Follow the science

The science is public domain. There for all to see, yet the mainstream media, because they have product to shift, continue the drip-drip-drip of fear and panic, because fear, like sex, sells. Politicians, who live by the vote, seem to think that the mainstream media is the voice of the people, not from a relatively minor clique with their own agenda.

Now it becomes obvious that the pro-lockdowners and pantywaisters have real live blood on their hands. Because the real science tells us so. Not the Imperial college models, which have been responsible for public policy disaster after disaster, but the real live data.

Why do we believe these people? Why do we fall for the endless lies and verbal prestidigitations? I have a one word answer, drama. Because life on the whole is routine and we humans do love drama. We love plays and movies, action flicks and loud music to break up the monotony. Like monkeys we get excited over the repeated flickering unreality and novelty of it all. It’s why young men like violent video games. They’re exciting, dramatic, and what’s best of all, they get to be the Hero, every time. Numero uno. Top of the heap. The top dog, just for a while. Even though most of their real life seems to have no status or meaning. It’s why certain people will repeat an obvious lie, it gives them the power of drama and thus status and influence.

On the other hand, science, real science that is, is the realm of the Autist, the introvert. The idea-tamers and number crunchers who subdue wild ideas by subjecting them to the harsh whip of comparison and experiment. The people who leverage truth out of raw data and like good detectives, follow the truth wherever it goes. Like Ivor Cummins, watch his video below in full, and if they have not already done so, the media blinkers will fall from your eyes.

I hate having to keep on repeating myself, but the numbers do not lie. Science is numbers. Real science should not be whored out by charlatans to credulous politicians and thus to the general population as at present, but proven by experiment. But that wouldn’t be very dramatic would it?

Today I am going out for a good long walk in the fresh air at the beach to clear my head and reset my perspective. It is a practice I have long neglected. One that I know by repeated experiment, works.

If you are interested in a vaccine by the way, you’ll have to wait until late 2021. That’s another twelve months. I won’t accept a dose though because I think, like Dr Malcolm Kendrick, that any vaccine will be improperly tested. So I’ll wait for all the early adopters to suffer the side effects first before a safer version is released.

In the meantime I’ll keep my vitamin D and zinc levels up to snuff so my own immune system can keep me healthy. Proper food. fresh air and modest exercise. If I have to step over the corpses of a few vaccine victims, I will express my sympathy and horror for what has been done to them, even help if I can, but I will walk my own path as I always done.