Prohibition 2.0

What the hell are European politicians on with all these endless lockdowns? Do they want to create Prohibition 2.0? Because that’s what happened between 1919 and 1933 in the USA, leading to the rise of a new criminal class, gang wars and the corruption of the entire justice system. It also fueled the rise of the death cults known as Fascism and Communism.

The historical parallels are all out there. They aren’t the same but the circumstances are strikingly similar seen through the prism of history.

1920’s and 30’s: A Government mandated clampdown on alcohol and socialising. 2020’s: COVID-19 restrictions on same. Massive unemployment caused by same restrictions and subsequent monetary disaster.

Weird and racist cults openly marching in the streets. 1920’s; The Communists, proto-Nazi’s and Klu Klux Klan. A century later Antifa, BLM and Extinction Rebellion. All seemingly operating with Police and local government approval.

2020’s Food banks vs 1930’s bread lines.

See the patterns yet? The warp and weft of human behaviour played out on the same loom with differing thread. The pattern may not be exactly the same, but the cloth will be very similar.

I’m betting on circumvention and corruption on a massive scale. If it’s not already happening. What do you think?

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