Feet of clay

Minor local panic. There’s a bunch of ne’er-do-wells currently frequenting our locality who broke into a neighbours house and ransacked their place while they were out. Apparently there’s been an increase in such burglaries / home invasions of late. Make of that what you will.

Personally I think our mini crime wave is a predictable phenomenon derived from the current series of economic and moral crises. Leading to desperate and feckless people doing unpleasant things. As they always have.

In anticipation we have strong doors and high security locks, so said scrotes will give Chez Sticker the go-by as too much trouble. We’re also in a lot more. Add to that there’s often a big guy (me) around the house and yard, or looking out of the window, cars in the driveway and yard. Oh, I’m friendly enough, but life has taught me due caution.

Nevertheless, it gave me an incentive to rig a couple of extra security lights. I’m also looking at putting up some discreet external cameras so we know who is trying to access our domicile. External gates now sport a couple of hefty looking padlocks to deter unwelcome callers, the external boiler house door is now kept locked, as are the sheds, unless we’re outside working.

My security philosophy is all about layers. One closed gate might not stop a thief, but if they have to make a lot of noise to get past more than one barrier, the majority of the morally weak will walk on by. If you have a dog with good territorial instincts, so much the better.

The same with valuables like documents and jewellery. The cheap and not so important you can keep to hand. The nicer stuff goes in a concealed lockbox in a not so obvious location. Or two. Nothing too complicated, just not obvious and awkward to open without demolishing half the house. Just enough to not advertise that you too, like the idols of old, have feet of clay.

Talking about feet of clay. I see that globalist premier of New Zealand has resigned, citing ‘burnout’. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I wish Trudeau would do the same. All the other weak political figures like her are currently at Davos, listening to charlatans spout bullshit about their ‘clever’ solutions. The majority of which have always failed before. They are that clueless and desperate. Rather like our local ne’er-do-wells.

Seems to me that our political classes, in the main, are so scared of losing votes from noisy minority interests they won’t grasp the nettle of economic reality to ultimately benefit the majority. Said reality currently playing out before our eyes. In the meantime we have to securely lock our doors and check the insurance policy.


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  1. Or if you don’t want a dog, there are security devices (which may be linked up to movement detectors) which emit ‘big dog’ growls and barks.

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  2. Though I don’t have a dog right now, I’ve always previously kept American Pitt Bulls. They are nothing like everyone says, I had a bitch for 16 years before she died that grew up alongside my kids. She was placid, as the others were before her, but still enough to deter strangers. Its not the breed, its the owners that have them as status symbols and teach them to be nasty. Same with breeds like Akitas and Rottweilers.

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    1. I too belong to the “No bad dogs, only bad owners” school of thought. Dogs often reflect their owners personalities / anxieties, and I feel are a better judge of human character than any person.. Perhaps because we can disguise our expressions but not our smell. And dogs are all about smell.


  3. You could always get a Dachshund. On the one hand you’ve got a lap dog and on the other hand you’ve got a dog who sounds like a Rottweiler and loves to guard the house. Good with Badgers as well


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