By George I’ve got it!

I’ve done the whole reductio ad absurdam thing and arrived at the only possible conclusion; all these nonsensical restrictions, the bad science, the control freakery.

There’s only one thing it can be;


Look, it makes perfect sense. They’re the most unpleasant race in the galaxy, mean, officious and bureaucratic, it has to be them behind all these irrational restrictions, overblown tests and nonsensical political shenanigans. There’s nothing else that makes sense.

All our political leaders, SAGE, NPHET and the like must be absolutely crowded with the slimy green sods. I think the whole Dial is infected, as is the UK cabinet. They’re all under the thrall of Vogons. I mean you only have to look at Boris Johnsons lack of a hairdo. Who else in the galaxy would be that untidy on purpose?

Am I right? Have we been invaded and our institutions undermined? Comments below please..

Update: In the dear old Speccie, Fraser Nelson may have just busted the whole thing wide open. Longrider discusses in more detail and provides the link. This twitter exchange between Professor Medley and Fraser shows why policy happens as it does and why the worst case scenario is always the model most touted. (If the Spectator link doesn’t work, try this one for the Daily Sceptic)

If you can’t be bothered to pick your way through the twitter thread, have a listen to Mahyar Tousi’s examination in the video below.

The worst case scenario’s on anything appear to be the only ones the ‘policy directors’ ask for. Ergo that’s what SAGE modellers deliver and what gets into the mainstream. I completely agree with (corrected, my bad) Fraser Reg@ratboy101203. It is ‘fucking scandalous’.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t a Vogon in there somewhere though.

10 thoughts on “By George I’ve got it!”

  1. What I found to be wonderful about this correspondence is the common knowledge and appreciation of Douglas Adams.
    Back in 1980s my job took me to Leeds, Alabama. We could not even find a metric ruler in the whole factory.
    The young engineers understood my humorous (spelling out of respect to them) hints of Hitchhiker and started chipping in their own. After that we got on great.
    This of course was pre interweb so how they came across it I do not know.
    The other thing that amazed me was that nobody walked anywhere. Even hundred yards from motel to All You Can Eat breakfast.
    And we went for lunch after successful job and they were gob smacked that I could quaff four piss weak wee beers quick as wink. And I offered to buy another round.
    Nice guys.


  2. Robert Kennedy Jr’s book on Falsi mentions our own great knob-head modeller, Kneel Ferguson, as receiving ‘encouragements’ from Big Pharma to produce worse-case scenarios.
    The corruption in medical science is endemic, with ‘regulatory capture’ ensuring fat profits for the unscrupulous pseudo-vaccine producers.
    No Vogons were required – our own nutters have screwed everything up all by themselves!


    1. Damn. There goes a perfectly good conspiracy theory. How can I ever wear my tin foil hat proudly again?

      Seriously; yep. Science as a whole has been held back by too-ready payment by desired results leading to the current near-Lysenkoist situation it’s in right now. A click-hungry media with their slavering desire to sell disaster doesn’t help. All the sensible stuff gets buried by the bullshit and fake ‘experts’.


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