I think it’s fishy too

Turning off the news is bloody good idea. Those big corporate media people are only telling you what they are thinking, and what they think you should be thinking, According to their world view. Which is often derived from a surprisingly small bubble.

Funny how the guy who has openly confessed to hacking the GiveSendGo site and giving out the Freedom Convoy donors personal details to the Government and media is not under arrest for what is, according to Canadian and US legislation, a crime which would get anyone else jail time and a ban from having an Interweb connection forever and ever amen. As would happen to anyone else but a paid criminal informant. Which is what he freely brags about being.

Also funny how giving money to send gung-ho idiots over to give the Russkis a bit of target practice is okay. But not to put food in the mouths of those peacefully advocating for their civil rights, or put gas in their tanks and help pay the bills.

We’re being conned. By our own Governments. By a freely co-operating corporate media. Conned into thinking that Government can give you everything. The trouble with that idea is that in order to make it work, the Government and their cronies will take everything from everyone, and they’ll leave you on starvation money if you complain.

Then there’s the whole ‘woke’ and green movements, which in the eyes of the Russki’s and Chinese, makes the West look weak and frankly more than a bit weird. Degenerate. Self obsessed. Hey, but they play along despite their own baked-in societal problems, while the Western world devolves away from the rule of law into political oligarchies where your rights are subject to whether you hold the right opinion or not.

Sod it. All a man can do is build his own little haven as a buttress against the worst of the world. I cleared twenty plus yards of overgrown Ivy, Holly and Rhododendron hedge yesterday with another seven done already today. I’ve put weed killer on the stumps to try and finish them off as recommended here. Mrs S has been hacking at the Azaleas. We’re getting there slowly.

All this work has to be done before the hives go in because nectar Bees harvest from Rhododendron flowers can turn into ‘Mad Honey‘, low doses of which can cause euphoria and lightheadedness, while high doses cause hallucinations and, in extremely rare cases, death. And no-one needs that. Especially if part of your medium term business plan is to brew and distil Mead.

Yes, okay, I know the risk is low unless the bees are exclusively gorging on Rhododendron nectar, but I’d rather not run the risk. The last thing I want is poisoned customers. Even if there is a claimed aphrodisiac effect.

While ordinary Honey is often reputed to put lead in one’s metaphorical pencil, ‘Mad Honey’ has also sometimes been used to ensure that one always has someone to write to. Be it a full essay, short sonnet or just a quick scribble. If you catch my meaning.


2 thoughts on “I think it’s fishy too”

  1. Ah yes our every faithful and impeccably honest mainstream news media.
    Gave up on it more than 30 years ago, can’t remember what it was now, which straw broke this camels back.
    Haven’t watched a live televsion broadcast for well over 10 years, and always change channel if a radio news item or one of their paid govt messages comes on.
    Don’t miss any of it, there’s more than enough rubbish supposed to be entertaining on netflix and amazon to keep one entertained.

    My flabber is ghasted as to why so many people can’t see through or even start to question the constant narratives, but then output from the idiot box in the corner are called programs, program being the operative word.

    The Russia, or rather the apparent devil incarnate Putin, rhetoric is just the latest psyop.


    1. When the flow of good information is the difference between basic and good living, you have to do your own digging. I ditched the TV in 2004 and stay away from European and Western mainstream sites, the real news is buried in the business sections anyway.. The BBC for example, is worthless if you want any idea of what’s really happening.

      The simple rule I apply is that the more histrionic the content, the more likely it is to be bad information.


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