Grifting for fun and profit

Stupid wordpress prompt of the day “What is one thing you would change about yourself?” I mean seriously. Do I need prompting to dump my toxic thoughts on this blog? No. Sometimes it’s like having some half wit standing over your shoulder telling you what to write, to which I will reply; “Why don’t you eff off and let me do my own thing, bollock-brain?” Like I’ve said before, there are too many worthless mouths behind keyboards nowadays.

Talking about worthless mouths, Mrs S and I were talking, and she mentioned that Sparkly Meg and the ex-Prince once known as Harry had produced a ‘documentary’ which had a go at the UK Royal family, which I thought was a display of monstrous ingratitude, given how much cash Mr Dad the King has shelled out to his youngest.

My lady wife made a few sharp assertions which I found amusing, especially the one about being eight months pregnant and still being able to kneel down without a whole lot of awkwardness. And in high heels to boot. Which Mrs S thought was somewhat suspicious. Mrs S has carried two children to term, and knows that at eight months, an undignified waddle is sometimes the best a girl can do. As for still having the poise to kneel gracefully. “That doesn’t pass the smell test. Even a trained gymnast would have trouble.” She then stated her suspicion that Sparkly Meg was never really pregnant to begin with. Mrs S voiced her long held suspicion that a surrogate / substitute was used.

Frankly I don’t follow sleb matters, but based on what Mrs S was telling me, I found myself wondering about said ex-royal and wondered if all these Netflix ‘specials’ which I never watch, aren’t just some kind of celebrity grift.

Just like the other recent Royal ‘scandal’, where one of the late Queens ladies in waiting was forced into resignation by the allegations of racism from a race grifter in fancy dress (Which a number of real Africans have questioned) whose ‘charity’ pays her north of 65,000GBP. Beats working for a living doesn’t it? All you need to do is, whenever someone of the ‘wrong’ ethnicity asks you a polite question, get all upset and go crying to the media, who will no doubt get stung for an ‘appearance fee’. My god how the money rolls in eh? All for a bit of live action trolling, which is effectively what these grifters are doing.

Then there was the noise surrounding the mishandling of the BLM movement’s finances, where a certain leading light spent all the cash they raised from the terminally gullible to buy houses for herself. Which leads me to think that if at first you don’t succeed, grift, cry and grift again.

Now I’ve worked for charities myself, both as employee and volunteer. Down at the coalface it’s badly paid but very rewarding. However, for those at the top it can be a really nice little earner, because they get paid the big bucks. Still, of late the salaries for those at the top admin positions have been getting bigger and bigger.

Nice work if you can get it eh?

Update: Ah, good, I’ve found the new “Hide daily prompt” button. Hidden, and it had better bloody stay that way.


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  1. I have to admit to a few toxic thoughts on The Markles myself from time to time and I do make an effort to avoid voicing such feelings on my Blog. No one is perfect after all. So thanks for reminding me of the lurking danger. I will continue to stick to the ghastly dog when I feel like a bit of a harmless swearing session. Dear little shit he is.


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