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There are sheep in the driveway and garden of our temporary domicile this morning. No idea where they’ve come from, but they’re merrily lunching on the lawn. I suppose the neighbour who owns them will be along shortly with his dog to round them up and herd them back into their proper meadow. See picture below taken from the kitchen window.

They’ve obviously squeezed between strands of a barbed wire fence as the Ewes are missing chunks of fleece. The lambs, about ten of them, appear relatively unscathed. Sheep are great escape artists and will get out of anywhere.

Wincing slightly at the UK Chancellor trying to do something about high fuel bills by imposing a ‘windfall’ tax on the energy companies to give to the people currently suffering from fuel poverty who can’t pay their fuel bills.

Now I’m no economist, but what do you think the energy companies hit with such a tax bill are going to do? Got it in one! Raise their prices to the already hard pressed consumers even further, thus increasing fuel poverty for the most vulnerable. Never mind the ‘better off’ giving their four hundred knicker payment to charity, the ‘rebate’ will easily get swallowed up by the increased bills.

As a more sensible approach, the UK government could cut energy bills overnight by almost fifteen percent by cancelling all the ‘Green’ levies and not collecting the tax from the poor bloody peasants in the first place. That would make far more sense.

Why is it so obvious to me but not to the supposed big brains currently in power?

Makers and breakers

Having listened to Dr Starkey’s little talk (See below) about Bojo’s fining for breaking the COVID rules. I am minded to think that Boris Johnson should not be fined. Nor any of his Staff, the Chancellor or any of his staff. Indeed I would like all COVID fines to be quashed and if need be repaid, no matter who they were issued to.

The restrictions have served no good purpose, and once the data is fully known, will be found to have been far more harmful than doing nothing but simple common sense (Stay at home if ill) precautions.

Off with their honours.

The Numbers are in

So, how many people died in each age group from a SARS/COV-2 infection between March 2020 and December 2021?

These are official statistics for the UK. From the office of National Statistics (ONS) no less. These are the thing and the whole of the thing, da bomb, or the absolute cold hard numbers, whatever your vernacular.

Brace yourselves.

The number of people to die of a SARS/COV-2 infection alone, in the UK between March 2020 and September 2021 (Statistics as quoted by John Campbell below and here), by age groups are;

  • Age range 0-64: 3,774
  • Age range 65+ : 13,597
  • Total: 17,231
  • Average ages of death UK 2020-21: 79.3 (Males) 83.1 years of age (Females).
  • Average ages of mortality UK 2018: 79 (Males) 82.5 (Females)

Jaysus, Joseph and Mary! Is that all? Considering there’s over half a million deaths in the UK every year. Under 20,000 is barely a blip, statistically speaking. 50,000 UK citizens have died through untreated cancers alone according to Dr Karol Sikora. Never mind all the untreated heart disease and other fatal conditions. Now remind me. Who were all these restrictions, mask mandates and vaccines supposed to save?

This is not ‘disinformation’ or any other form of deception. All this information can be independently verified. Any deception I leave to SAGE, Independent SAGE, the politicians, mainstream, Alphabet corporation social media and all their so-called ‘fact checkers’. See John Campbell’s exposition below:

The Black belt Barrister discusses the figures below.

These numbers have been public domain all through the pandemic. They tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so God help us all. So. Why the mainstream scaremongering? Why the constant project fear and the hamstringing of whole economies?

Personally I think this is a massive case of some people who should know better refusing to do any proper due diligence. They just trusted a bunch of so-called ‘experts’ who have repeatedly proven that they are not fit for purpose.

Then there’s the documented incidences of menstrual irregularities and heart irritation being linked to the mRNA vaccines (Short term or not). The vaccines that only mitigate the worst symptoms, and unlike regular vaccines do not provide fuller protection against a given disease. The vaccines that did not prevent spread. And so on….

At this stage of the game I think many of the ‘unvaxxed’ are clapping themselves on the back knowing that they dodged a bullet. Frankly I am unhappy that I allowed myself to be double jabbed against my better judgement, and bluntly told Mrs S; “This is what I’ve been saying all along. The raw numbers tell us the truth.” To which she grudgingly allowed me a small victory, even though the taste of it is ashen.

Personally, I’m with Mark Steyn.

Given the ramifications of all of the above, I am disgusted with the conduct of most of the people in public life over this matter. Disgusted with their censorship, lies and divisiveness. Disgusted with the media talking heads who should now, if they have even the faintest patina of any integrity, which I doubt, shuffle off into retirement and get the hell out of our freaking lives for good.

Now I have an ancient IKEA wardrobe and a few rolls of old carpet to dispose of. I’ll be saying good riddance to those, too.

Save the Health Service!

Another day, another text trying to inveigle me into baring my arm for a third time. I think it’s the fifth I’ve ignored in the last two weeks. You think they’d get the hint wouldn’t you? Keep sending out texts that get ignored, maybe the recipient isn’t interested? Next time I’m blocking them. this is getting silly.

I’m getting a more than a little impatient over all this COVID nonsense. As I have said many times, we never locked down or wore masks everywhere for colds and flu, so WTF are we doing over a bug that has morphed into something analogous to a bad head cold? Especially as the “OHMYGAWD!” variant seems to infect both vaccinated and not equally, regardless of being ‘boosted’ or not.

In addition, we keep on hearing that we, the general public have to “Save our health service” In the UK this is the ‘wonderful’ National Health Service fetishised by so many despite it’s many flaws. So, having a bit of time on my hands on site between waiting for estate agents, technicians and builders to turn up on site, I did a bit of Interweb searching and found the following;

In the UK, the ‘wonderful’ NHS which people are constantly exhorted to ‘save’ is shrinking. It has been in decline as far as bed capacity is concerned since at least the year 2000. In the year 2000 there were approximately 240,000 beds, almost a quarter of a million beds serving a population of just under 59 million people. That’s about one bed for every 246 people.

By 2020, the NHS had a capacity of approximately 167,000 beds serving a population of around 68 million. That is one bed for every 407 people. If you want to check the percentages, knock yourself out.

Now pardon my arithmetic, but that sounds rather like an institution in decline. Go back to the mid 1970’s and the total bed count was 400,000 for a population of just over 56 million. One bed for 140 people. How do I know? this site has done all the heavy lifting. All right, ‘care in the community’ hadn’t happened yet and the UK still had large mental hospitals, but still, that’s a hell of a step change.

By the mid 1980’s the bed count had shrunk to 151,000, but grew again to 299,000 (!) by 1986/7, with the majority of spaces being in acute and emergency care. Read the full story here.

However, I would call one thing into question; The articles quoted population figures. See quoted paragraph below:

As bed numbers have fallen, England’s population has grown, from around 47.3 million in 1987 to approximately 56.6 million in 2020. As a result, the number of beds per capita has fallen faster than the absolute reduction in number of beds. Over this period, the number of older people in England – who are more likely to spend time in hospital – has also increased.”

43.7 million in 1987? World bank and ONS figures give the UK’s population as just under 57 million for that year. In 2020 the overall population figure is over 10 million higher at a shade under 67 million, putting even greater stress on the fewer beds available.

I’d tend to concur about the increasingly elderly in secondary health facilities like nursing homes. But memory is waving a hand here and is reminding me that this was a problem even as far back as the early 1980’s. Space in the public waiting rooms for God has always been at a premium.

I can recall some breakfast TV talking head using the ‘Oldies are hogging all the resources’ kind of rhetoric before 1990, coining terms like ‘bed blocking’, as if older people like getting ill and taking up bed space. If my family is any guide, they generally hate being in hospital, because there is always the suspicion that they might not come out breathing. This was a widely held belief at least back to the 1970’s.

One of the other factors currently putting even more pressure on hospital beds has been less reliance on primary health care sources like GP’s practices, with more shifting directly onto hospital A & E departments. Especially with undocumented newcomers who are not even registered with a GP. They bypass the buffer of GP’s and end up inflating the A & E queues. There is also a breed of Doctors receptionists who have not helped this situation by deflecting would be patients and forcing them to seek help in the only other place available. Other countries get around this, Canada and the USA being examples, by having ‘walk in’ clinics where anyone can go in off the street and get relatively affordable health interventions, no matter who they are.

Anecdote: I was in for major chest surgery in a UK midlands hospital in the mid 90’s (Cancer with a small c) and in the High Dependency Thoracic Unit I spent 3 days in there were 12 beds. Four of which were occupied by ethnic north Europeans, one of whom was myself. Six of the remaining 8 beds were occupied by elderly non-Europeans from the Indian subcontinent. Which at the time surprised me somewhat. Over 15 years before, during my time working on the wards, non-European patients were a rarity. Non-Europeans were commonplace among the staff, but not the patients.

And you can’t even blame it on any particular political party. The largest growth of NHS beds since the mid 1970’s occurred under the premiership of (gasp) that awful public health hating Margaret Thatcher, topping out at the end of her tenure as Prime Monster of the UK at 299,000 beds and thereafter declining throughout the Major, Blair and Brown administrations. Said decline continuing under Cameron, May and Johnson. This is the story the raw data tells.

Before that, during the late 1970’s, NHS capacity dropped 50,000 beds under the Callaghan Labour government, before Thatcher came to power. I mean, this is the Labour party that allegedly just Luuurrves socialised health care, right? Yet the biggest decline in NHS beds happened on whose watch?

Personally, having actually worked in the UK’s National Health Service, I think that there’s been a lot of political cheese paring over the years, trying to ‘cut costs’ and ‘improve’ the management of said organisation, but only ending up with a huge bureaucratic monstrosity chewing it’s way through everyone’s wage packet.

Of course this could have been mitigated by implementing a French style system where there is a basic service with additional top up, either by insurance or cash. Yet the propaganda soundbite machine has always been opposed to a ‘two tier NHS’, and so here the UK is, with a bureaucratic behemoth that is failing it’s original purpose.

As one who keeps his ear to the ground, I hear constant leaks from the health service front lines about management interference in clinical decisions. Just little trickles and dabs of information, but when viewed as a whole like an impressionist painting, these snippets paint a comprehensive picture which does not imbue one with a sense of confidence. Far from the utopian vision that brought about one size fits all care’s naissance.

For a little light relief, see the trailer for the satire ‘The National Health, or Nurse Norton’s affair’ below.

Yes I have seen Lindsay Anderson’s ‘Britannia Hospital’ – didn’t like it much, although some of the characters were awfully familiar.

What is that whirring sound? Oh, it’s only the political father of the NHS. Aneurin Bevan, spinning in his grave. As a semi serious aside, if we could harness all his rotational energy, maybe we could solve the unfolding energy crisis?

Talking of crises, I have to get back to packing my life away ready for the move. Next time some other bugger can have the pleasure.

Update: Just as a matter of interest; Canada has undergone a similar decline in hospital bed capacity since the 1970’s. In 1976 there were 6.92 beds per 1000 population. Now it’s 2.52. No wonder the politicians and their ‘experts’ are panicking.

Good news for a change

Those who support freedom of speech in the UK got a bit of a boost today. An ex-copper by the name Harry White who was put on the ‘Non crime hate crime’ list for liking a tweet, subsequently investigated by the Twatter squad for thought crime has just won a landmark judgement in the UK High Court. The practice of putting non-crime ‘Hate’ incidents upon a register in the UK must now end and it may well be that the records obtained over the last five or six years under this register now have to be deleted.

Coming on the back of Fraser Nelson’s revelations about policy driving science instead of the other way around, this is more good news. Those who were long derided as mere conspiracy nuts are being vindicated. To borrow a line from “A Knights Tale”

“Days like these are too rare to cheapen with heavy handed words.”

It almost restores my faith in human nature so it does. Fraser Nelson and Harry White should be added to the Queens New Years honours for these two victories alone. For these are knightly deeds and should be recognised as such.

For my own small part, my happy news is that ‘North’ is on her way and we’re going to collect her from the airport. Fingers crossed now. The only possible issue is that she might not be let back into the UK as the eejits are talking about locking down. As if that will do any good.

Causality is a harsh mistress

Difficult news day. Down in the fabled prison camp of Oz, ‘South’ has just been diagnosed with a SARS/COV-2 infection. She will miss Christmas as she now has to stay indoors for two weeks poor lamb. However, she’s young, fit and otherwise healthy, so she’ll be a bit rough over the weekend and be drumming her heels for the whole of Yule.

For our part we will try to keep her entertained via various video sharing platforms, and all her aunts and uncles will be likewise checking in from their quarantines. We have agreed to all work together to ensure she doesn’t feel isolated and alone. She’s got a good social circle too, so they will be pitching in to help where they can, but Christmas dinner for her will be a sad little sparkler in a glass of orange juice with the culinary horror of a TV dinner. We’ll make it up to her when she finally gets out. You can take that to the bank.

This side of the world it’s a bit touch and go whether ‘North’ will make it across the Irish sea next week. We’re paying for all her extra tests to satisfy the authorities that she is ‘clean’, but honestly I’m kept up nights worrying about the closing window of opportunity. At any time the regulators can slam the door on her leaving and there’s nothing we can do short of smuggling her out to Blackpool and hijacking or bribing a fishing boat or helicopter under the radar to bring her across.

I think I’ve made this point before, but this is abuse by Government diktat. The disease isn’t that bad, the “OHMYGAWD!” variant being more akin to a common cold at this stage if the data coming out of Sarf Efrika is to be taken at face value.

I am only heartened by watching the Tories getting drubbed in their supposedly ‘safe’ seat of Shropshire North, with the potential for another kicking at the ballot box at David Amess’s old seat of Southend West. Pity that not enough protest votes are going to Reform or Reclaim, but that’s for the conscience of the individual voter. They seem to think that keeping on voting for the same mainstream parties will make a change for the better. They will find that this decision will not help, because the legacy political classes are all heavily biased in favour of return to the tentacular grasp of the EU and yet more restrictions.

Unfortunately this will lead to causality writ large. Vote for a rejoiner party, even in protest, and this is what you will get. More pointless regulation of the minutiae of your lives. More masks, more lockdowns, and don’t you dare miss your scheduled jab citizen or it’s off to the COVID gulag with you. No, not them, you. Just because it is someone else’s turn this week does not mean that it won’t be yours next. No matter how far you bend the knee. It will never be enough. This is what giving your life over to doctors looks like. Cause, meet effect. Happy now?

Because those voting for ‘safety’ will only find out that causality is a very harsh mistress. Very harsh indeed.

Ready, set……oh.

Right, so about a quarter of the parliamentary tory party rebelled over Bojo the clown’s ‘plan B’, which as crap as any plan B can ever be. Plan B is always a poor second choice, and so it is for the dear old UK. Despite their opposition, the restrictions still got voted through.

Not of course that it’s any better over here. ‘North’ is (Was?) due to join us next week, and has gone for her ‘booster’ jab to ensure she can join us unmolested. New travel ‘guidance’ says she has to get a negative antigen or PCR test before getting on the plane. We’re offering to pay for her test, just to make sure she can travel. Just so we can have some quality time together. We’ll do the same for ‘South’ when she can get out of the great prison state of Oz.

For my part, I have elected to ignore the repeated messages saying I am ‘eligible’ for a ‘booster’. Given that the current round of the “OHMYGAWD!” variant is as harmless as a kitten on Valium, at least according to the Sarf Efricans who discovered it. So I won’t be bothering. I’ve had two jabs, and if those didn’t work then what’s the point of another? Thus far and no further. Stuff the mandates.

Yes, yes, I know one death with the “OHMYGAWD!” variant of COVID has been reported in the UK, but ‘with’ isn’t ‘of’. Which means that the deceased was found to have traces of virus (Live or dead) in their sinuses after a post mortem PCR swab test, no matter their actual cause of death. Said test does not mean that they were symptomatic or even infected, merely that they had traces of it in their sinuses when swabbed. That, even with my limited medical training, does not constitute a ‘case’.

Frankly I’m pissed off with the whole business, and a second Christmas ruined by these weak arse politicians and their control freak advisers is not being looked on kindly. Bastards. The f*cking bastards. Right this minute I f*cking hate the whole of the British and Irish Parliaments who voted for renewed restrictions. I hate the EU commission, the Scottish and Welsh assemblies, and I wish them all the harm in the world. I hope they all die of a particularly nasty and painful form of cancer. Next week for preference. Hell, I’ll even buy tickets to watch each of them writhe and die in agony.

Now that may sound like I’m over reacting, but I say, if you’re going to over-react you might as well go the whole hog. However, no matter what happens we’ll survive. I just want to see ‘North’ in person and give her a serious hug to tell her that the family guard dog (Me) is still a good ‘un and all will be well. I want to feed her, share a few daft Dad-jokes, warm her in front of a good Irish fire and in the New Year send her back to the great metrollops relaxed and refreshed. If you are a parent who is worth your salt you will feel this way. Anything that gets in the way instantly raises the red mist of vengeance.

Thinking about this, I can’t think of any other occasion where I’ve hated another group of people so much. And I do mean hate. Not some minor dislike, but borderline incandescent rage at being repeatedly cheated and gaslit over a bug which has done far less harm than the restrictions meant to contain it. I want their (The politicians, their ‘science’ advisers, enforcers and their snitches) lungs to catch fire so I can refuse to piss down their throats.

Maybe in Hell Satan will let me do that.

Just an observation

Sitting in a very nice coffee bar in Limerick the other day, waiting for Mrs S to get prodded and poked by a specialist medic, I looked up at a screen to see a Sky news report of Bojo the clown promising a hundred million quid of taxpayer dosh to ‘Break the drugs gangs’. Also ten-year drug strategy including rehabilitation for 300,000 drug users who are responsible for half of all acquisitive crimes. Proposals also include taking away the passports or driving licences of ‘middle-class’ drug users. Right, so that’s almost the entire UK Parliament needing chauffeurs and country houses then.

Yeah right. Like that’s going to work. Not. Never has in the past, why should it now. That’s three hundred million spondoolicks the UK taxpayer isn’t going to see again to no good purpose.

Also, who is to say that the powers given to the UK police to ‘break the drugs gangs’ will not be used upon those who object to the continuation of the COVID-19 vaccine medical trial? Using the false charge of ‘hate speech’. Or are further abused to confine us peons in order to placate the false gods of man made climate change?

While enjoying my coffee and wondering why the politicians are hunkering in their bunkers over the relatively harmless “OHMYGAWD!” variant, I was struck by the following thought; we need more freedom of speech, because without it, how do we divine someone’s true intent and know when to protect ourselves if they are hostile? Or react with humour if they are a good person who simply wants to share a laugh?

Because if this pandemic has proven one thing, it’s how abso-freaking-lutely useless modern governments are at actually protecting the people who vote them in. No matter how many restrictions they put on the rest of us, while laughing up their sleeves at us peasants.

On the subject of restrictions, we’d been shopping in LocalTown during last week, quietly taking the mick out of all the people who insist on wearing masks outdoors. We’d just entered the lift in a multi-storey car park when a lady pushing a shopping trolley loaded with Christmas goodies followed us in. We had not expected her to do so, so had already doffed the silly surgical masks the shops insist upon as a condition of entry. “Oh thank God.” She smiled, pulling her own mask down to take a welcome breath. “People who don’t believe in masks. Useless bloody things. I keep telling people, but no-one believes me.”

We agreed, shared pleasantries and she got off on the next floor, noting how relieved she had appeared to have encountered people who shared her contempt of mask culture. Which was a refreshing experience in these days of the random scold. Because this mass psychosis over a rapidly attenuating virus has brought all the holier-than-thou crowd out of the woodwork hasn’t it? Don’t these petty tyrants just love telling random strangers off or giving them the evil eye for non-conformity?

Which makes it such a nice experience when you meet someone else who hasn’t drunk the kool-aid.

Happy weekend everyone.

Storm red

Well that’s the weather warning for out here in the wilder west of Ireland, so I’ve got the logs in and lit the main stove ready while we watch trees cartwheeling through the air outside, or as the media drama queens would have us think.

‘Storm Red’ sounds jolly dramatic though doesn’t it, almost as though it’s primary purpose is to spread fear and dismay. While we were out this morning I also noted that good many of the businesses in LocalTown have actually shut up shop for the day.

Yes, it’s going to get a bit wet and windy, but having lived through some of the regular Winter storms on Vancouver Island BC, I think a few gusts of over 130km/h (80mph) won’t bother us much. Unless one of the local cows gets blown off it’s feet and dropped on the roof. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot? Steaks all round I think.

All that’s really required to sail through one of these events is to hunker down, put the kettle on, and make sure you have enough goodies, candles and firewood in for when the grid goes down.

In hindsight I really should have installed a new UPS so we could have some light, sound and vision when the power outages come, but we have books and enough lighting stuff, so I’m not bothered about that. We have heat, light, shelter and hot water. The Internet can go hang for a while.

At one point Mrs S put RTE on the car radio and we heard some brain dead presenter ask a meteorologist “Is this to do with climate change?” Media code for “Is this something we can scare the ignorant with and generate some clickbaity headlines to boost our ratings?” The meteorologist to his credit demurred, and said no, this was more to do with the jet stream coming further south than usual, but then again this storm won’t be as bad as the one back in 2014, or previously 2001 (I think). Nice to see a proper expert being asked for a change and not some ambitious academic who’s only set foot outside his university to go on holiday or when he needed his grant money topping up.

As the woman blithered on about other dramatic topics I finally asked Mrs S to turn the radio off as it was annoying me. Now we’re home, there’s coffee in hand and the fires are lit.

Well that’s it for the moment. Not much else to say apart from Bojo the Clown trying to appear all butch and decisive (And failing utterly) by trying to put in place some very stupid legislation indeed. See below.

Resurrecting an old joke

There is a joke so old that my father taught it to me. “The floggings will continue until morale improves. Signed, the Captain.” A real life variant of which was recorded in the 1960’s as “All liberty is cancelled until morale improves.” A more modern (and pertinent) variant might be “The restrictions will continue until our share prices drop.”

But there’s a study (From Harvard, if that impresses you) just out that demonstrates what some of us have been maintaining all along, that natural immunity is far better than the experimental vaccines alone. See below. Dr Syed discusses the study below.

So if what he’s saying is the unvarnished truth, if you’ve had the dreaded lurgi and recovered, then got vaccinated, congratters! Like me, you likely won’t get it again, regardless of ‘variant’. Unlike having the mRNA vaccines alone, where ‘breakthrough infections’ do happen and there is also a documented elevated heart and reinfection risk. Which is why I’m reluctant to get a ‘booster’. The risk / reward equation at this stage of the game does not seem favourable. I’m already immune, with brass knobs on and no returns, so why bother? I can’t catch it and am therefore unlikely to pass it on, Huzzah! World saved, half hols for everyone. Home for tea and medals.

So no more need for tests, masks, or vaccine passports or whatever. We’re all golden. South African sniffles notwithstanding. Herd immunity has been reached. If only the PCR test, which detects both live and dead virus, were replaced with antibody tests, then we would have a clearer picture of how the virus has propagated through the population and who is now immune. But maybe that would have been too easy.

Yet the UK is imposing even more restrictions, fining people two hundred smackers for getting on a bus without a mask. Which makes no sense. As does cancelling the vaccine passports of those who, like me, won’t bother with a vaccine booster. Especially as having the booster will entail entering a known sink of infection. A.k.a. a hospital.

We are immune. Unlike those who have been vaccinated without having caught the dreaded lurgi first, now they may get a dose, but will probably get the milder version, which is what the “OhmyGod” variant will give you anyway. Which is what the South Africans are saying.

Which sends us, in a circuitous manner, back to the beginning of this post. The punishments, because that’s what mask mandates and lockdowns are, will continue until the infections go away. Which will be never at this rate. Even if the measures to mitigate the outbreak don’t really work in the wider population. Because they have obviously failed to do so on the new strain in Scotland. As on the previous bugaboo delta ‘variant’, prompting the comment below;

‘The Scottish and English approach to masking, although formally different since July, has made no meaningful difference to Delta.’

     – Professor James Naismith FRS FRSE FMedSci FRSC FRSB. Professor of Structural Biology, Oxford University on England’s new mask rules

In hospitals, or in other natural reservoirs of infection, yes masks and elevated hygiene measures have a mitigating effect, but not outside in the wider world. There you might as well write a cheque to ward off double pneumonia, and continually beating people over the head with these restrictions will do nothing but breed further resentment.

Oh well, I have to pay the deposit on the new place today. The money has been waiting for weeks, so I might as well put it to work.

We’ve done all our Christmas shopping already. There’s only the fresh stuff and some Port and Sherry to get. Christmas cards go winging their way to UK family by Friday, so there’s not much else to do but wait around.

After that we’re packing. It’s going to be another one of those oddball Christmases.


I keep hearing this figure of 75,000 (Seventy five thousand) excess deaths at home in the UK not attributed to SARS/COV-2. Not sure if that’s the overall figure since March 2020 or just for the last 12 months.

75,000 people who died of not getting treated for heart attacks, strokes and other diseases. Not treated by the UK’s ‘world leading’ and ‘wonderful’ NHS.

Out of a population 0f 67 million it’s a drop in the ocean, but I’m sure the families of those who got locked out of the NHS their taxes pay for will agree, it’s a small price to pay for controlling COVID (Do I have to post a /sarc tag here?) Which the lockdowns didn’t.

To all those people who advocated for the lockdowns, is 75,000 extra dead enough? Doesn’t matter. So long as it’s not you, eh?

Twenty wokety four

On the topic of ‘cancel culture’ and all things ‘woke’. The excellent Dr David Starkey, TV Historian recently cancelled by the woke from Cambridge, has his own, sparkly and brand new YouTube channel. Well worth a view. We wish him every success.

As for the people who got Starkey and so many others ‘cancelled’, really people? Were their ‘crimes’ so heinous that the woke had to go after their livelihoods? In Starkey’s case for a mere figure of speech? How petty. How spiteful. How empty.

Emptiness. That kind of sums up those who follow the precepts of ‘woke’ and those who bow before it. People who live in a spiritual desert, chasing after each mirage of ‘offence’, dying of thirst in a wilderness of their own making. How lonely they must be. Soulless. Living in a purposeless Hell of their own creation staring into the false mirror of cowardice. Thinking that all must be the same. Or else you can’t come out to play.

“Wrong!” cry a chorus of damned woke souls. “Sticker you are so full of it! We are fighting all the horrible isms that plague society. The haters must be cast out whatever the cost! Only we can save the world!” And so on…. Yawn.

Yerrs, fighting. Let’s think about that for a moment. Was there really a problem to fight against in the first place, or is this some kind of self vindication strategy? Something to make the ‘woke’ feel important when there’s this terrible clawing emptiness inside? Part of a perverted search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world perhaps?

That being said I constantly find myself bewildered as to why anyone pays these self-appointed judges and pundits any attention at all. There’s very few of them. Yet they wield a power way above their pay grade, and it seems most of them are what techie types used to refer to as ‘HR Handbags’.

I see them as poor manipulated pawns fear-programmed and convinced that their way is the only way. Even when recent history is strewn with so many examples of their top-down philosophies failures. Like those implemented by Lenin, Stalin, Ceausescu, Pol Pot, Chavez, Madron and on and on and on. Never mind all the big corporations that got too big and byzantine trying to run their employees lives before needing serious restructuring.

That’s the problem, Socialism, Corporatism, there’s hardly a fag paper between them. They all think they own other people. Frankly I’m led to the conclusion that it’s all about a few chasing unlimited power and influence, funding and grooming the activists with what is for the manipulators, chump change.

It doesn’t matter anyway. There’s a big financial crunch on the way to rival 2008 and then some. The powers that be might manage to kick the can down the road for a year or two longer, but it will happen, the imbalances are there and will only take one dog in the manger to push things over the edge.

This time the Banks that will start the cascade are in China. Because they’re heavily invested in hugely overpriced real estate. (A process, some would argue that has already begun) The rest of the Pacific rim will follow, then a good deal of Africa, the USA and followed by Western Europe as global trade goes into a worse cascade failure than at present. No one will be able to afford anything. And as a Big Chief once said; “You will find that you can’t eat money.” With the end result that big ‘compliance’ departments will find themselves being rapidly downsized into a market that has no need of whatever it is they think passes for their skill set.

Time to start that vegetable patch and plant a few fruit trees methinks. At least you’ll have something to eat if (and perhaps when) it all does go South. In any case, I can vouch for the fact that home grown is, with a little time and effort, better than store bought. The growing process can be fun too.

The powers that be aren’t being very astute either by banning the unvaccinated from various events or places or forcing them out of the workplace, as Biden wants to do in the USA. The truth is the current crop of politicians haven’t a clue, and can’t face the cold hard facts that the mRNA vaccines don’t stop people getting infected, all they do is mitigate some symptoms. Masks don’t work because they can’t stop microdroplet spread and may even act as a catcher and concentrator. Nor do lockdowns as they incarcerate carriers with the uninfected. Like God (to paraphrase a Parachute Regiment song I learned from an old drinking buddy) the virus is airborne and endemic. It’s everywhere. There is no escape. If you’ve had a dose, congrats, you’ve got much better immunity than by mRNA vaccines alone. If not, you might be part of the lucky 20-30% of the population who have a natural immunity.

As to efficacy, might I share this request for clear critical thinking from Dr Peter Doshi, the Assistant editor of the BMJ, an essential reference for medicines and their side effects.

So it doesn’t matter that the UK ‘Conservatives’ are about to foist up to a two year sentence on anyone who disagrees with their online censorship bill or any of Bodge Job the clowns insane ‘Green’ policies. That’s a thought, does the UK have an extradition treaty with Ireland? Hmm. lemme see now; Australia, United States of America and Hong Kong yes. Does that include the EU with the UK? Hmmm again. Maybe not so easy. I might be safe. At least until Twenty Wokety four.

Was that a knock on the door? Is that the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Special Branch? Sod ’em all, they can wait out in the rain. I’ve got a property deal to do.

A celebration of failure

In the rat infested streets of Glasgow, politicians and activists, in an hubristic attempt to make themselves look relevant, instead of just a flaming nuisance, will gather shortly to ‘save the planet’. We are not directly told from whom, all we’re told is that we peons have to change our ways, not the politicians and activists of course, because they are far too important and need their five star hotels and business class travel to zip across the world being insufferable bossy boots.

Fortunately for us, but maybe not, because according to some sources the talks have already ‘failed’. Because the Chinese and Russians aren’t on board. One can almost hear the giggling from Moscow and Beijing.

To save you the brain damage of actually watching any of the COP26 speeches and presentations I’ve summarised a typical conference speech below;

Non binary gentlepersons, we are here today on trample on the natural rights of everyone but us… blather… blah blah blah (repeat as below)

Build back better, (pause to do some pointless virtue signalling) ten years to save the planet and other such bollocks. We must act now and follow the science, blah, pointless blather, obfuscate, tell blatant lies and deny that the science is still hotly debated where debate still is allowed to happen, despite the much vaunted climate models being inaccurate to the point of worthlessness. Bullshit, more blather, we’re all wonderful and the peasants have to be locked down forever more. Blah blah, blah. Utter cobblers. More lies and “look! over there! an Aardvark!” and anyone who disagrees should be sent to the gulag, their property stolen and we’re doing this not to line our pockets but to save the Earth. Honestly guv’nor. I’m cutting me own froat and the cheque is in the post and of course I’ll respect you in the morning…. Thank you and where’s my over inflated speaking fee?

To quote Dale Arden from Flash Gordon;

“Flash! I love you, but we’ve only got fourteen hours to save the Earth!”

Afterthought. Wouldn’t it be a pity, a humungous crying shame if there was a huge outbreak of Leptospirosis (an endemic rat borne disease) amongst the COP 26 delegates? Couldn’t happen to a bunch of nicer people.

Alternatively, you could listen to Dr Ross McKittrick for a more reasoned perspective.

If you haven’t seen this already….

Show it to your friends and ask them politely if they haven’t suspected this phenomenon for some time. Two tier policing. Calling people ‘Deniers’, ‘anti-vaxxers’, or ‘alt-right’ when all they are doing is voicing legitimate concerns.

And the follow on interview after Neil’s considered words lit up the Internet’s servers.

We in the Scriblerus group have understood this gaslighting and mischaracterisation for some years now. It’s just nice to hear a more mainstream personality lend his voice to the chorus.

Just a thought….

Based upon the original quote from turn of the 20th century preacher W L Watkinson. For some reason I always thought it was philosopher Bertrand Russell. Just goes to show eh?

“Far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

But I Say; what the hell, why not do both? Nothing like a good swear when you’ve just burned your fingers on the stupidity of others. I hear a lot of swearing from Mrs S’s office of late. Mostly about people who don’t read their email and can’t follow simple directions, even if said instructions are properly indexed and bullet pointed.

Note: I see someone took a knife to David Amess MP. He’s been heavily involved with Middle Eastern negotiations, so might his assailant have such a connection? If they did, then expect radio silence on the ethnicity. If the guy was an indigenous Brit, then expect loud media trumpeting from the usual suspects about ‘incels’ or ‘white supremacists’.

Fortunately Mr Amess is not dead and will hopefully survive his ordeal. Unfortunately this may mean an uptick in security theatre regarding access to elected representatives and therefore a higher reliance on misleading polls and focus groups by MP’s in case they get slashed.

Did it not occur to his assailant that it is easier to change a person’s mind with words rather than an edged instrument? I’ve always thought that it was easier to win people around to one’s point of view while they are breathing, but that’s just me. I’m old fashioned like that. Even if the temptation is very strong.

Update: Mr Amess has died of his wounds. Still no talk of ‘White supremacists’ or ‘incels’, which in a strange negative way tells us a lot about his murderer. Also about the media, but isn’t it strange how an absence, extrapolated from previous behaviour, can be a modestly reliable guide to who did what? That the knife wielder was an idiot is a given, but what type of idiot will be revealed by the news coverage or lack thereof.

Update 2: Reliable sources tell me Mr Amess’s assailant was a Somali. Documented or not.

News on the home front is that the local council have done their thing, so we can proceed with the next phase of purchasing our new home. Sometimes buying property feels like swimming uphill through cold porridge, but at least we are making progress, albeit far too slowly for my liking.