A few more words on immunity

It’s funny you know. The places with the harshest lockdown restrictions seem to be suffering more from this SARS/COV-2 virus than those who aren’t. Which sounds kind of counter-intuitive. If lockdowns, vaccines and masks did any good then surely infections and deaths everywhere should be falling off a cliff faster than elsewhere. Shouldn’t they?

Well they are, and then again they aren’t. Weird or what? Florida and Texas in the USA, which dropped all their restrictions weeks ago, have seen their respiratory infections and deaths drop like a rock. By contrast, Canada, which is in the midst of lockdowns, curfews and stay at home orders has ‘cases’, according to the media talking heads ‘surging’. See screengrab of current ‘cases’ below (Dated May 21st 2021) Click to enlarge.

Please note that the provinces with the strictest lockdowns and curfews (Ontario and Quebec) have the highest numbers of ‘cases’. Gets the old noggin jogging doesn’t it? All right, all right, they’re also the most populous, but still, the end result does not fill one with confidence over the efficacy of these top down restrictions.

So what gives? Sister in law on Vancouver Island reports all the coffee shops and restaurants are shut and you and yours can’t get on a ferry or plane unless you are an ‘essential worker’ and apparently the US/ Canada border is still mostly closed. Unless of course you’re an illegal immigrant. I checked the Drive BC webcams at local noon on Saturday and traffic in Victoria, Nanaimo and Campbell River looks ultra-light for a Saturday lunchtime. And it’s usually holiday season on the Island this time of year, especially as it’s Victoria Day weekend, a public holiday. The roads are normally chocker with massive RV’s and trailer hitches (Caravans) on this weekend. Instead they’re almost deserted.

Over here in the Emerald Isle, the roads are much busier now things are gradually opening up. A good many ‘non-essential’ businesses have shut up shop. Carphone warehouse in localtown and Galway city for example have gone. A good many store fronts are sporting ‘to let’ signs, and I think to myself, “This was all so avoidable. If only people had listened to those who knew what they were talking about instead of Behavioural Psychologists and Mathematical modellers.”

The problem as I see it is that everything we know about human immunity has been ignored in the face of what is a comparatively low threat. From sending infectious patients into closed communities like care homes, to shutting people in their homes and kicking them out of open parkland, the political response has, as I have said many times before, been completely counter-intuitive. Had they simply issued the standard advice for colds and flu and not infected the vulnerable, the death count would have been far less startling.

If you still think I’m full of it, may I refer any reader to the many studies and texts on immunology and the spread of disease, also please entertain yourselves with this little handbook, the “Communicable Disease Control Manual September 2009 Chapter 2: Immunization. Appendix F – Principles of Immunology“, which is one of the references I use when talking about human immune system responses. As far as I’m aware this, and handbooks like it, are the ones used by medical staff the whole world over. Likewise this text from the chapter on Specificity and Cross-Reactivity from the Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Disease.

These texts are still current. The principles outlined are sound. Why were they ignored?

Oh, by the way, for those of you worrying about mandatory vaccinations. In the UK at least, no-one can force you to have the jab. See what the Black Belt Barrister has to say below.

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