Have you ever contacted your elected representative (Of whatever party) to have your concerns dismissed? Your sources decried as the work of ‘Cranks’ or ‘Deniers’ and ‘Nutters’? No matter how experienced and qualified from reputable sources. Or have said representative outright ignore your concerns?

We’ve seen a lot of this over the past few years. In conversations with true believers, I’ve heard of people like Dr Will Happer and Dr Richard Lindzen described in less than glowing terms despite their credentials. Fun fact; did you know that Dr Lindzen has published around two hundred and fifty scientific papers? A staggering amount of work. Dr Happer is a veteran Physicist and respected adviser who got fired at the behest of failed divinity student Al Gore. Then there is the ‘unpersoning’ of qualified scientists who questioned the mRNA vaccines, citing well founded concerns over the lack of testing and trials, even sinking so low as to indulge in personal attacks on actual victims of the vaccines.

You can call them all the names under the sun for believing (Based on empirical data) that there is no ‘climate catastrophe’, impending or otherwise, but doing so does not invalidate their work, nor make them need ‘re-education’ like the Ontario College tried to do with Dr Jordan B Peterson.

The thing is that academia and science have been taken over by people who are neither proper academics, nor scientists. These Administrators are the ones responsible for the wrecking of careers and an attempted suppression of certain avenues of science. And there has been an explosion in the numbers of said administrators, acting like the notorious (At least in the UK) Doctors receptionists of old.

These are the people causing all the minor disagreements in academia and science to fountain into open sewers of bad information, enforced by these administrators. Then there are the disseminators of ‘malinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ two ugly neologisms that have been pushed into public discourse to cover up the crimes of those pushing progressive political agendas. The mainstream media and politicians of all stripes, with a few notable exceptions, were responsible for the vast majority of bad information, and even helped suppress reports like the one currently coming to light as discussed by John Campbell below.

Alphabet corporation were leaned on by the Biden White House to suppress dissenting voices on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention the doctors and nurses from all over the world struck off for daring to challenge the official party line.

Apparently challenging the official line automatically makes you ‘far right’, a term so over-used that it has lost all meaning. But to nick a line from a YouTube comment thread; “You may call me far right, but I think you’ll find I’m often not far wrong.”