Busy, busy

Lots going on chez Maison Sticker at the moment.  All this and nailing things down stuff to prepare for tomorrows rapture before the big Earth-destruction-gotterdammerung-yes-it’s-really-going-to-happen-this-time-guv-no-really-it-is.

Actually no.  As I have posted before, one of the advantages in living in God’s country is that He often pops round for the odd beer and fishing session, which is nice, and generally brings ‘Junior’ along.  You know, it’s a guy thing.  Take a six pack of beer out on the boat (although JC prefers to walk), leave the girls to go shopping and well, go fishing.

“Hey, what’s all this about the end of the world then?”  I asked during last weekends session.

“Nothing to do with me.  Pass another Sleemans, would you?”  Replies God.  “I don’t do the apocalyptic thing.  That’s for the whacko’s.  Ask JC here.”

“JC.  What’s this I hear about some event you’ve got planned for Saturday?”  I asked.

“I thought we were going to the sporting goods store.”  Replies Jesus.

“Aren’t you having a rapture or something?”

“No.  News to me.  Sounds painful.”  JC takes another chug of beer before making a perfect cast.  “Not doing any second comings, I remember what the bastards did to me first time round.  The only rapture I’m interested in is a sunny day in BC with Mary rubbing in the sun screen.”

“So what about these people who are going to be waiting for this rapture?”

“They’ll be waiting a long time then.”  He belches.  “Well pardon I.  Pass the sandwiches.”

“They’ll be expecting you to waft them into the air before the Earth is destroyed.”  I said.   I mean, being a supreme being is one thing, but keeping appointments is for everyone.

“What, so they can drift around sneering in a superior manner as people on the ground die horribly?  They call that morally acceptable?  I don’t think so.”  Says Jesus.

“You know, son, you should go, just to see what happens.  It’s only polite.”  Chides God gently.

“No.  It’s not in my events diary.  Not going.”  JC starts to reel in a big one.  “Besides, they’d only expect me to grow that itchy old beard again, and grow my hair out.  Used to cost me a fortune in conditioner.”

“So.”  Says I.  “No end of the world then?”

“Nope.”  Says God.

“Not a chance.”  Says Jesus.  “Great ham sandwiches by the way.  Any more mustard?”

Well I guess that settles it then.  If you wanted the end of the world to solve all your issues, you’re out of luck.  God and Jesus are on Vancouver Island this weekend, and not available for apocalypses.  You heard it here first.

Yo! Canada!

First seen here on Wattsupwiththat. This is going to piss off a lot of pseudo-environmentalists, but there will be no Federally mandated Carbon tax in Canada. Yes! (Punches air in delight) There is hope.

“It’s off the table,” he (Environment Minister Peter Kent) told reporters Thursday after accepting an award from World Wildlife Fund International on behalf of Parks Canada.
“There’s no expectation of cap-and-trade continentally in the near or medium future.”

Now all we have to do is pressure the BC Provincial government into dropping their Carbon levy on gas and it’ll be a summer to really celebrate.

Oh, and the ban on incandescent light bulbs has been set back.  (Walks of whistling happy tune).

The mighty falling

Watching the furore over the downfall and arrest of the current IMF chief with a grim smile.  Apparently this guy has had four highly placed media people covering up, obfuscating and tacitly condoning his alleged sexual misbehaviours.  First thought; he won’t be the only one.  Second thought; exactly how many of these people are there, covering up the misdeeds of the rich and powerful and who are they? 

Now if it’s any consolation, I’m usually firmly against ‘outing’ if it serves no useful purpose. However, I think in this case the public interest would be served by exposing those who ‘bury bad news’ about their masters and hauling the harm they hide struggling and flapping out of the murk, into the light of public scrutiny.

Now I’ve read the various volumes published by the Marquis de Sade (He was a Frenchman too), and know that sex and power often go together (I mean, how else did John Prescott get away with it?). So why should we be surprised, or think that the rich and powerful need shielding from the consequences of their own actions?

When a footballer who parked his willy where his wife wot not of can demand to see the emails of a media outlet over alleged ‘blackmail’ perhaps it’s the right moment to call ‘Time out’ on gagging orders that can only affect those under the jurisdiction of that particular judiciary. Although a ‘privacy law’ will probably lead to the situation where the powerful may indulge their sexual predilections hidden from public gaze, no matter how unpleasant. Rather like with the French.

Not being a prude, let’s face it, sex is sex, but there is a line here, and a fairly well defined one. That line is harm. By that definition I mean that no one is physically abused without their full consent, and then with no lasting damage.

For ‘abuse’, read against volition. As abuse can be a pretty subjective matter. There are few, or no moral absolutes in this area. An extreme feminist might define ‘abuse’ as non kowtowing to her personal prejudices, or in the case of a rich man’s wife, finding her credit card spending curtailed. Yet either might be in, let’s say a BDSM relationship involving the willing receipt of pain. From something as mild as a little hanky spanking in leather to full on whips and barbed wire underpants. So who defines what is ‘abuse’ if both parties in such a relationship are willing participants? We all have our own personal definitions. Permanent harm might simply be defined for example as a visible mark or symptom, excluding the purely decorative (Tattoo’s and piercings), and of course death.

That sexual crimes are known to have happened and subject to suppression is common currency. For example, the children of rich families are known to have murdered, then expected their family to cover up their wrongdoing. Politicians have moved heaven and the courts to suppress leakage about their misdeeds (e.g. Kennedy, Clinton). That those with money and power have such appetites should come as no surprise, but that they should have the means to suppress the information about such behaviour steps over the line to willing evil.

This isn’t to say that everyone who reports on such matters is blameless. There are incidences where the tabloid press have ruined people’s lives for exposure for mere peccadilloes. Where false witness has been given, and the victim(s) left with no means of redress but a mealy mouthed half paragraph apology buried on page seven.

I believe that the only real libertarian position on this matter can be “Do what you want, but don’t try to hide the truth.” For those who would willingly hide the truth are as guilty as those who commit the crime in the first place.

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New season

Was reading a book about the principles of Democracy outside our local Tim Hortons when a guy in his early sixties wanders over, and in that curiously endearing way Vancouver Islanders seem to have, shrugged his shoulders and said to me; “At least you can stand outdoors and not get soaked today.”

“You got that right.”  I replied, wondering in my slightly paranoid English way what was coming next.  I almost looked over my head to see if some sort of illuminated sign saying something like “Talk to this man – he loves crazy people” had appeared.

“You know, I was talking to my daughter this morning, and she said what with all the rain and stuff people were thinking of renaming Spring.  You know what she said?”  He continued, apropos of nothing.

“Go on.”  I said, knowing that this was one of these unpremeditated jokes people round here like to tell to total strangers.

“Sprinter.”  He grinned.  I chuckled.  Then he ambled inside to get his coffee.  He was probably telling the same gag to everyone he met.

Never seen the guy before.  Probably never see him again.  But he’d gone out of his way to crack a corny gag with a complete stranger.

Mind you, locally speaking, it has been unseasonably cool so far this year.  Normally temperatures are far higher during mid May.  At least if local memory is to be trusted.

Not so super injunctions

Now no names, no pack drill, but the celebrity misdeeds that the super injunctions were meant to suppress are embarrassingly now all over the Internet.  Embarrassing deeds by Actors, TV Chefs, Footballers, TV Motoring show presenters, and people who are at risk of having newborn children stolen by social services, the names are all public domain.  You can almost hear the widespread guffaws and shocked gasps of  “but he seemed so normal” from all over the planet.  Not to mention the outraged expostulations of “How the fuck do they get away with this shit?”

I’m sure there were days not long before the French Revolution, when the sans-culottes heard the latest gossip from inside the gilded palaces of state and said much the same thing (Only in French of course).   Shortly before the whole shooting match went pear shaped and a number of previously privileged people began turning up twenty to thirty centimetres shorter than they were that morning.

Of course I haven’t read the injunctions in question, or I’d be bound by the terms and conditions, or else be held in contempt of court.  As I haven’t had the injunction served upon me, I am officially not aware of the terms and conditions, since nobody is supposedly allowed to tell anybody anything.  Nor should they, ergo I can’t know because no one is supposed to have told me, or anyone else.  Although there are those who have heard and plainly don’t give a shit and publish anyway.

No doubt a great deal of public money will be spent trying to ‘bring the perpetrators of contempt to justice’ but this isn’t justice we’re seeing, this is the law in its full tyrannical aspect.  The courts and judiciary, by defending people who have allegedly perpetrated various wrongs, bring themselves into disrepute.  Just because the people concerned have fifty to a hundred grand to spare on lawyers fees.  Maybe they’re being paid too much.

Justice this ain’t, because real justice does not come with a price tag.

Facebook again

Is there no such thing as a privacy setting worth the candle on Facebook?   I know my eldest has recently deleted her profile, but that’s more for personal reasons.

This morning I found out that Facebook granted advertisers access to members sites, even the ‘friends only’.  For a company that allegedly tried to smear Google, I wonder what planet these guys are on.  This rather vindicates my decision to erase my Facebook profile,  although it keeps coming back like a bad curry.  I’m rapidly developing the opinion that Facebook is a social vampire, sucking your real life away.  Well, it’s as bloody hard to kill.  I thought I’d finally disposed of mine after following the detailed instructions, then finding the bloody thing had risen from the crypt more times than Dracula.

So no more Belgian news, eh?

A Belgian Newspaper has just won an injunction against Google for linking to their online French news service. See item here. Foot shot the in. Unless their content is so hot it burns up the street I think maybe this is a retrograde step. No doubt falling advertising revenue may change their minds. Google’s news link is free publicity. The move makes no real sense.

Blogger down

Blogger has been down for longer than I can ever remember. Seeing as most of the sidebar links on my old Blogspot blog are to Blogger hosted content, this has meant posting is suspended. I’m wondering why a business model would allow its customer base to be off line for so long. These blogs generate traffic, traffic means business, and without business (At least as a loss leader). After a while you don’t have a business.

There is the thought that ‘super injunctions’ have been served over the content hosted on said blogs, and therefore Blogspots current owners have elected to prevent further posting until the heat dies down, but that’s only a theory. On the other hand, maybe the idiotic ‘Contra Mundum’ faction are desperately trying to cover their tracks. Sorry chaps, but the fox is loose, and so are the hounds. There are other platforms. Shut down Twitter, Blogger, whatever, but the army of Davids are out there with slingshots ready.

Regarding the super injunctions, frankly, I don’t care which stupid ‘Celebrity’ or ‘Sports personality’ has been parking their willy or with whom, or what intoxicant they’ve been stuffing into any available bodily orifice. Silencing free speech is a greater crime than simply ‘fessing up, saying ‘whatever’, then we can get on with digging the dirt on real injustice, corruption, and exposing untruths (or maybe creating a few for fun). The lamestream do it. Sauce for the Goose and all that.

Maybe I’ll migrate here permanently. On the other hand….

Update: Content posted after May 11th has vanished…… Ah ha!

Update: It’s cock up rather than conspiracy.

Expatriate expostulations from Canada; a.k.a. A Sarcastic man abroad trying to stay in the middle of the road without getting run over.

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