Demolition man

Well, that’s me at present. Breaking up a large expanse of raised and rotten decking to what Mrs S and I are going to turn into a modest water feature and rose garden. While the mild and dryish weather lasts, that is what is taking up my time.

Most of what we do is adapt what was here before and change it to our liking. The decking and old water feature has become a dangerous eyesore, so it has to go. The old decking, along with the piles of builders rubbish and demolished wall, will form the basis of a wind sheltering berm. The Azaleas will be moved, along with some decorative shrubs into, guess what?

Yes, and it does sometimes feel like I’m trying to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring, or even a well past it’s sell by date kipper. However, matters progress, and I’m all the better for working up a reasonable sweat for at least two hours every day. Who needs a gym, eh?

At present I’m taking no more than a passing interest in the news as I feel no need for any more vindication. Any strange noises I might hear are the mainstream media doing a rather creaky volte face on a whole range of issues. Although I would dearly like them to raise their keyboards against arming a bunch of genuine fascists over the supply of advanced military hardware like Challenger 2’s, Abrams Mk 2’s and Speer Leopards. Honestly I’m surprised that the energy crisis hasn’t been solved by harnessing that generated by all the allied service people who fought in WW2 spinning in their graves. Far more useful than those subsidy mills called wind turbines.

As for being ‘anti-science’ my view is that I’ve gone to the source data on every issue I can think of, from the ONS figures on excess deaths to the basic science of compound molecules, and based on the professional level training I have undertaken, from technical college Engineering courses, through all the medical and IT training I’ve done and latterly University courses on Technical writing and editing, what comes out of many politicians mouths has been so counter-intuitive as to strain credulity well past it’s elastic limit. Frankly chums, I’ve sat with my jaw on the floor sometimes listening to all the guff put out by people like Ardern and Trudeau, thinking that they are so far out of their depth they drowned long ago. And these are people trying to tell us they can ‘save the planet’. Hell, I don’t think they could save two dollars (Canadian, US or NZ) if they tried.

I may not have a University degree, but then I’ve always been too damn busy working or traveling. Maybe If I totted up all my course credits I might qualify, but given that nowadays I might be compelled to do additional courses on nonsensical topics like ‘diversity’ to pass, I can’t be arsed. At my point in life it’s not worth it.

Anyway, it’s time for a refreshing cuppa and settle down with one of Norman Davies interesting histories about vanished kingdoms. One can always find something in these histories to learn from. And learning is a life long process done every day.


2 thoughts on “Demolition man”

  1. If you are planning a rose garden, I suggest you check out David Austin roses (they have an excellent website).

    I must warn you that you are likely to become obsessed! They really are the most wonderful roses.

    Bon courage! x


    1. I have a local supplier lined up who will obtain the required hybrid teas and floribundas. Mrs S wanting pinks and variegated, I reds. So, no Yorkists in this household.

      However, the David Austin site is sorely tempting. Thanks for the tip.


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