There are sheep in the driveway and garden of our temporary domicile this morning. No idea where they’ve come from, but they’re merrily lunching on the lawn. I suppose the neighbour who owns them will be along shortly with his dog to round them up and herd them back into their proper meadow. See picture below taken from the kitchen window.

They’ve obviously squeezed between strands of a barbed wire fence as the Ewes are missing chunks of fleece. The lambs, about ten of them, appear relatively unscathed. Sheep are great escape artists and will get out of anywhere.

Wincing slightly at the UK Chancellor trying to do something about high fuel bills by imposing a ‘windfall’ tax on the energy companies to give to the people currently suffering from fuel poverty who can’t pay their fuel bills.

Now I’m no economist, but what do you think the energy companies hit with such a tax bill are going to do? Got it in one! Raise their prices to the already hard pressed consumers even further, thus increasing fuel poverty for the most vulnerable. Never mind the ‘better off’ giving their four hundred knicker payment to charity, the ‘rebate’ will easily get swallowed up by the increased bills.

As a more sensible approach, the UK government could cut energy bills overnight by almost fifteen percent by cancelling all the ‘Green’ levies and not collecting the tax from the poor bloody peasants in the first place. That would make far more sense.

Why is it so obvious to me but not to the supposed big brains currently in power?

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  1. It’s probably obvious to the ‘brains’, but taxing the ‘rich’ is a much bigger vote winner in modern Britain. Too many people don’t want to pay less tax, because that means actually working, they want to stay on the dole and have free stuff paid for by other people


    1. The ‘rich’ never get taxed because they hire clever accountants and direct their funds through channels the average person isn’t even aware of. So thinking someone else is going to foot the bill for people sitting on their arses for the last two years is, in reality, a forlorn hope.


  2. Headline grabbing rubbish from a chancellor and political party that has put the final nails in the financial coffin of the country as we once knew it.
    Not sure if Labour could have done so much damage had Corbyn won the last election.

    Wet fuels are going to stay high in order to persuade more to get themselves a battery car.
    Has anyone named their battery car ‘Torchy’ yet? you’d have to be of an age and watched childrens puppet television back in the very early 60’s, though seeing how spectacularly they go up when they igniteTorchy covers it nicely.


    1. Until the recharge / range issues on battery cars and the tendency of large clusters of Lithium Ion batteries to burn uncontrollably when damaged, electric cars won’t be worth the candle no matter how much taxpayer dollar various governments throw at them.


  3. “Why is it so obvious to me but not to the supposed big brains currently in power?”

    Well, they have to make work for all those Civil Servants to do. Making a few of them redundant would call for far too much courage.


  4. There are times when I am even more grateful for the fact that I don’t live in The UK.
    France has been dishing out help with Fuel Bills for quite some time to the less well off. Expats included.

    I don’t know about Sheep. This isn’t Sheep Country. But there is nothing wrong with New Zealand Lamb if you absolutely have to have it.


  5. A more vote winning ploy would be to have a windfall tax on Pfizer, Moderna etc. plus on his cronies who supplied unused / useless ventilators, ppe, and midazolam.
    Is that last one named after the famous king who could turn rubbish into gold?
    And maybe sue SAGE for the damage they caused. They might not get much but the trial would be popular viewing oportunity.


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