But I repeat myself

Was in my workshop building raised garden beds today and came across the following from Podcast of the Lotus Eaters on my phone. Warning, it does not make for comfortable listening.

Now if you listen to the pro-trans activists and their shrieks of “Hate Speech! Hate speech! Mommy, mommy stop the nasty man saying horrible things!” This sort of discussion is ‘hate’. My own take on it from 2016 is here in a few pontifications about the notorious bill C-16 compelling people to use made up pronouns.

In my offering I gave the link to a scientific study about ‘transition regret’ and the high level of post operative suicides in people trying to change their sex.

As a side note; during my time training with the UK NHS one of my classmates was keen on forensic medicine and brought in a couple of illustrated textbooks on the subject. One of the things that struck me among the section on suicides was how many of the dead were young and obviously gender confused. A few were autoerotic, but some found dangling from trees or bloated and dead from an overdose were in the throes of transitioning from male to female. Whenever I hear about underage children being encouraged (In schools? WTF!) to experiment with their gender those stark images pop into my forebrain. Wish I’d never seen them in the first place, but I was curious back then and just had to bloody well look, didn’t I?

The main problem, as Carl and Harry discuss, is that transitioning sex is a one way street. Once a person sets off down that road there is often no way back. And that road is also fraught with physical risk. Shortened lifespans, irreversible sterility and elevated diabetes risk to name but three. Never mind the need to take artificially high levels of hormones. But do the activists tell gullible children that? Oh no. The activists are all “Come on in! The water’s lovely!” They omit to tell people the ‘water’ is full of carcinogens and the occasional Candiru fish, metaphorically speaking.

No doubt this blog post constitutes ‘hate’ and not a simple op-ed that points to reputable sources, as well as reflecting on known risks which the activists don’t want widely known. Me, I’d encourage counselling and encourage sexual experimentation rather than entice sexually uncertain immatures into irreversible, high post-operative risk medical procedures. After all, you can decide you are gay or not and physically there’s no comeback if you decide it’s not for you. ‘Transitioning’ is another matter and should be the last option rather than the first.

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