No sex please, we’re idiots

I see those fun loving extremists of the People for the Extermination and Termination of Animals are at it again. No sex for meat eating males is what they’re proposing. Give up the steaks or the biological female persons who align themselves with the anti-human cause of extreme nutventalism will forever cross their legs. Although as one who has been a card carrying environmentalist for most of his days, even I can see the blatant flaws in such thinking.

Living close to nature as I do, I can easily see the big ticking biological pink elephant in the room for those bio-female persons who choose the “Do as I say or no rumpy pumpy for you” course. Fine, say I. Let your biological line dry up with your ovaries, because that is what will happen. No sex = no children = no grandchildren = and eventually no one to pay for your bloated public sector pension (Or my pittance either).

Bees know that the hive is more important than the individual. The Queen must be carefully tended, because from her all life comes. Just so with human females, because through the distaff comes the march of the generations. Yet that very important job does not mean that she should micromanage her spouses behaviour like in dictating his diet, because as Rudyard Kipling elegantly put it:

I know, I’m married, and you know what? Despite the occasional disagreement, I would not have it any other way. Besides, if she demands something I can’t or won’t provide, we’ve come to the point where she will take a well reasoned “No” as an answer from me.

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  1. It is possible that the sex strike women have already bred. I think that our house is unusual in that my wife eats meat and I don’t, have PETA considered this scenario? I’m not thinking of going on sex strike any time soon.


    1. The sex strike was apparently a vegan mans idea, so presumably he would be the only one eligible for nookie being a non-meat eater.

      Maybe cutting off all the competition out is the only way he could get a sex life.


  2. Only part of the human race will be doomed, elena. There are societies/cultures/religions/sects where women do not have the opportunity of offering their men that choice. I understand that the majority of children born in this country are to parents whose first language is not English. Without meaning to sound bigoted, I would suggest that most of those children will grow up learning to say “Allahu Akbar”.I
    There or four generations later, this country will be unrecognisable and the Greens/PETA, etc, will have been seen as useful idiots.

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