in school? That’s a ‘hate crime incident’ which could land the complainant in jail if they press too hard. Not only that but the mere listing of a person having committed a suspected offence has until recently been enough to put them on a naughty list, which could prevent them getting a job or any other service while self avowed perverts and their foul doctrines are allowed through the school gates with apparent impunity. One could easily be forgiven for thinking that this is so because there is a cabal of those with similar tastes having infiltrated the mechanism of government.

Compared with the 400 that Putin’s regime has jailed for talking out of turn, out of well over twice the population of the UK, the linked stats do paint a rather disturbing picture. Which leads me to comment that the western world is not only upside down, it’s unsustainable, inside out and back to front. And despite avowed intent to make things ‘fairer’ is making life more unfair by the year.

However, there is heartening news where Elon Musk has made it plain that those who ‘doxx’, that is release someone’s address or real time location data on that platform will have their accounts suspended immediately. Which is good. One of the extremists prime weapons is exposing others to risk by letting their pet clockwork mice know exactly where the targeted person is. Next I would like to see is people stripped of their online accounts and shoved before the beak if they go after someone’s job or finances by threatening the transacting company or employers.

If we’re going to sanction people for saying something we don’t like, let’s at least make the process even handed. Then and only then might this high tide of outraged toddler behaviour ebb and we can all get on with our lives without having to watch every word.

Right. Last jobs before Christmas; finish bathroom cleaning, fit light fitting in porch and get ready to start work on the new greenhouse. Wine racks are full. Whiskey and spirits ready. Enough dry goods and canned foodstuffs to withstand a siege. I’d say we were ready for Christmas.

Current outlook

Six in the morning. The air is clear and sharp as frozen crystal. The fields are basted in white and the snow capped mountains rise majestically above the plain. Errr, hold on a minute. This is Ireland isn’t it?

We’re in our sixth straight day of sub zero temperatures, where the temperature has not crawled above zero all day. According to Met Eirann, this state of affairs looks to continue until the weekend.

The cars are both iced up and I couldn’t even open the drivers door on Mrs S’s car this morning when we decided to pop over to LocalTown to get a couple of minor decorations for the stairwell prior to the arrival of ‘North’ next week. The ice had formed a crunchy decorative crust over half an inch thick on the bodywork and it took almost a quarter hour into getting it ready for the road, with clear windows and de-iced lights.

I do not recall this kind of frost this time of the year before. January and February yes, but December? December over here is normally pretty damp and chilly, but not usually this cold. I hear tell it’s chilly across the northern hemisphere, with the jet stream dipping far south of it’s seasonal norms. It’s more like the early 70’s when I was at school and we had a run of very cold late Autumns and Winters. What with all the UK strike action that’s heading our way, I’m getting this awful sense of Deja vu.

Myself I’d put it down to the several large volcanic eruptions earlier in the year chucking large amounts of particulates into the upper atmosphere. That and the climate ceased warming around ten years ago, then began to bimble along with no real changes. Now it’s begun to get colder, probably with more to come over the next few years.

Sure we’ll get bouts of hot weather and occasional droughts like 1976, but Winter is here and a white Christmas, despite the whining of certain non-entities who complain such a thing might be ‘waaaaycist‘ is a possibility. As an aside; could building a snowman be seen as a gesture of ‘white supremacy‘? Or could it just be symptomatic of people just unwinding and having a little old fashioned fun? I think the latter.

Fortunately this cold air has made it easier for me to go around the house today finding where all the draughts have been coming from. After a foray with a can of expanding foam filler, there are now far fewer draughts and the heating system doesn’t have to work so hard. All the painting is finished and the last job is to ensure our second bathroom is properly sealed with no nasty little gaps where incoming cold air can leach all the warmth out of the room.

We have enough alcohol to float a rather large boat. The bills, for the moment, are under control. We have two or three invitations for over the festering season.

Things could be worse.

Before we all get carried away…

…with the news that the Yanks have gotten more out of a fusion reaction that they put in, buut I wouldn’t hold my breath. The method the lab is using is inertial confinement, which basically means firing a bloody great laser at a very small pellet of Hydrogen / Tritium fuel. Like the Tokamak, this produces a bang-in-a-bottle, not a continuous process, which isn’t that great for baseload power generation. Heartening news, but not worthy of getting the bubbly out.

As far as power generation is concerned we’re stuck with unreliable ‘renewables’ and coal, oil, gas, hydro and nuclear fission. And it gives me no pleasure whatsoever to state that there will be no limitless ‘clean’ fusion power, at least in my lifetime. And I have no intention of dying for quite a while yet.

Although a little bird tells me that the WEF are already running ‘simulations’ of the next big Pandemic. Which if we can extrapolate from past behaviours that Bill Gates and pals are going to have a shot at mass murder. I mean forget Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and all the other mass murdering despots from history, these people openly avow their intent to reduce the world population to 500 million from 8 billion. How are these people not on trial for intended genocide?

Just as an intellectual exercise, what would killing off fifteen out of sixteen human beings on the planet actually look like? Say you lived in a modest small town of 8,000 people pre death event and you survive. That would leave four hundred and ninety nine others as well as yourself in that town. Say you live in a street of thirty two houses where each household originally had four occupants. That means that half the houses would be emptied of people. Most of the remaining households would be left with a single occupant.

Now who says who lives and who dies? Would whole areas become totally depopulated while others were herded into a small, tightly controlled area with high population density bounded by razor wire. “For your safety.” While their every waking moment is ordered and monitored with every infraction punished. That’s not living, that’s slavery.

This leads me to ask; who do the WEF think they are? They’re no better and probably far worse than any other Mk 1 Human, so how come they get to play God with the lives of others? My third, and most pointed question is; how do we get rid of them?

I have no answers to these questions but one can only hope that these WEF types catch whatever they’re planning to get rid of us plebs with first, and end up needing to book a place in the graveyard ahead of the rush. It would be a Pyrrhic victory, and one that might lead to other, future species puzzling over what happened to make these humans suddenly disappear?


The cold has put a crimp on a few things, but we’re getting about, passing vehicles rammed nose deep into ditches and hedges. Mrs S has been directing me in the last minute indoor paint and varnishing jobs on some second-hand furniture that we thought would fit in with our eclectic tastes before ‘North’ joins us in a week and a bit. Then there’s the usual fuss over Christmas tinklery. The tree has arrived and sits outside the back door ready to come in next week.

Outside we’re all white now. Everything is rimed with ice and I will be keeping my hands securely within gloves while working out in the yard or shed. Winter is here in all it’s crystal majesty, even though it’s still officially Autumn. So we’re hunkering down indoors. Things aren’t getting done as fast as I’ve hoped, but my neighbours have offered a helping hand, so maybe we can keep project slippage to a minimum.

What’s in the news apart from Sparkly Meg and her slow on the uptake spouse? I see Oxford and Canterbury councils will be trialling what is effectively an open prison for residents of their jurisdictions. There is only one real answer; move. The only problem is that you might not be able to sell up. As an aside; wonder what these daft ’15 minute cities’ will do to property prices?

Maybe the powers that be can trap all these ‘refugees’ within their bounds and the bigger retailers will move to premises outside the containment area. Small businesses might join them in updated premises, removing themselves from the local business rates. My take on it? Watch while Oxford and Canterbury become spaces.

Oh well. In the meantime I’m hoping that even with no wind that the power won’t go out. Although we’ve had a couple of glitches recently.

Had to happen

Heating is finally fixed. The main fault was a faulty regulator on the tank which was replaced during one of the heaviest frosts of the year so far. A bout of light snow is prophesied tonight and again at times over the weekend, but at the moment out in the wilder west of Ireland, it’s just plain chilly. Compared to BC this is child’s play -2 Celsius here as opposed to -10 in BC. What I’d call ‘brisk’. Still, outdoors is rimed in white. Very scenic.

The weekends jobs are some indoors painting and outdoors building some of the frames for converting our open sided shed into a greenhouse. Then refining beeswax. There’s not much of it, as I left the majority in the hives to let my bees successfully overwinter. Looks like my insect workforce are going to need all the help they can get. I’ve done what I can and I’m leaving them alone until the temperature hits 15 Celsius in late March / early April. Still, if we get a few warm Winter spells in January, there’s plenty of Gorse flower around for the foragers.

It wasn’t that great a Summer, as my honey crop will attest, so what are all these ‘Just stop oil’ lunatics blathering on about? Are they out and protesting with their insane rubbish about the planet burning up. No, they’ll all be hiding indoors in their centrally heated homes waiting for the first mild day to come out and make everyone else’s life a misery. If they tried that nonsense over here, one or more of my neighbours would fill up a shit spreader and there would be an unfortunate discharge and a lot of quietly mocking laughter.

On a more serious note the Teagasc are trying to push ahead with a large scale cull of cattle. Irish beef is big business, and over here is reasonably inexpensive, for the moment. It’s also very tasty. Some of the nicest prime beef I’ve had the pleasure of consuming. Lamb is the most expensive meat, with beef coming in at about two thirds the price.

This is all due to the ‘Net Zero’ insanity being pushed by major governments. Indeed, the current economic crisis is all due to government interventions. Governments are mostly run by urban ‘elites’ who have as much idea of economics as they do about quantum physics, flailing about, chasing the ‘woke’ insanity, and causing more trouble than they fix.

On the topic of ‘woke’, the Russians are busy laughing at us re the latest hostage exchange. And I think rightly so. The powers that be have gone mad.

Oh well, it’s a frosty morning. Our potted Christmas tree has arrived, and I have work to do. TTFN.

Grifting for fun and profit

Stupid wordpress prompt of the day “What is one thing you would change about yourself?” I mean seriously. Do I need prompting to dump my toxic thoughts on this blog? No. Sometimes it’s like having some half wit standing over your shoulder telling you what to write, to which I will reply; “Why don’t you eff off and let me do my own thing, bollock-brain?” Like I’ve said before, there are too many worthless mouths behind keyboards nowadays.

Talking about worthless mouths, Mrs S and I were talking, and she mentioned that Sparkly Meg and the ex-Prince once known as Harry had produced a ‘documentary’ which had a go at the UK Royal family, which I thought was a display of monstrous ingratitude, given how much cash Mr Dad the King has shelled out to his youngest.

My lady wife made a few sharp assertions which I found amusing, especially the one about being eight months pregnant and still being able to kneel down without a whole lot of awkwardness. And in high heels to boot. Which Mrs S thought was somewhat suspicious. Mrs S has carried two children to term, and knows that at eight months, an undignified waddle is sometimes the best a girl can do. As for still having the poise to kneel gracefully. “That doesn’t pass the smell test. Even a trained gymnast would have trouble.” She then stated her suspicion that Sparkly Meg was never really pregnant to begin with. Mrs S voiced her long held suspicion that a surrogate / substitute was used.

Frankly I don’t follow sleb matters, but based on what Mrs S was telling me, I found myself wondering about said ex-royal and wondered if all these Netflix ‘specials’ which I never watch, aren’t just some kind of celebrity grift.

Just like the other recent Royal ‘scandal’, where one of the late Queens ladies in waiting was forced into resignation by the allegations of racism from a race grifter in fancy dress (Which a number of real Africans have questioned) whose ‘charity’ pays her north of 65,000GBP. Beats working for a living doesn’t it? All you need to do is, whenever someone of the ‘wrong’ ethnicity asks you a polite question, get all upset and go crying to the media, who will no doubt get stung for an ‘appearance fee’. My god how the money rolls in eh? All for a bit of live action trolling, which is effectively what these grifters are doing.

Then there was the noise surrounding the mishandling of the BLM movement’s finances, where a certain leading light spent all the cash they raised from the terminally gullible to buy houses for herself. Which leads me to think that if at first you don’t succeed, grift, cry and grift again.

Now I’ve worked for charities myself, both as employee and volunteer. Down at the coalface it’s badly paid but very rewarding. However, for those at the top it can be a really nice little earner, because they get paid the big bucks. Still, of late the salaries for those at the top admin positions have been getting bigger and bigger.

Nice work if you can get it eh?

Update: Ah, good, I’ve found the new “Hide daily prompt” button. Hidden, and it had better bloody stay that way.


Spent most of my weekend blocking possible mouse and rat runs in the house, and in the process did some fairly good quality wood butchery. All I have to do now is get some of those little collars for the radiator pipes to close off all possible means of egress. But it’s astonishing how small a hole the little sods can get through. Anything over six millimetres seems is enough to provide them with an entryway. So I’m told.

Which was a bit of a revelation for me. When I started my working life, one of my jobs was at a food processing company, for which I had to do a pest control course, lasting all of an afternoon, and the received wisdom was that mice treated any gap of twenty mil or more as a dual carriageway. But six millimetres?

That’s the problem with any old build house, there’s always a tiny hole the little buggers can get through. All you can do is seal and fill and eventually the outdoors stays where it belongs. Outdoors.

On the topic of revelations; Hallelujah brothers and sisters, are you saved?!? Well Jesus (So we’re told – but he’s not really into football) might save, but damn few others can in these straitened economic times. Revelations though, seem to be everywhere if people would only give them a sidelong glance. Rather than waste time watching the mainstream media, who only seem to regurgitate propaganda, or be wise after the fact.

I was reading the pages of the Daily Sceptic this morning and came across the little gem that the ‘evidence against the lab leak theory’ was pretty flimsy. Have a look at the link below.

The scientists who assured the world that the Covid-19 virus could not have been engineered in a laboratory based their pivotal decision on a single piece of flawed evidence.

In my own thoughts from as early as May 2020, I did a ‘probability bingo‘ exercise, listing what information was public domain, and concluded that yes, the facts and available evidence seemed to indicate that the SARS/COV-2 pandemic originated in that Wuhan lab. Didn’t know about the NIH funded ‘gain of function’ research at the time, which is now confirmed, but what I was sure about were the reports of poor containment protocols at that lab and reports from Chinese media sources bragging about the research on finding a cure for a bat-borne virus which had rendered a copper mine too dangerous to use. My conclusion was that the available facts lined up, so yes, it was highly probable that the virus had leaked out of the lab, whether by accident or design.

What isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory’ is that the legacy of massive inflation and economic damage is all due to lockdowns. When all the dust settles in a few years we will have it laid out that all the lockdowns, masks and mRNA vaccines did more harm than good. That is no revelation at all.

Fake world

Bearing in mind that I’ve never heard anyone give me a good reason why we should kill trees for Christmastide (Or Mithrastide if you’re going to be pedantic), I went out looking for a potted up fir tree we could use every year that wasn’t plastic. And I found a nice selection at a local nursery. As two thirds the price of a dead tree that will leave needles all over the place, or a quarter of the cost of a decent artificial one. All I need to do is keep it trimmed, bonsai style and we’ll have a tree for the next three to five years before I plant it out up in our top meadow.

Now with heating working properly, but still a suspected mouse issue, it’s back to normal. For a given value of ‘normal’. Christmas tree and all the goodies are on order for the festering season. We’re so ahead of the game I barely have to cook.

This ‘normal’ is mainstream media gaslighting and misrepresenting the valid concerns of people over the costs of the migrant crisis and many other issues throughout western countries. Ordinary Irish and British people gaslit as ‘racist’ or any other ‘ist’ for saying “Why are you spending all this tax money on freeloaders?” See reports below, which you won’t see unspun on any mainstream platform. At least none I’ve seen.

This is our tax money the government is throwing away. Yet people are being maligned for complaining about the immigration laws not being upheld?

Then there’s the nonsense about ‘hate speech’ on Twatter. FYI; incidences were down since Musks takeover, not up as reported in the New York Times. Although simply saying the dictionary definition of ‘Woman’ as an adult human female’ apparently qualifies as ‘hate’. Which is a ludicrous point of view held only by those with the thinnest skins.

As one who has received more than his fair share of real abuse (And the occasional real death threat) during his working life, the whole fakery of the mainstream media, from broadcaster to broadsheet and tabloid is staggering. Having watched the tabloid press in action, I’ve long known that they will blacken the name of innocent people for a headline. But I used to have a pathetic faith in the broadsheets and broadcasters like the BBC. Now being able to search for primary sources direct, although not a Ph.D or ‘expert’ (Funny how they’re so often dead wrong) can make up my own mind.

Until the last ten years I just never knew how fake the mainstream media world really was.

To close. While I was composing this blog post, a little WordPress message popped up while I was copy and pasting. It read; “What are your feelings on eating meat?” Well A) that’s no-one’s business but my own. B) What the f*cking hell are WordPress up to? It seems to me there are too many worthless mouths out there with keyboards minding other people’s business.

Maybe they’d be happier if they just stopped and go on with their own lives? Mmm. Upon reflection that might mean they had to do some productive work.

I wouldn’t do that

Things pootle along on our little smallholding. The heating is still erratic, two rooms where the heating doesn’t work and another like a sauna, but that will go to the lawyers soon if the trades can’t get their arses in gear. I’ve given the trades a lot of money for a functioning system, and if it can’t be made to work properly, I want my money back. I don’t want to go to law, but if the intransigence continues, well, they forced my hand.

I don’t know why people do this. Do half a job and then bugger off when it doesn’t work. All we want is a heating system that works properly, that’s all. Is that too much to ask? we’ve ponyed up the dosh, but I’m left with a lemon of a system. I’m half way inclined to get my old test meter out and download a circuit diagram to finish the job myself, having some training in matters electrical, but the system is still under warranty, so that might not be such a great idea.

Other things I wouldn’t do is put out a treatment that hasn’t been tested properly yet. And that is so coming back to bite Pfizer. Glad I sold my Pharma shares last year to help pay for our new house. Pfizer and the mainstream media did not just make misleading statements, they lied. They lied to the politicians, they not just lied, but gaslit, cancelled and abused the sceptical public. They and their complicit mouthpieces continue to do so.

Someone needs to pay for the last two plus years. Lobbyists need to pay. The pharmaceutical companies need to pay. The ‘nudge’ behavioural psychology units need to be taken out and shot to answer for what is effectively a crime against humanity.

Those of us in the ‘conspiracy theory’ faction have repeatedly been proved right about the rush to vaccinate with poorly tested products. Our tin foil hats may have been glowing red hot as the evidence mounts. But the mainstream media muppets dismissed our valid concerns and they too need to be held accountable. No forgiveness, No amnesty. Just dismissal and obscurity should be their lot.

As for the news that Biden ordered Trudeau to crack down on the truckers convoy protesting against Canada’s anti-human vaccine mandates. There is not a day goes by that I do not despise that senile ars*hole Biden and his cheerleaders even more. As for all the people who voted for Biden, you do know what you did don’t you? “Our democracy”? Yeah, right. N.B. The USA is a republic.

As an aside; I’m old enough to remember going to school alongside Thalidomide victims. Stunted limbs, hands like a seals flippers and feet with no legs. You might not be able to see all the damage these mRNA ‘vaccines’ have done just yet as all the hard evidence has yet to come out. But it will. And it is doing so.

Masks, lockdowns and rushed to market vaccines didn’t work. If we’d stayed with the old 2019 WHO guidelines (Cough; “Sweden” cough) we’d be a lot better off. Indeed, we’d have been better off if the people who funded and developed the SARS/COV-2 virus had left well enough alone.

Yes I’m annoyed and frustrated. Not just about my glitchy heating system, but for the last almost three years of over reaction that has ruined so many lives, left us with massive inflation, damaged ‘health’ services, and screwed the pooch in so many ways for so many people.

All for nothing.