Around our property are a number of Sycamore trees. Last year the amount of winged seeds they produced was immense. Now from what I’ve read, this happens when a given tree or trees is ‘stressed’ by bad weather or damage.

Thinking about it this makes perfect sense. Fruit trees are pruned just enough to stress them into heavier crops than they would ordinarily produce. There’s also enough folklore about a lot of berries presaging a cold or wet winter, despite all the “hottest year evah” wittering from certain parties. And it has been colder and wetter than usual. So maybe the trees have a better handle on what’s happening than we do.

Unfortunately this means I have thousands upon thousands of bloody Sycamore seedlings sprouting all over an acre or so, and it’s a huge drag on my time to hoe them all out and apply the right weed killer. Which, I might add, I do not like having to use. But there you go.

There’s a lot going on in the news, but honestly I can’t be arsed to worry about the insanity, apart from privately working out how to get around the fallout. My cuttings seem to be working, and there’s work for me to do.