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Blogger down

Blogger has been down for longer than I can ever remember. Seeing as most of the sidebar links on my old Blogspot blog are to Blogger hosted content, this has meant posting is suspended. I’m wondering why a business model would allow its customer base to be off line for so long. These blogs generate traffic, traffic means business, and without business (At least as a loss leader). After a while you don’t have a business.

There is the thought that ‘super injunctions’ have been served over the content hosted on said blogs, and therefore Blogspots current owners have elected to prevent further posting until the heat dies down, but that’s only a theory. On the other hand, maybe the idiotic ‘Contra Mundum’ faction are desperately trying to cover their tracks. Sorry chaps, but the fox is loose, and so are the hounds. There are other platforms. Shut down Twitter, Blogger, whatever, but the army of Davids are out there with slingshots ready.

Regarding the super injunctions, frankly, I don’t care which stupid ‘Celebrity’ or ‘Sports personality’ has been parking their willy or with whom, or what intoxicant they’ve been stuffing into any available bodily orifice. Silencing free speech is a greater crime than simply ‘fessing up, saying ‘whatever’, then we can get on with digging the dirt on real injustice, corruption, and exposing untruths (or maybe creating a few for fun). The lamestream do it. Sauce for the Goose and all that.

Maybe I’ll migrate here permanently. On the other hand….

Update: Content posted after May 11th has vanished…… Ah ha!

Update: It’s cock up rather than conspiracy.

Fallback position

Recently Blogger has been up and down like a manic depressive elevator (Hah!  You thought I was going to say whore’s knickers – surprise!)  Posting has been impossible, ergo I’m setting up shop here as a backup position.  This blog has been lying idle for quite some time,but perhaps WordPress should be given a second chance.

Passing a post

Testing the E-mail function so I can parallel post as a backup. My febrile mental drivel in triplicate (Duplicate until Blogger creaks back into action). Oh my, what joy.

Back to wordpress

I’ve been with blogger for so long I think I’ve been getting a bit complacent. The free tools that made it such a cute little platform are beginning to pall. Haloscan is no longer available as a free service, which is a pain, but there you go.

Did try to make a WordPress blog once, but it never went anywhere. Will migrate and see what I can do with this new blog.