Watching the wheels come off

Mrs S and I periodically discuss the wider world over the dinner table, and she often has a slightly different take on things, some of which I agree with, some not. But these sometimes heated discussions clear the air and let each of us know where the other stands. We’re grown up enough to respect the others opinion without it hurting our relationship. Well, it’s worked for the last couple of decades. So far so good.

However, what we both have in common is sympathy for those commentators who initially followed the party line and are having their illusions and cherished beliefs razed to the ground. Two such people, Dr John Campbell and Neil Oliver sometimes have an expression on their faces that they can’t quite believe the words coming out of their own mouths. Or as Mrs S colourfully put it, “Sometimes it’s like watching the clocks in their heads exploding, sending springs and cogwheels all over the place.”

Watch John Campbells expression as he listens to this US congressional evidence.

As for poor old Neil. I’ve watched him eloquently recite his misgivings time and again as the expression on his face clearly says; “I can’t believe I’m saying this!”

I suspect there are a lot of people out there that feel exactly as these two gentlemen do. Myself included. We have been betrayed. Mass murder may have been committed by the very people we pay our taxes for.

Which begs the question; “When are the arrests going to start?” Because there are people whose role in the last three years means that they are well overdue for being thrown under the bus. The evidence is all public domain, and the number of pointing fingers is growing. Now I’m beginning to think that Fauci et al will be hauled off to the jug to save the bacon of their more rich and powerful backers.

There has to be a reckoning. Or else we are faced with the naked truth that the social contract between rulers and ruled lies shattered on the ground like a billion broken windows. Who else feels this way?

Update; and in case you haven’t seen it, there is the latest Andrew Bridgen MP parliamentary question aboutvaccine harms.

For my part, when I heard certain people describe these mRNA vaccines as ‘death jabs’ back in 2021 I was sceptical. The evidence changed my mind. Now, like Andrew Bridgen, I believe the much touted mRNA treatments are a far bigger risk than the disease they are supposed to protect against.

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  1. “Mass murder may have been committed by the very people we pay our taxes for.”

    Well, it wouldn’t be the first time…

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  2. The arrests won’t come, there will be a few scapegoats, ie midazolam matt who will probably do very nicely out of it in due course.
    Now the wheels are coming off the bus it’s sickening hearing the weasels backtracking, suddenly remembering how they never really believed in it, busily rewriting their histories.

    Never expected anything from politicians celebs or the legacy media, almost all in it for what they can gain, they behaved as anyone awake would expect, so can’t say as i’m any more disillusioned with them than i was 30 or more years ago when i realised the system was rotten to the core.

    My contempt is worse for those of our fellow countrymen who seeing an opportunity to take out their bile on others crawled and slimed their way out of the woodwork, grassing others up and joining in the chorus for apartheid or forced innoculation or denial of NHS services that those who didn’t fall for the scam had paid for their whole lives.

    I truly believed all of my life that what happened in 1930’s central europe when one innocent section of society was declared an enemy could never have happened here.
    What a fool i am, the same types were here all along, just waiting to point the finger and ready to echo whatever the state enforcers declared.

    They showed themselves for what they are, the veils are off and we now know who we can trust and who we can’t.

    Sadly come the next election the people will dutifully trot out and vote for the same people and parties and once again they’ll be shocked when the result isn’t different.

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  3. I have finally given up on Britain, much as it grieves me to say. Even in my self imposed exile I have for so long continued to hope. But things have continued to get Worse. Way beyond anything that I first thought.

    I will never visit England again. I simply don’t want to be there.


    1. How are things in La belle France Mitch? I keep on hearing about riots there, strikes here, road blocks there. I trust all is well in your neck of the woods.

      I may well pay the old homestead a visit in the next year, just to see how far things have slid since my last visit.


      1. Everything is fine here, Bill. Not a sign a riot or a road block, but then there never has been in my 30 years here.
        I don’t know what goes on in Paris as I have never been there. But then Paris isn’t really France.

        So Macron is doing okay as far as I can see. Most people I know want to go on working for a bit longer but are legally forbidden past 60. So heaven knows what the fuss is all about. Anything for a punch up, eh what.


          1. Yep. Mostly among The Peasants, of which I am one. Albeit not actually French. But The Peasants Rule. Okay. They certainly don’t in UK. There seems to be some shame attached to being a peasant Britain. God alone knows why.


            1. Funny that, because ‘peasant’ is simply an anglicised version of ‘paysan’ which is French for ‘countryman’ or country dweller. Speaking for myself, I am happy to be described as such because I am at heart a countryman. Of which country is another matter.

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