Fake world

Bearing in mind that I’ve never heard anyone give me a good reason why we should kill trees for Christmastide (Or Mithrastide if you’re going to be pedantic), I went out looking for a potted up fir tree we could use every year that wasn’t plastic. And I found a nice selection at a local nursery. As two thirds the price of a dead tree that will leave needles all over the place, or a quarter of the cost of a decent artificial one. All I need to do is keep it trimmed, bonsai style and we’ll have a tree for the next three to five years before I plant it out up in our top meadow.

Now with heating working properly, but still a suspected mouse issue, it’s back to normal. For a given value of ‘normal’. Christmas tree and all the goodies are on order for the festering season. We’re so ahead of the game I barely have to cook.

This ‘normal’ is mainstream media gaslighting and misrepresenting the valid concerns of people over the costs of the migrant crisis and many other issues throughout western countries. Ordinary Irish and British people gaslit as ‘racist’ or any other ‘ist’ for saying “Why are you spending all this tax money on freeloaders?” See reports below, which you won’t see unspun on any mainstream platform. At least none I’ve seen.

This is our tax money the government is throwing away. Yet people are being maligned for complaining about the immigration laws not being upheld?

Then there’s the nonsense about ‘hate speech’ on Twatter. FYI; incidences were down since Musks takeover, not up as reported in the New York Times. Although simply saying the dictionary definition of ‘Woman’ as an adult human female’ apparently qualifies as ‘hate’. Which is a ludicrous point of view held only by those with the thinnest skins.

As one who has received more than his fair share of real abuse (And the occasional real death threat) during his working life, the whole fakery of the mainstream media, from broadcaster to broadsheet and tabloid is staggering. Having watched the tabloid press in action, I’ve long known that they will blacken the name of innocent people for a headline. But I used to have a pathetic faith in the broadsheets and broadcasters like the BBC. Now being able to search for primary sources direct, although not a Ph.D or ‘expert’ (Funny how they’re so often dead wrong) can make up my own mind.

Until the last ten years I just never knew how fake the mainstream media world really was.

To close. While I was composing this blog post, a little WordPress message popped up while I was copy and pasting. It read; “What are your feelings on eating meat?” Well A) that’s no-one’s business but my own. B) What the f*cking hell are WordPress up to? It seems to me there are too many worthless mouths out there with keyboards minding other people’s business.

Maybe they’d be happier if they just stopped and go on with their own lives? Mmm. Upon reflection that might mean they had to do some productive work.


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