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The comments policy on this blog is relatively simple: Your comment will be approved (Whether I agree or not) so long as you follow the guidelines below.

  1. Keep it on topic.
  2. Keep it clean and if possible, amusing. Remember, calling a twat a ladies front bottom is far wittier than ‘cunt’.
  3. All comment spam will be deleted upon detection.
  4. All attempts to sell Search Engine Optimisation services and similar go straight into the singularity of my spam bin.
  5. Comment thread bitch fights will be mocked unmercifully.
  6. All comment threads close after 21 days, so if you’re late to the party – tough.
  7. If you want to be ‘Anonymous’ don’t expect anyone to not confuse you with some other dickhead.
  8. Don’t impersonate other bloggers/commenters – they don’t like it, and it just makes you look stupid.
  9. No trolling.
  10. First time moderation is on and will remain on.  If your comment is pertinent and on topic, it will be allowed (Whether I agree or not).  Unless you’ve repeatedly broken the above rules.
  11. The right of the blog owner is reserved to royally mock, patronise, delete and slap down anyone who can’t be bothered to observe the above.
  12. If you have a personal message, use the form on the ‘Contact me‘ page.
  13. The blog owners decision on all deletions is final – as far as this blog is concerned – I am the law. (See below)My blog my rules Bill StickerClick here when you’re done

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