I declare this day….

Today my friends we are on the cusp of a new era. A bright new dawn awakens us to the new reality. I, Bill Sticker, of this Parish and resident in Ireland, do declare August 2022 to be “Global no pronouns month“.

During August 2022 we declare this blog will be a pronoun-free area. Readers may address the host and other commenters in whatsoever fashion they wish, regardless of assumed or implied gender or identity. We guarantee that no offence will be taken. Indeed we wish to encourage friendly discourse by dropping all gender identities or pronouns for the foreseeable future.

When entering comments, we would like to encourage our reader to use whatever friendly terms of address they see fit. “Sunshine”, “Chum”, “Mate” are all more than acceptable, and we will even refuse to take umbrage if challenged with “Oy, you” or even “F*ckface”.

No one will be reported to the cops for ‘hate crimes’, and we will refuse to allow the farces of law and disorder to prosecute by submitting letters to any given court stating that no offence was sought, taken or given by the use of such language.

The use of silly made up pronouns is, in turn, forbidden. All reference to said pronouns will be deleted / amended with a suitable retort in the comments by the blog owner. We retain full editorial control.

While we do not care what your name is, or however you wish to describe yourself, we would ask all contributors and commenters to keep those personal details to themselves. Regardless of assumed gender or sexuality.

In short, the attitude of this blog is “F*ck your moronic made up pronouns”. and “Take your freak show elsewhere.”

This has been a public service announcement.

4 thoughts on “I declare this day….”

  1. I did think of “legion”. As in I am legion.
    But I looked up the list of pronouns and legion is not on it.
    But I like “idem”. Mainly because most woke (Wokes? Woken? Wokees?)
    will not have a clue..I
    But you, in the kingdom of the Gaels must have a plethora of pronouns in the local lingo.
    And by the way ‘n’ that, I wonder what working girls think of all this fuss about pronouns.

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    1. Legion. Mmm…yes that rings a bell that does. Most appropriate. Who let the loonies out. The devils who don’t know if they are Cummin (sic) or Cohen (sic). Sick in any event.

      Are you talking about the working gaels or the ones who blow hot and cold…oops that’s not what I meant. Of course Gaels is an anagram of gales. This is because there is a lot of wind in Ireland.


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