That’s interesting…

Right. We have a new hedge all planted up. There’s more to do, but I’m looking at building a wall to contain… wait for it.

Another bloody shrubbery, And me with only a past it’s sell by date Kipper, not even a Herring. This shrubbery will contain Gardenias, Camellias and a few other flowering shrubs to brighten our view from the south facing rooms.

On the plus side of life. Mrs S went to the Doctor for a quick walletotomy and some blood tests just before the festering season. She was told by the quack that her cholesterol was ‘too high’ and that he was considering putting her on statins. My good lady, having a distaste for such things, with a little assistance on the culinary front from yours truly, made a few lifestyle changes.

Yesterday we got the result of her second set of tests; Cholesterol was now heading well below the upper ‘safe’ threshold. In just over six weeks Which is better than most Statins can acieve without all the fuss over pills, potions and liver function tests.

How was this mini-miracle achieved? Simple. Increased physical activity (Two hours a day) and a significant reduction of refined sugar products and starches in the diet. Very little potato and wheat products and a month on the wagon.

Result; Doctor is happy, for a given value of ‘happy’. Mrs S is chuffed, as it means she doesn’t have to shell out for pills and potions, with all their attendant side effects. As am I as the side effects of statins are well known, and like certain other treatments, seem to me that the ‘cure’ is worse than the ‘disease’, like the one in eight hundred risk of serious side effects, and a one in eight thousand or so of dropping down dead for another.

And this boost in my wife’s metabolic health was derived from a good mixed diet, fresh air and moderate exercise. Good ‘ere, innit?

Update: It appears the AI spambots don’t like this post as my spam filter has flagged up a number of the ‘Source’ one word comment spam. Look, if the spambots had the brains to follow the link provided, then they would have found the information on Statin side effects. As for giving the ‘source’ of Mrs S’s reduced LDL cholesterol, well me bucko’s, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I don’t post that kind of personal information just because some lame brain thinks demanding them makes their point. They can just go stew in their own unpleasant juices.


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