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A mere rifling

A couple of work buddies and myself are awaiting the final demise of the long gun registry before rejoining the local fish & game club as shooting members. I’m looking at something like a bolt action Browning 30-06 and possibly a pump action 12 gauge for hunting in general. I’d keep them at the club for range practice of course, as the tacit agreement is that we’ll only fit out one of our trucks with a decent lock box for the guns and ammunition.

My general preference is for a bow, but what with it looking like another damp summer in western BC (Although I really hope I’m wrong), bowhunting is no fun with a damp bowstring. That and a halfway decent shotgun and fifty rounds of solid rifled shot costs less than a modest sixty pound draw recurve, twelve arrows and six broadhead tips. Several local friends (All well respected people) have agreed to support my application for a firearms license. Which I think is jolly decent of them. In the meantime, I shall be renewing my salt water fishing license, and going to spend some quality time standing the rocks with my rod in hand, casting my cares upon the waters and watching the Seals, Sea Lions, Otters, and if I’m really lucky, the odd passing Orca or even some Pacific White sided Dolphins passing by. There’s been some rather unpleasant windstorms of late, with trucks and cars almost bisected by falling trees, and I’m getting a bit twitchy for some sunshine.

It’s been a stressful few months, what with visiting family and all making demands on my time, and I really need a decent time out to recharge the old spiritual batteries. Never mind, Spring is almost here, and the buds are beginning to break. I shall feel happier when the Birch and Maple are in full leaf.


Almost ready

New bowstrings for my favourite fifty inch recurve are almost shot in. Have ten shafts to be cleaned and refletched. Need inserts for readily converting field points to broadheads. Spent my evening shooting to test out how hard and flat my bow still shot and the initial results are encouraging.

A little more practice and I think I’ll be ready for the start of the hunting season in September. Excellent. I’m looking forward to it.

By the way, just in case there’s a little disbelief out there. Since I’m not working today, I’ve been doing a little prep work. (See photo) Centre foreground is an arrow in my one and only fletching jig along with some old XX75 Easton Alloy shafts cleaned and ready for fletching with glue, pliers etc. The 50 inch recurve is one of these The sharper eyed will see the ‘Quicks Archery’ logo on the belly of the bow itself. Had it for over twenty years, man and dog, and it still shoots sweet, fast and flat. Cost me the princely sum of forty pounds back in 1987. Might only be a forty five pound draw weight, but ballistics beat brute force any day.