So much for all that

Reshaping the grounds continues apace. There’s a new border wall in the grounds (Good grief ‘grounds’ whoever would have thought I’d ever live in a house with ‘grounds’ rather than just a back yard or a garden?) and planting is almost compete for this first batch.

As for the tin foil hat part of the equation, everything we managed to work out for ourselves turns out to be true. From the lab leak theory to the manipulation of data and scare tactics abused by our own governments and media.

‘The Lockdown Files’ are now public domain, and how a massive disinformation campaign by the powers that be is laid bare for all to see. All for hubris and ambition. We the public have been horribly betrayed by all sides of mainstream political life, a few backbenchers being notewothy exceptions.

So much for being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. There has been a conspiracy, and it is one of many to the detriment of the public of many nations, no theory required. Oh yes, and did you ever wonder where the whole ‘transgender’ thing came from?

Jennifer Bilek says “Follow the money trails, they do not lie….”