More bad news folks….

Watched the No 10 briefing this morning with a heavy heart. Looks like the UK powers that be have decided that there’s going to be another lockdown and were letting two ‘experts’ pre-justify what I think we all know is coming. And where the UK leads, others will follow, right over an economic cliff. Or should I say another economic cliff.

It didn’t matter that the ‘experts’ presentation was more full of conditional statements than a treatise on evasive speech, nor that they talked about ‘doubling’ without acknowledging that the unaffected population is a rapidly diminishing return. No, patiently cherry picking the ‘experts’ made a superficially convincing case for yet more restrictions and the permanent destruction of civil liberties in the UK. I’m told the ‘Health’ secretary hadn’t even heard about those with adequate vitamin D levels being able to shrug off SARS/COV-2. Talk about being behind the curve.

Mrs S and I were looking forward to hosting the kids and family at Christmas. Well we might just as well lock all the doors and go to bed for the next year until someone, somewhere in the corridors of power decides that this whole business has been a massive mistake. Not that I’ll be holding my breath for that to happen of course.

Fucking hell, some very educated people are so effing STUPID!

Sorry chums, but they made me cross. If you live in a major UK city or town, you are going to have to put up with the jackbooted results of what is coming. Me, I’ll never trust a mainstream parliamentary candidate again. Not that I ever did, but it’s somehow reassuring to see my prejudices confirmed.

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        1. Fully agree.

          I have more in my post tonight (10 p.m.). Something’s happened to Boris. However, the 1922 Committee might get him and the Government to see sense.

          If that doesn’t work, Rishi will just have to say, ‘Sorry, I’ve locked the money box and thrown away the key. Lift lockdown and let everyone get back to work.’


        2. I think so, too.

          The SO probably has a role to play, too, along with the mutual his and hers emotions surrounding their little one.

          I thought about it this afternoon. Even apart from the SO, there could be so many outside things at play here. These are the things of which best selling books are made.


        3. Ah yes, the ‘Green’ girlfriend. Having her on his case won’t help matters. Public policy being decided by a woman with her baby brain on and a man desperate to please her. This won’t end well.

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