Have spent a bit of time recently looking at the logistics of rearing chickens for eggs and the occasional roast dinner. Materials for chicken runs, building coops and nesting boxes, feed costs etcetera. The big one is feed. What used to be dirt cheap is now hugely expensive. all down to the Yanks proxy war in Ukraine, allegedly. Funny how that one regional conflict is (allegedly) responsible for so many basic feedstuffs, makes you wonder what the rest of the world has been doing, sitting on it’s hands?

According to the World bank, Ukraine was running a trade deficit, mainly to Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Italy and Poland. Figures here. Russia is the big net exporter, so perhaps it is Russian feed grains that are not getting through. Although Russian exports, according to the World Bank, have yet to drop below just over USD$300 Billion, as they did in 2009 and 2016. Now forgive me if I didn’t hear about feed costs rocketing upwards back then.

Notwithstanding. What this means, because UK egg producers can’t produce at what UK supermarkets are willing to pay (Because the Ukraine war and sanctions on Russia have pushed feed prices skywards), is egg rationing. Which ironically, will result in fewer hens being ordered and produced for next Spring in the UK, and even fewer eggs than right now. So instead of home grown eggs produced under the UK’s humane animal protection laws, eggs will have to be bought in from overseas suppliers who aren’t quite so fussy about the welfare of their laying hens.

I do not consider myself pro-Russian. Some would say they’re a different and far more robust culture than we in the effete West. And having seen what the Russki’s often did to Somali pirates, I wouldn’t like to cross them without a task force of Sherpa’s. In Russia, men are men, the women aren’t grateful, and it’s either baking hot or bloody cold. Which is probably why the Russians drink so much and produce such gloomy literature.

Yet I find myself wondering; “When Trump was in office, the Russki’s were contained and the arms manufacturers weren’t getting rid of their surplus ordnance.” For all Trump’s many faults, he does know how to deal with the Russian mindset. Even if there was no ‘collusion’ between him and old Vlad. He didn’t need to collude, just negotiate, and that is Trump’s greatest strength. Apart from all the ‘mean tweets’. Which were fun as they upset all the right people.

The more I look at it, the more I think this whole Ukraine business is the West shooting itself, very accurately, in the foot.

This has lent a spur to my plans to have a small hen house and trade the excess eggs with my livestock rearing neighbours. My taste testers have pronounced the raw honey I’ve produced this year as “great stuff”, and I hope to expand my operations next Spring, integrating Beehives, Chickens and fruit growing, with a few Vegetables on the side. Hopefully with sufficient surplus to begin brewing and distilling.

I would counsel my small coterie of enlightened tin foil hat wearing readers to do something similar.

Oh yes. I’ve just seen the latest ‘Pride’ flag. Now is it just me or doesn’t it just reek of 1960’s low budget cinema advertising? Now I can’t get the vocals out of my head. Pa-Paa Pa-Paa Pa-Paa Pa-Paa PaPaPaa



2 thoughts on “Egg-citement”

  1. Chicken owner here. I saved an awful lot of money by using reclaimed wood for my chicken house along with some second hand sheets of wriggly tin. We started off with four ‘commercial browns’ that are still laying long past the time when in a commercial egg farm they’d be off to chicken soup land. We lost one commercial brown last year due to being egg bound I believe and we restocked with four extra chickens of the Beechwood Blue variety. Beautiful chickens but less eggs than the brown commercials.

    Build a full height covered run (weldmesh) as it makes cleaning easier and means that the run is compliant with DEFRA avian flu rules.

    Chickens are fun and we find we spend about ten to twelve pounds a month on layers pellets and nine on mixed grain. They also eat trimmings from greens, garden worms and snails etc.

    We’ve also had a couple of runs of meat chickens which have been VERY successful. See here and here


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