Sodding hell

Between the vendor, Mrs S and our solicitor I swear they’re trying to drive me nuts. The vendor to the property we want to buy says they want to keep the right to cut turf on our land. But there is no bogland turf to cut on the property. Nor are there any gateways from the property we’re trying to buy to any land with access to the turf bearing bogland. So why in the almighty buggery fecking hell do they want to retain the turf cutting ‘right’? When there’s no bloody turf to cut, and no way of getting to any turf bearing land across the property we are trying to purchase.

Mrs S is paranoid about people turning up in bloody great tractors and driving through our carefully planted areas at four in the morning. Yet they wouldn’t be able to get to the diggings from our property. There are no gateways apart from one to the road, the rest is stone walls and stock proof fencing. Indeed the closest road access to the diggings is literally miles away from our proposed new place. So why do they need the ‘right’ to cut and transport turf when there is no physical flaming access?

I think they’re all trying to drive me mad, maaaaad I tell you! My logic circuits are overheating with little red warning lights blinking all over the place. Pass the straitjacket matron, poor Mr William is having one of his not so funny turns.

Hi-ho. Last one into the rubber room is a rotten sausage.

Update: We have an answer and everyone has calmed down and stopped taking it out on me. Apparently the ‘rights’ are attached to a folio (Property description) only half of which is being being sold to us and it’s too much trouble to split the ‘right’, which applies to the whole folio, not the individual properties within that folio, if you catch my drift.

Matters can now proceed and I can stop hiding under my desk. The straitjacket can go back into cold storage.

14 thoughts on “Sodding hell”

  1. As some therapy you could read Puckoon..
    Therein lies Irish logic.
    Anyway it will make you laugh.
    Swift another good read.
    Whatever happens remain friends with your local barman.


  2. I would worry about this. In a few years’ time you’ll probably find out why they want this, but by then it will be too late. Some sort of development is in their minds, no doubt, and probably something you’d be able to stop if you had proper freehold rights.

    Red flag imho.


    1. Fracking rights maybe? Turf cutting rights are pretty specific and only relate to peat. There is no peat on the property. The peat diggings are some distance away with no direct access.

      Having talked to our lawyer, I think the vendors didn’t want the additional legal hassle of splitting one set of rights on what used to be one property. Tradition and history. We seem to have bought into the whole package.


  3. I would have thought that any “right” would exist if they could prove that they had previously cut turf and could indicate exactly where they had cut it? Our Glorious Masters are very sniffy about turf cutting and are doing their best to eradicate it [for the sake of the planet, naturally].

    And Bucko got there before me!


    1. No need. The rights are useless on the land we want to buy. There’s no turf and no access to any. So just one of those legal oddities. Although having my own oil well does have a certain appeal. Wonder if there are any shale deposits underfoot?


  4. You have to laugh. But The Irish do have a bit of a thing about Turf. If not now but maybe later, much later.

    Is this Statutory and will you get the same right if you ever sell? This might come in handy one fine day. Always look on the bright side.


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