Today we have shelled out the spondoolicks to get our new demesne properly insulated against the grim cold depths of Winter. The amount of stuff left behind in the attic by previous owners has been quite amazing. Old Christmas decorations, games, Tractor Porn and videos of same and doors for heavens sake, a dozen or more full size internal room doors. All flat plywood panel unfortunately, but still more than there are doorways in the entire house. I expect that it’s one of those cumulative things. Everything gets shoved in the loft and never taken down until fifty years later. I expect I’ll find a use for it all.

However, the insulation guys were finished within a day, my pocket is a bit lighter but goodness gracious me, what a difference a foot of rockwool insulation makes. No changes to heating but the temperature and humidity upstairs have gone from 65-67 Fahrenheit and 59-63% humidity to 70-72 Fahrenheit and 48-49% humidity inside two hours. Which is quite a dramatic shift within a very short time frame. The boiler isn’t kicking in every half hour either, which will spare my wallet on the heating bill.

Having lived in older properties for most of my youth, I’ve long appreciated how much difference good loft insulation makes. It does save money, and in our case the payback period, the point at which we would have spent more on fuel for a given period, purely on the back of a fag packet calculation, should be just under eighteen months. Maybe much sooner.

Notwithstanding, none of the above gives me any sympathy with those ‘Insulate Britain’ nutcases. They want the taxpayer to foot the bill for other people’s lack of financial judgement. Indeed they seem to have little idea what they were ranting about because one of their ‘leaders’ hadn’t had his own loft insulated before his bunch of gibbering fools started blocking UK roads. Had these people had any integrity they would have led by example, but no, with them like so many others protesting about atmospheric trace gases, it’s all “Do as I say, not as I do.”

There’s a word for people like that, now what is it?


Tip of my tongue….



Don’t rush me, I’m thinking…



Oh yes…



hypocritenoun[ C ]   disapprovingUK  /ˈhɪp.ə.krɪt/ US  /ˈhɪp.ə.krɪt/ someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in way that shows these are not sincere.

Example: He’s a hypocrite – he’s always lecturing other people on the environment but he drives around in a huge car.

2 thoughts on “Insulating…”

  1. Keep gubment out of the spending choices of private citizens. It only results in fraud, waste, overworked civil servants. See the N. Ireland renewable fuel scam.
    Just tell us what you want. Doubling, tripling, etc. increase in electricity price. Elimination of all other energy sources.
    Then eliminate VAT on all insulation of any kind and labour involved in supplying and fitting.
    Maybe let it be tax deductable, like pollies’ perks.


    1. We looked at the price of getting our place insulated with the use of a grant. The ‘approved’ contractors (You can’t get a grant with anyone else) would have charged us about half as much again as our current builder, then shaved 35% off that figure with a grant.

      We got our roof insulation done well, and done more cheaply by paying for it without. Upstairs this evening has gone from borderline cold to toasty. I am not complaining.


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