A salient question

Have we tried.....

What an excellent idea.

Oh, something else to lighten the mood. According to Lockdown Sceptics (Third article down on this page), the Police have only limited powers to cancel your Christmas, even if some Stasi snitch has fingered your household. The simple rule is; politely stand your ground, ask for their grounds for requesting a warrantless entry (Specifically which infected person they are looking for and why if they cite the regulations) and give nothing but your name, rank and house number.

Big thank you to the Times Peter Brookes for this telling cartoon. I may not trust all the mainstream media’s output (certainly not without verification), but like with Matt of the dear old Torygraph and the Guardian cartoons, the truth does leak out.

Update: The UK Police are backing off on the cancellation of Christmas.  They won’t be enforcing ‘minor infringements’.  No idea what caused this volte face, but I’m very pleased to hear the news.  Maybe the politicians will finally lift the lockdowns for the festering season so that we can get on with our lives once more.

12 thoughts on “A salient question”

  1. “…They won’t be enforcing ‘minor infringements’…”

    By that I assume they won’t be enforcing infringements by minorities, but the rest of us are fair game.


  2. “A” politician??? Why not the whole damn lot of them? Who cares if the Gods don’t listen – we will still have rid the world of a bunch of chancers…

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    1. Tempting… However I work on the premise that the political class are rank cowards, and only a few have to be disposed of before the rest take notice. At least for a while.


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