Welcome to Mayo

In the past week I’ve had half a dozen people, neighbours, postmen, shopkeepers and various others wish Mrs S and I a warm welcome to County Mayo now we’ve bought our place and are clearly here to stay..

It’s a curious sensation. One one hand I feel very privileged, on the other slightly paranoid as in ‘this is too good to be true’.

I do so hope it’s not the “Welcome to the Village.” detailed below….

Elsewhere, the current talk of ‘banning online misinformation’ is strenuously and cogently argued against from this piece, written for ‘Unherd’ by Professor Vinay Prasad.

“Perhaps the most serious objection to censorship is that the censors themselves are not fit for the task. Censors are unaccountable. They may be biased, misinformed or undereducated. They may lack perspective. In short, they are as fallible as the people they are trying to censor. This is especially true in science, where, as history shows us, consensus views can turn out to be false, while controversial or heretical ideas can be vindicated.”

Precisely. Quis custodes ipsos custodes. Who will tell the censors if they are wrong if nothing outside of the orthodoxy is allowed?

Meanwhile back in the real world: builder, window guy and sparky sorted, which leaves me with just the plumber to organise. This will get expensive., but we’ve got the money, so here goes.…….

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