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Warming? What warming?

We have a solar heated swimming pool. The weather has been so unusually cool that it will not get warm enough to use this year. Last year we were already taking dips to cool off.

Mt Washington has ski runs open in late June FFS!

Reduced snow melt means local water restrictions.

I can see snow covered mountains from my front deck. There’s usually much less on the coastal ranges by now.

Yet publicity hounds like David Suzuki and his camp followers are claiming that the current warming will be disastrous. Current warming? Where? I’d like to bloody see some.

EU Referendum has already taken a pop or two at these people and their delusions. Science? More like a bunch of whack jobs waiting for the comet / rapture / farcical non event.

Don’t even get me started on what utter nonsense the whole ‘cooling is warming’ is. Then again I’m using mark 1 eyeball and not some fancy scmancy computer model.

Steam column near Katla?

Have a look at the webcam on this link.

Something beyond Mt Unpronounceable seems to be throwing up a column of steam. Katla, or the East side of the Eyfjallajokull vent system?

It’s hard to tell. The Katla webcam is down, so no way of telling unless someone with their feet on the ground can report directly. Perhaps Jon Frimann will be able to keep us posted. Tremor plots for the area (See HVO and GOD) showed a small uptick in activity earlier today, BC time.

Just got back from work, and I’m on evening shifts all weekend. Will try to keep up.

Update: Steam plume seems to have gone, and tremor activity has dipped.

The decline of big Eco.

A while ago I wrote to my MP to protest the climate propaganda funded by the current UK Government, as with the previous one. The reply was a condescending “There, there ickle voter. We know better than you do, now go away there’s a good chap.” Well, not exactly in those words, but I feel that is a fair precis. Essentially they said that because the science is settled (Which is utter garbage, science is never settled) they were going to keep on ploughing money into organisations like the infamous 10:10 and their kiddie snuff eco-porn.

Now we hear, according to a Professor Lockwood in the Tellytubbygraph, that the idiocy of building Wind Turbines is going to provide even less power for the UK because lowered solar activity has meant the Jet stream has moved further south and is ‘blocking’ the usual prevailing westerlies. Confirmation in my mind that the UK is an asylum, and the inmates are in charge. The Professor says this may be part of a continuing trend for the next 40 years(!) Well, so much for the tales of the impending heat death of the world. Rather like the recent debacle over the last end of world story, looks like all the ‘warming’ stories have less credibility that a Radio Evangelist who just got it wrong, big time.

The current deepening solar minimum has been recordable fact for several years, but still the UK’s idiot politicians contend that a small increase in an atmospheric trace gas will cause ‘uncontrollable warming’. Dozy lot. We aren’t in Maunder territory just yet, but if the sun continues down this trend line, we might just see it within the next ten years, and no CO2 involved.

As an environmental aside, I’ve just seen my first Orcas. Two young males(?) sporting up the channel towards Dodd Narrows at 14:00 local time. The grin on my face is enormous. Sadly no pics, as by the time I’d got the scope and camera up they’d moved out of view.