A little pain

My back is giving me grief once more. This is an event that happens once a year. It begins with a localised stiffness in the lumbar region, which if I do nothing about it turns into a full and agonising lock up of my lower spine. Drugs are being applied. I know the cause and the fix, so today am going to try and get a prescription from my GP for the only medication I know that works.

It’s my own fault for having spent a good deal of my life in very physical and occasionally modestly hazardous occupations, from rough sports and the occasional bout of fisticuffs to long hours of physical exertion. The experiences I would exhort any reader young enough to profit by my example not to follow. Be gentle with yourself. When you get past the big five-oh you’ll thank yourself.

But it’s easy to be wise after the event. For my part I’m stuck with a dicky knee and occasionally excruciatingly painful lower back. No-one to blame but my younger and more foolish self. But when you’re 20-something it’s easy to think you’re invulnerable. These are the repercussions of ageing.

On the topic of repercussions, watch the video below of TD’s (US, think Congressmen, UK think MP’s) in the Dial (Irish Parliament).

As the economic and social damage from lockdowns becomes more obvious, I expect these politicians calls for action to get louder and ask myself; “Where were you lot when you were needed?”

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