From the bin

Just found the missive below in my spam bin, ostensibly from that bunch of cnuts at mediamatters, an organisation so polarised that a certain Mr A Hitler has been heard to say; “Mein Gott! Zat’s a bit extreme chaps. Heff you tried a chill pill?”

We at need your help to stop Evil Musk from taking over twitter. If you don’t help then we cannot be considered friends. We intend to publish a list of websites who do not respond positively to our request for solidarity, which will not be good for your business. Emboldened by Musk’s Twitter takeover, anti-trans figures are celebrating by breaking the platform’s rules on hateful conduct Join the men & women emboldened by Musk’s Twitter takeover, anti-trans figures are celebrating by breaking the platform’s rules on hateful conduct © 2022 Media Matters for America

Well chums I’ll try and let you down gently but no, I won’t be on your side on this one. And I sure as all shooting don’t want people like you as ‘friends’. I don’t want to be in ‘solidarity’ or even the same room with a bunch of poisonous perversion pushers like you. And I am quite happy for you to publish this website on a ‘list’ as one that ‘will not respond positively’. Then will you please take the time and trouble to fcuk right off.

By the way, if you’d actually bothered to read my ‘about’ page before posting your barely veiled threat you would be fully aware that I consider that men are men and women are women, and “vive la difference!” You can’t rewrite the laws of biology for the mentally ill. And gender dysphoria is officially classified as a mental illness. Only crazy people want to be chemically sterilised and surgically mutilated because they’ve got the notion that they’re the wrong sex. They can’t change their DNA. XX is XX and XY is XY. Biology is biology. That bit of science is settled.

Nor do I consider Elon Musk ‘evil’ for buying out Twatter. The people mediamatters work for on the other hand who indulge in ‘cancelling’ other voices…. Nah, I’ll let you lot ponder that one. If you have even the least shred of self-awareness.

By the way, you can’t do anything which ‘won’t be good for my business’. This blog is a hobby. It is not monetised in any way and I derive no income of any kind from it.

Sheesh. Some people.

8 thoughts on “From the bin”

  1. They really have no self awareness do they, utter scum whom one would not wish to be stuck in a lift with.
    You’d hope there would be a law against such veiled threatening methods, or does that only apply if the wrong people indulge.

    Sadly for them, such tactics can have quite the opposite effect than the one they hoped for, those promoting and going along with such deviant tactics many find themselves without solvent customers.

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    1. If anyone else used these methods they’d be hauled up before the courts in short order, and quite rightly. Yet the ‘woke’ get a free pass. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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  2. It’s very amusing to see the ‘woke’ getting upset about Musk, especially the way they try to portray free speech as its opposite and their controlled and censored sites as open and transparent. Newspeak is mainstream now, black is white, up is down, etc.


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