Sympathy for

Mrs S follows the UK Royal news. Every so often she feels compelled to share snippets with me. Like the current furore over a certain ex-prince of the realm who has written a book. Well, not so much a book as a fit of ghost-written pique.

Details of the security procedures meant to protect the monarch are not meant to become public domain, yet he has spilled the beans. Although the security services will no doubt have read the silly whinge-fest and changed their protocols accordingly.

Why this situation was created is purely down to said ex-princes ego. Which needs a bit of a psychic slap. He’s spent too much time in La-La land. And having been resident on Canada’s wet coast, I can vouch for how adrift from reality that can be.

Such a wake up call will not be a pleasant experience for said ex-prince. It will be traumatic and involve a good deal of self reflection. Indeed, the best case scenario for all concerned for him would be to become an outcast somewhere remote for a couple of years on his tod getting his mind right.

Far from the madness of his current existence. No phones, Internet or other modern conveniences, just a year or two of getting his hands dirty and away from the malign influences that have brought him to this circumstance. Maybe his Dad would help by letting him live rough on one of his estates where a man can lose himself for long enough to meet himself coming back, and perhaps learn a little gratitude and humility on the way.

To conclude; that boy needs serious alone time to get his head sorted out. Not that he’ll get it given current circumstances. Although if, as I think is probable given her track record, Sparkly Meg does dump him, as the gossip is that said alleged “Puck bunny” is busy looking for a new sugar daddy, he might just be lucky to become reconciled with his family. Then he might be worth having some sympathy for.

Maybe he could even go and take a job driving a tractor on Clarkson’s farm. While he decides to accept JC’s apology. Stranger things have happened.


3 thoughts on “Sympathy for”

  1. I had to look up ‘puck bunny’ – it’s not a compliment!
    Hewitt has almost served his purpose with the actress, time to move on.


  2. I am sick of hearing about them.I have lost all respect for Harry .
    I worked with a lot of former military types and know that some things are NEVER talked about with those outside the military circle, let alone to Journalists.
    He had a golden opportunity to regain a little credibility by accepting Clarkson’s apology, but instead rejected it.
    Stupid boy.


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