I wouldn’t do that

Things pootle along on our little smallholding. The heating is still erratic, two rooms where the heating doesn’t work and another like a sauna, but that will go to the lawyers soon if the trades can’t get their arses in gear. I’ve given the trades a lot of money for a functioning system, and if it can’t be made to work properly, I want my money back. I don’t want to go to law, but if the intransigence continues, well, they forced my hand.

I don’t know why people do this. Do half a job and then bugger off when it doesn’t work. All we want is a heating system that works properly, that’s all. Is that too much to ask? we’ve ponyed up the dosh, but I’m left with a lemon of a system. I’m half way inclined to get my old test meter out and download a circuit diagram to finish the job myself, having some training in matters electrical, but the system is still under warranty, so that might not be such a great idea.

Other things I wouldn’t do is put out a treatment that hasn’t been tested properly yet. And that is so coming back to bite Pfizer. Glad I sold my Pharma shares last year to help pay for our new house. Pfizer and the mainstream media did not just make misleading statements, they lied. They lied to the politicians, they not just lied, but gaslit, cancelled and abused the sceptical public. They and their complicit mouthpieces continue to do so.

Someone needs to pay for the last two plus years. Lobbyists need to pay. The pharmaceutical companies need to pay. The ‘nudge’ behavioural psychology units need to be taken out and shot to answer for what is effectively a crime against humanity.

Those of us in the ‘conspiracy theory’ faction have repeatedly been proved right about the rush to vaccinate with poorly tested products. Our tin foil hats may have been glowing red hot as the evidence mounts. But the mainstream media muppets dismissed our valid concerns and they too need to be held accountable. No forgiveness, No amnesty. Just dismissal and obscurity should be their lot.

As for the news that Biden ordered Trudeau to crack down on the truckers convoy protesting against Canada’s anti-human vaccine mandates. There is not a day goes by that I do not despise that senile ars*hole Biden and his cheerleaders even more. As for all the people who voted for Biden, you do know what you did don’t you? “Our democracy”? Yeah, right. N.B. The USA is a republic.

As an aside; I’m old enough to remember going to school alongside Thalidomide victims. Stunted limbs, hands like a seals flippers and feet with no legs. You might not be able to see all the damage these mRNA ‘vaccines’ have done just yet as all the hard evidence has yet to come out. But it will. And it is doing so.

Masks, lockdowns and rushed to market vaccines didn’t work. If we’d stayed with the old 2019 WHO guidelines (Cough; “Sweden” cough) we’d be a lot better off. Indeed, we’d have been better off if the people who funded and developed the SARS/COV-2 virus had left well enough alone.

Yes I’m annoyed and frustrated. Not just about my glitchy heating system, but for the last almost three years of over reaction that has ruined so many lives, left us with massive inflation, damaged ‘health’ services, and screwed the pooch in so many ways for so many people.

All for nothing.


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  1. If legal advice is not clear you have a case against these trades, consider adverse publicity. Small businesses hate their incompetences being exposed! Local papers, web comments, etc. – they’ll soon beg you to let them sort it out, if only you’d stop telling the world how useless they are!
    I’ve had similar (but minor) problems with trades before: just the threat of publicity has been all it took.

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    1. The merest hint of a legal threat was enough. Heating is fixed and fully operational. We had them out yesterday with infra red cameras the works, so fair play to the plumbers. Delays were due to the boss being ill and off his game, so I’m still happy to recommend him to friends. The builders and electrician, not so much.


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